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15 Creative Art Ideas for Kids To Do At Home in Fall 2022

15 creaive art ideas for kids to do at home in fall 2022

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15 Creative Art Ideas for Kids To Do At Home in Fall 2022

For kids, however, fall should be full of enjoyable activities just like any other season. If you want to plan some fun activities for the kids to enjoy, here are 15 Creative Art Ideas for Kids To Do At Home in Fall 2022

Autumn is a beautiful time to enjoy the shades of fall and have a great time with family. While for grown-ups, the fall season means pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and wearing terracotta-colored cardigans. For kids, however, fall should be full of enjoyable activities just like any other season. If you want to plan some fun activities for the kids to enjoy, here are 15 Creative Art Ideas for Kids To Do At Home in Fall 2022. 

15 creaive art ideas for kids to do at home in fall 2022

Fun Fall Activities for Kids

You can start with a 2-in-1 fall activity that is a fun fall craft and can be used as a playtime activity. Use craft sticks, white paper, black paper, glue, googly eyes, and scissors to make these cute little Spider Webs with your kids. You can place them in different corners of the house and then ask the kids to go on a spider web hunt.

For this fall craft, you will need some pine cones. On your daily walks or outdoor activities with the kids, try looking for some pine cones and collecting them. Use felt, twine, beads, googly eyes, scissors, and glue to create this adorable Pine Cone Bunny

Among must-try art ideas for kids for fall is this Painting Leaves activity. You can ask the kids to collect nice leaves on their way to school or to the park. Provide the kids with paints and brushes so they can customize paint the leaves to showcase their artistic nature.

What’s a better fall activity for toddlers and preschoolers than a sensory bin? This Autumn Sensory Bin is easy to make and all you need is a plastic bucket, acorns, pine cones, some fall leaves, as well as water. Put all the items in the bucket and expect your kid to be amused, as well as entertained for hours.

You can help the kids make a beautiful Fall Wind Chime. All you will need is twine, glue, wooden beads, small pine cones, small stones, paints, and other items you will like to add. Ask the kids to help you collect small pine cones and rounded stones. The kids can paint the stones and then help you assemble the wind chime. 

Fall Themed Art Ideas for Kids

Paper plates are multipurpose and can you can use them in art activities. The Paper Plate Whirligig art ideas for kids are something you should definitely try with your kids. All you need is a paper plate, paints, glue, twine, and leaf cutouts. Help the kids make this whirligig and help them hang their creations in their room. 

Small-sized apples are perfect for creating this Apple Stamp Craft. You will need some small apples, paint, craft paper, and twine. Kids will have a great time creating these and you can paste them on the walls or the windows.

How cute is this Owl Handprint craft? Some supplies you will need for this include craft paper, multicolored card stock, brown paint, feathers, and a sharpie. Help the kids make an owl by making a cutout of their handprint on cardstock and adding feathers while using a sharpie to turn it into an owl. Arrange it in a manner that it looks like owls are sitting on tree branches.

Something different yet a classic, the Craft Stick Scarecrows art ideas for kids is must try for fall. You can help the kids make it by using corks, craft sticks, glue, tiny hats, fabric pieces, and googly eyes. It is quick to make and looks amazing once ready. You can ask the kids to place these in your mini kitchen gardens or plants. 

Have a kid who loves working with beads? Then your kid is in for a treat because this Beaded Pipe Cleaner Corn Craft is just the craft for your child. You will only need pipe cleaners and colorful beads for this. Guide the children to pass the pipe cleaner through the colorful beads and combine four beaded pipe cleaners to create an ear of pretty corn on the cob.

Halloween Art Ideas for Kids

These Glow Stick Broomsticks are among the perfect autumn crafts for kids. These glow in the dark and you can use them for Halloween as well. For these, you will require glow sticks, craft paper, tape, twine, and scissors. You can help your kids make several of these to hand over to their friends for seasonal & festive crafts

Mummies don’t have to be scary, they can be adorable too. This Yarn Wrapped Mummy Craft can be made with a template cutout, white yarn, googly eyes, and glue. Allow the kids to wrap the yarn around the cutout to create a mummy and add googly eyes for finishing.

The Craft Stick Monsters are goofy and must-try art ideas for kids. You will need paint, craft sticks, googly eyes, paper cutouts, glue, and scissors for this. Help the kids paint and assemble to create this fun monster art.

Upcycle any spare paper plates leftover from your kid’s previous birthday party to create this Paper Plate Vampire Craft. Paper Plate, glue, ribbon, googly eyes, and craft paper is all you will require for this easy kid’s craft.

Another craft among the amazing upcycle art ideas for kids. To make Milk Jug Jack o Lantern you will need emptied milk jugs, orange crepe paper, glue, a sharpie, and an led candle. Allow the kids to create these jack-o-lanterns for Halloween decor. 


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15 art ideas for kids for fall 2022

Feel free to pin these art ideas for kids & share them with your friends. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. You will definitely enjoy my pinboards ideas collection.

I hope you found this article on 15 Creative Art Ideas for Kids To Do At Home in Fall 2022 helpful. Let me know in the comments which of these art ideas you liked the most and will try with your kids for this fall. If you have any more amazing suggestions to add to the list, I will love your feedback. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.  

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