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Handmade Wall Arts

These are hand painted & designed wall arts, Can be customized according to client’s choice.

Home Textiles

Fabric Painting, Screen Printing, Ribbon Weaving, Hand Embroidery Home accessories for sale. Can be customized according to client’s choice.


Handmade Cards & Paper Crafts

Paper crafts, Handmade cards, Decoupage crafts, Diary covers, Diary, Paper Quilling cards, Drawing, Sketching, Crepe paper crafts & flowers, Washi tape decorated boxes and cards. Paintings. Glitter foamic sheet crafts.


Glass Painting

Glass paintings wall arts & decoration pieces. Available in different colors.

Customized Printed Ceramic Coffee Mugs

You can enjoy drinking coffee or tea in a mug printed with your logo image or your own picture on it. You can gift your friends these funny emojis or memes printed mugs. Treat yourself & have your mug printed with your favorite picture on it.

Product Photography

I have passion for photography. My current gadget is Nikon D5300. Here are some examples of my product photography venture. I review products as well as photograph them.

Photography & Prints

I love capturing natural beauty. You can buy my photography prints or images. Images will be without watermark & high resolution. Some of these are edited but I can provide raw image as well.


More Categories Coming Soon! Work In Progress :)

To place an order or if you have any question about product, Feel free to contact via this form or Email creativekhadija at gmail dot com

Thanks You!



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