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Thank you for visiting Creative Khadija Blog. I am glad you are here :)

It’s pleasure collaborating with national & international amazing brands during my 10 years of blogging. I would be happy to work with you if you think your brand is a good fit for my blog, I would love to hear from you. Email me at [email protected] or use the Contact form to discuss further!

My social media links & Followers:

Pintrest, 32,780+

Instagram 11,622+

FaceBook, 6,125+

Twitter, 3,924+

YouTube, 306+

LinkedIn, 1000+

BlogLovin, 265+

Tumbler,  285+

Some of my amazing affiliates and sponsors in past years!

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Creative Khadija Sponsors 2014
Creative Khadija Blog Sponsors 2015
Creative Khadija Blog Sponsors 2015
Creative Khadija blog Sponsors 2016
Creative Khadija blog Sponsors 2016
Creative Khadija blog Sponsors 2016

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I entertain sponsored posts, giveaways & other opportunities on this blog. Feel free to contact by using this Contact Us form or email me at [email protected].

Looking forward to collaborate :)

Thank you.


Creative Khadija Pakistani Blogger & Social Media Influencer


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