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17 Healthy & Easy Ramadan Recipes 2024

healthy and easy ramadan recipes

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17 Healthy & Easy Ramadan Recipes 2024

Put an end to your search for easy Ramadan recipes. Here are 17 Healthy & Easy Ramadan Recipes 2024 to try out this Ramadan.

healthy and easy ramadan recipes

With just the start of Ramadan 2024, you must be on the hunt for easy Ramadan recipes to make prepping for suhoor, as well as iftaar an easy one. I, myself am always on the lookout for easy, delicious, and healthy recipes for Ramadan that are not only a treat for the belly, but keep my waist size down too. Whether you are a working woman, a student, or just a full-time mom trying to manage everything while fasting, you are surely going to find these recipes very helpful. Here are 17 Healthy & Easy Ramadan Recipes 2024 to try out this Ramadan.

Indulge Worthy Easy Ramadan Recipes 

easy ramadan recipes 2024 boregi

Who does not like fried food for iftar? I mean no matter how hard I try to diet and avoid oily food, the whole day of fasting automatically makes me crave fried yummy goodness. Sigara Boregi or aka fried cheese rolls taste as heavenly as they sound. Super quick to make, you can prepare them in under 15 minutes if you get store-bought pastry. Add spices and fresh herbs to the cheese filling to adjust to your liking. Now, you can enjoy this with your favorite sauce. 

easy ramadan recipes 2024 kebabi

This is a superb Ramadan recipe if you work and don’t have much time for meal prep. To make the Ramadan Kebabi, prepare the mutton mix at night, whereas at suhoor time all you need to do is fill it in pita bread with other elements and it will be a very filling sandwich to get you through the day.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 chicken teriyaki

I mean who can say no to a good Chicken Teriyaki though? This is among the must-try Ramadan recipes 2024 if you are a chicken lover. Enjoy this with a side of bread, rice, or noodles during suhoor or iftaar time. I assure you, indulging in this delicious recipe is worth every minute you will spend cooking it.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 corn fritters

Tired of the traditional fritters at iftaar time? Well, I have just the recipe for you. These Spinach and Corn Fritters are a fun twist on your regular fritters and the fluffy texture with the added spice is too delicious to resist.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 coconut date balls

When talking about easy Ramadan recipes, how can you forget these Coconut Date Balls? Packed with nutrients and energy, these date balls can be enjoyed during suhoor or iftaar. The best thing about these is that they only require 4 ingredients to make. 

Drool-Worthy Healthy Ramadan 2024 Recipes

easy ramadan recipes 2024 overnight oats

The Easy Overnight Oats recipe should not be missed if you are looking for healthy suhoor options. Rich in nutrients, protein, and fiber, a generous serving of this is low on calories, but will keep you energized till iftaar time. Add your favorite fruit and nuts topping to make it extra delicious.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 date shake

Whether you are diet-conscious or keeping track of your calories, this Toasted Nuts Date Shake is a power drink to add to your suhoor and iftaar. Having healthy ingredients like bananas, dates, yogurt, nuts, and sesame seeds, as well as others, you can’t go wrong with this one of the easy Ramadan recipes.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 healthy egg roll

If you love eggs, this Healthy Egg Roll recipe is a must-try for you. Made using eggs, your favorite vegetables, and if you want a kick of protein, definitely add some chopped chicken or beef to it. Enjoy this at suhoor time with your favorite bread to have a very energetic rest of the day.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 shakshuka

A fun Middle Eastern way of enjoying eggs with a tangy twist, this Shakshuka is among Ramadan 2024 recipes that you can’t miss. A very hearty meal that can be made filling and low calories, you can eat it on its own or enjoy it with a side of bread, quinoa, or any other carbs of your choice.

Exclusive Vegetarian Recipes to Try

easy ramadan recipes 2024 paneer tikka

Why would you crave protein, when you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food like Paneer Tikka? This paneer tikka has an explosion of flavors and is an excellent meal for suhoor and iftaar. Enjoy your other favorite vegan food during Ramadan to have an amazing meal.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 veg pakoras

These Crispy Baked Veg Pakoras are an excellent choice if you are weight-watching and don’t want deep-fried food. The crunch, the flavor, and the quick prep time are what make this among the top easy Ramadan recipes to try. 

easy ramadan recipes 2024 baked samosa

Who does not like a good Vegan Samosa though? Samosas, just like pakoras are a staple at the iftaar table and this recipe for Punjabi samosas is super easy to follow. Make sure it is in your list of Ramadan 2024 recipes to try.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 mong daal kachoori

Yes, meaty kachoris are heavenly good, but if you want a vegan option, try the Moong Dal Kachoori. You can easily make it with a small list of ingredients. A similar recipe can be followed to make vegetable kachooris. The best part about this one of the best easy Ramadan recipes? It is also gluten and guilt-free.

Traditional Ramadan 2024 Recipes from Around the World

easy ramadan recipes 2024 qatayef

Qatayef is a traditional Egyptian Ramadan food that is especially enjoyed during the iftaar. It is cream and dried fruit-filled pancakes that are delicious, as well as hearty. Easy recipe to try, definitely worth the effort.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 tepsi baityinijian

Tepsi Baytinijan is an Iraqi dish that is popular throughout the year, but also specifically during Ramadan. It is a casserole-style dish that features eggplants, tomatoes, minced meat, spices, and other ingredients. You can relish it with bread or rice.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 turkish pide

Pide is a Turkish Ramadan bread that is fancied throughout the year. It is popularly eaten at suhoor, as well as iftaar. A twist to the traditional bread, Beef Turkish Pide is among the easy Ramadan recipes, which is going to be finger-licking good.

easy ramadan recipes 2024 luqaimat

Luqaimat is a crunchy, yet sweet syrupy dumplings from the Middle East. It is a Ramadan recipe that is enjoyable with kehwa or green tea. Remember to give it a go to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

easy ramadan recipes 2024 maqluba

Maqluba is a hearty Palestinian Ramadan recipe that you can make with chicken and rice. It is a very filling, yet tasty dish that you can enjoy at suhoor or iftaar. The long list of spices and ingredients makes it worth the effort.

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healthy and easy ramadan recipes

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How was today’s article on 17 Healthy & Easy Ramadan Recipes 2024? Which is your favourite go-to Ramadan recipe? Don’t forget to leave a comment. Also, follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates. 

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