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21+ Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for your Loved Ones

hajj gift ideas and crafts

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21+ Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for your Loved Ones

For a special gift for a Hajj Pilgrim, here are 21+ Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for your Loved Ones that you can try creating.

The Islamic month of Zil-Hajj or Dhu al-Hijja is just around the corner and it is the last month of the Islamic calendar. Zil-Hajj is the month of pilgrimage and sacrifice, which holds a special place in the hearts of Muslims. Also having the auspicious occasion of Eid Al Adha this month, Muslims from all around the world celebrate it with fervor. If you have a dear one away for the Hajj pilgrimage and want to surprise them with a special welcome-back gift. Or simply want to try some Hajj crafts, here are 21+ Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for your Loved Ones. 

hajj gift ideas and crafts

Hajj Craft Ideas for Kids

Hajj gift ideas and crafts can be a fun way to teach the kids about the importance of Hajj for Muslims. You can plan fun Hajj crafts for learning opportunities and consequently are engaging for the kids.

hajj craft for kids and manasik e hajj craft

Among easy DIY Hajj crafts for kids, this is an interactive learning experience for the kids, to teach them about Manasik e Hajj

hajj craft for kids hajj hand painting

For the kids who love to paint, DIY Hajj crafts like these are very engaging. All you need is craft paper, cotton buds, paints, and some glitter. For preschoolers, make a rough sketch of Kaaba for them and let them paint it themselves. 

hajj craft for kids ram eid al adha craft

How wonderful are these Ram Treat Bags for Eid Al Adha? Occupy your little ones in making these goody bags for their friends. You can use paper bags and craft supplies to make these. Fill them up with candies, so the kids can use them as handmade Hajj gifts for their little friends and cousins.

hajj craft for kids salt dough kaaba craft

The Hajj Tawaff Salt Dough Project is a fun way to teach kids how the Tawaff is done. Salt dough, pebbles, some glitter, and paints are all the supplies you will need for Hajj craft ideas for kids.

hajj craft for kids pop up style kaaba card

This Pop-up-style Kaaba card is among excellent DIY Hajj gift ideas and crafts to be made by kids. You can assist the children in making these for the friends and family.

hajj craft for kids sheep card holders

How adorable looking are these DIY Clay Sheep Photo Holders? Basically, to create these, you will need clay, acrylic paints, clay modeling tools, wire, and a wire twister. These can be given as Hajj gifts or would be an amazing Hajj craft. 

hajj craft for kids islamic bookmarks

These Islamic Bookmarks are colorful and with the cutout style design look beautiful. If your kids love to craft and create in art, you can easily find supplies at home to make these. 

Handmade Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for Someone Special

Whether it is a parent, a sibling, or a significant other away for Hajj,  handmade Hajj gifts will outshine the store-bought ones. After receiving the gift, they will understand the love put into the creation of the present and will appreciate it. Following are some handmade Hajj gift ideas and crafts for you to try. 

handmade hajj gift ideas and crafts cupcakes

If you love to bake and have experience in expert baking, here are some Hajj-inspired cupcakes you can try. A sweet gift idea for a special Hajj pilgrim who is close to your heart.

handmade hajj gift ideas and crafts painted frame

For individuals who love to paint, a crafty idea to create a hand-painted Hajj Mubarak gift for someone special. A memorable gift indeed, the receiver will be pleased to have it. 

handmade hajj gift ideas and crafts hajj calligraphy

For the love of calligraphy, this Hajj Mubarak Calligraphy Art is among superb handmade hajj gifts for loved ones. Show your calligraphy skills and craft this pretty masterpiece. 

handmade hajj gift ideas and crafts embroidery hoop design

If your embroidery skills are your strong suit, try this Hand Embroidered Hajj Mubarak Gift. You will require an embroidery hoop, fabric, needle, colorful threads, and a pen to draw the embroidery design. It is among the unique Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts that are easy to create if you are good with needles plus threads.

Decor-Based Islamic Craft Ideas for Hajj 

When it comes to welcoming the holy months of Ramadan and Zil-Hajj, Muslim families from all around the world love to decorate their houses. If you are looking for Hajj-themed craft ideas or DIY Hajj crafts for decor purposes, here is a dose of inspiration for you. 

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts hanging kaaba design

These hanging Kaaba craft is not only creative, but will give a very beautiful look to your room. You can add balloons, strings, and other items to make it look even more festive for Eid Al Adha. 

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts kaaba chocolate design

For guests coming over to wish you, Hajj Mubarak or Eid Mubarak, design this Kaaba-style chocolate platter for them. You can place it on your center table, where it is also a suitable choice for using as Hajj gift ideas and crafts. 

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts hajj mubarak corner

Design a Hajj Mubarak corner in your house that you can decorate and add goodies to for the visiting guests. Show your nifty side by creating easy Hajj-inspired decor items. 

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts hajj souvenirs

A crafty idea for Hajj pilgrims, you can create these Hajj souvenirs for the guests visiting you. All you need is clear top boxes, some ribbon, as well as glue. Fill the boxes with items like tasbeeh, tiny oudh bottles, dates, and other giftables. 

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts kaaba design banner

This Golden and Black themed Kaaba design banner is perfect for your Hajj Mubarak decor. Additionally, you can use black and golden paper to make the banner and hand-paint the Kaaba on the golden triangles for a lovely contrast.

decor based hajj gift ideas and crafts kaaba box

Make these Kaaba-themed Eid Mubarak goody boxes for giving chocolates along with other small goodies. This will make a great present for kids and you can easily download the template online. 

Personalized Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts

Having a personal touch to any gift makes the receiver feel special. I mean who does not enjoy a personalized gift with a lot of thought and love put in it? Also, These Hajj gift ideas and crafts can be a DIY project or you can get them custom-made. 

personalized hajj gift ideas and crafts gift basket

What can be more thoughtful than a personalized Hajj Mubarak Gift Basket? You can select a gift basket or a gift box and fill it with different gifts that you think the receiver will enjoy. Additionally, put in edible items like chocolate, honey, and nuts. You can add perfumes, a dress, jewelry items, and other similar accessories as well.

personalized hajj gift ideas and crafts hajj mubarak envelope

If you are out of ideas on what to gift, a perfect present is money, which is superb for any occasion. You can design a Hajj Mubarak-themed envelope and fill it with money, so the receiver can spend it according to their desire. 

personalized hajj gift ideas and crafts resin art

Resin art pieces are a great personalized gift and serve as amazing decor pieces. Have a Hajj-themed resin art designed for your loved one and it is one of the best handmade gifts for Hajj pilgrims.

personalized hajj gift ideas and crafts hajj mubarak mug

Last but not least, a great personalized Hajj gift for a tea/coffee lover. You can get the mug personalized with a sweet message and the name of the one who performed the Hajj. 

Note: Some of these images are sourced from Google, Pinterest, and Etsy. Also, all the credit for these images goes to their respective owners. I don’t claim any ownership of these images.

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hajj gift ideas and crafts for loved ones

Feel free to pin these Hajj gift ideas and crafts, as well as share them with your friends. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. You will enjoy my pinboard ideas collection.

I hope you enjoyed going through today’s article on 21+ Hajj Gift Ideas and Crafts for your Loved Ones. Let me know in the comments which was your favorite Hajj gift idea. Also, let me know if you or your loved one is performing Hajj this year. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook as well as Instagram to stay updated on the latest happenings and notifications regarding my new blog posts.

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