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The most viewed international luxury Real Estate destination

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The most viewed international luxury Real Estate destination

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wireconsulting-logoThe most viewed international luxury Real Estate destination

There are dozens of amazing cities in the world, many of them offering luxury housing for fans of life’s finer amenities. Real Estate has always been valued as a steady means of building wealth, and purchasing properties in foreign cities protects against economic uncertainty in the UK.

The Most Viewed International Luxury Real Estate Destinations: Moscow

No one would be surprised to learn that more billionaires reside in New York City that any other burgh on earth, but they might be surprised to see Moscow is second. Russia’s natural gas empire has made Moscow one of the world’s wealthiest cities. The climate is extremely cold in the winter months, but the summers are surprisingly warm. The residential sector of Moscow’s real estate market experiences regular growth as nearly 17 million people resides in and around the city. Erecting new properties or buying existing locations is a great way to diversify one’s assets.

Miami: The World’s Most Expensive Real Estate

South beach’s shoreline can retail for several hundred thousand pounds per square inch, but not all real estate in Miami is so highly-priced. There are investment opportunities in both the residential and commercial sectors, but moving company here may not be the best idea. Miami is located in Florida, a state with no state tax. However, the nearly 40% US corporate tax makes Beijing and Bangkok better places to start a company. Fortunately, purchasing investment real estate in South Florid is a good way to quickly acquire equity.

Abu Dhabi: Future Vacation Paradise

The United Arab Emirates are undergoing a revolution, and those who invest now might see a huge return in the near future. This city is very rich from the abundance of oil yielded by the land. In the near future, people may put their preconceived notions aside as more people turn to Abu Dhabi for a unique vacation experience. CNN lists the small city as the most expensive in the world, costing approximately 567 billion pounds to build. This city has an impressive skyline, and it’s still growing. The commercial sector of the real estate business is very strong as some of the world’s most elaborate structures are located here. The automotive legend Ferrari has constructed an amazing indoor theme park here. This attraction alone is drawing visitors from across the globe, Making Abu Dhabi a promising investment opportunity.

Sao Paulo: Gem of the Southern Hemisphere

There are more than 20 million people residing in Sao Poalo’s metropolitan area, giving it one of the world’s densest populations. This density has the potential to become a booming economic hub like China’s coastal cities. Tourism is also a big part of San Paulo’s income, which can potentially strengthen the real estate market. Both residential and commercial real estate investments have the potential to explode in San Paolo.

New York, New York

When it comes to financial opportunities, population density and opportunities, New York City is the best place on earth to buy foreign real estate. Simply buying a vacant lot in New York can yield notable returns, because space is so coveted. Commercial real estate has more room for growth, but it’s also harder to come by. However, the value of a single New York City property can increase exponentially.

Athens, Greece

This ancient city still has a strong tourism industry and an even stronger history. Athens is still one of the most viewed international luxury real estate destinations on WIRE consulting’s website, because this city is poised to make a monumental comeback. Properties in Greece are surprisingly affordable right now, and a modest investment has the potential to blossom.

Sponsors Spotlight – This Post May Contain Affiliates/Sponsors Links.

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