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A Heatwave Survival Guide & Safety Tips For The Summer Season

a heatwave survival guide for summer season


A Heatwave Survival Guide & Safety Tips For The Summer Season

This Heatwave Survival Guide & Safety Tips For The Extreme Summer Season will help you survive the summer season and the ongoing heatwave. 

In colder countries, the summer season is the time to go outside, sunbathe, and play to enjoy the warmth of the sun. In tropical countries, however, the story is totally different. The temperature gets as high as over 50 degrees Celsius, where it is unbearably hot to go outside. June-July are the hottest months with ongoing spells of the heatwave. I have compiled A Heatwave Survival Guide & Safety Tips For The Extreme Summer Season. These tips will help you survive the summer season and the ongoing heatwave. 

a heatwave survival guide for summer season

Heatwave Symptoms and Treatments

heatwave survival guide heat stroke

A necessary part of the heatwave survival guide is awareness of heat exhaustion and heat stroke symptoms. The symptoms include:

  • Uncontrollable sweating
  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Nausea & vomiting
  • Increased heart rate
  • Dizziness
heatwave survival guide drink water

And others. You can treat heat exhaustion by drinking cold fluids, as well as juices. Staying indoors in cooler temperatures. Take cold showers and use ice packs to lower your body temperature. Wearing loose breathable clothes and staying hydrated are also key methods to get rid of, as well as avoid heat strokes. Pregnant women, children, and the elderly are most prone to heat exhaustion, as well as heat stroke during the heatwave. So, it is important to take extra care of them. 

Heatwave Survival Guide Featuring Heatwave Cooling Solutions

Underdeveloped countries suffer from frequent electricity load shedding during the summer season. Which is one of the number one causes of people getting heat exhaustion and getting sick during summer. Electricity load shedding means the unavailability of fans and air conditioners, which can otherwise help with cooling the body temperature. Here are some amazing ideas for a heatwave survival guide featuring heatwave cooling solutions that require no electricity.

heatwave survival guide handheld fan
  1. Hand-held fans have been used for decades for an electricity-free cooling effect. You can invest in hand fans that are easy to shop from Asian markets or DIY yourself. They work just fine and provide instant cool air.
  2. USB rechargeable and battery-operated fans are another smart technology that can be used for cooling purposes. You can charge them and use them for several hours. Invest in a good quality one that will last you a few summer seasons.
  3. A staple among heatwave safety tips that acts as a natural coolant is to buy a good prickly heat powder. It is a well-known Asian product that looks like a talc powder that you apply to your body and has an instant cooling effect. It is a survival necessity during load shedding and when you are outside.
  4. Ice packs are a must. You can never go wrong with ice packs, where you put some in the freezer and have an on-the-go cooling ice pack.
  5. My personal favorite summer necessity has to be iced drinks and ice lollies. They are energy-efficient ways to keep you cool down while in the scorching heat of the summer season. Additionally, their yummy taste is totally worth it.

Energy-Efficient Cooling Tips for Heatwave Survival Guide

Since the cost of electricity is ever-increasing, it has become vital to go smart and energy-efficient. This portion of the heatwave survival guide contains intelligent tricks to keep your electricity bill minimum and be energy efficient. 

heatwave survival guide ice packs
  1. You can save energy by planting more trees. More plantation leads to automatically reducing the temperature of the area. By planting more plants in your surroundings, you can ensure reduced heat during the summer season.
  2. Installing more windows and ventilation during the construction of your house allows more flow of air. This in turn, significantly reduces the temperature of the house. 
  3. Using inverter AC, keeping the temperature of the air conditioner at 26 degrees, and installing solar panels for electricity are smart ways to reduce electricity costs.

Delicious & Cooling Drinks to Beat the Heat

The fastest way to cool the body temperature down has to be by consuming chilled drinks and taking a cold shower. Taking a cold shower is not always ideal, so this part of the heatwave survival guide features cooling drinks for the summer season. These will save you from heatwave health risks and keep you refreshed in the hot weather. 

heatwave survival guide aam panna

Aam Panna is a refreshing Indian drink that is made using raw mangoes, sugar, cardamom, black salt, and cumin seeds. It is a cooling summer drink that keeps your body cool and protects you from heat strokes. You can make a large batch of it and store it in the refrigerator to use it whenever needed. 

heatwave survival guide lassi

Lassi is a staple Pakistani summer drink that is drunk regularly during the summer. To make lassi you need yogurt, milk, and water. The addition of mint, salt, and sugar really enhances the flavor of the lassi. You can find dozens of different types of lassi recipes, ranging from sweet lassi to savory ones.

heatwave survival guide lemonade

Another summer classic, Lemonade basically features ingredients like lemon juice, sugar, and water. You can add different ingredients like mint, orange juice, as well as others for an even better taste. Lemonade works as a great electrolyte drink that is very quick to make. 

heatwave survival guide sattu

Sattu is a popular village drink in Pakistan that is widely used during the summer season. It requires using chickpea flour, brown sugar, and water in the making. It has a very cooling effect on the body, making it a crucial part of the heatwave survival guide. 

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heatwave survival guide and safety tips

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I hope you enjoyed going through today’s article on A Heatwave Survival Guide & Safety Tips For The Extreme Summer Season. Let me know in the comments which is your go-to safety tip to protect yourself in the summer season. Also, I would love to know your favorite summer drink to beat the heat. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook as well as Instagram to stay updated on the latest happenings and notifications regarding my new blog posts.

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