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creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary
creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary celebration ideas creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary giveaway paintings wall art creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary celebrations printables

Creative Khadija 5th Blogversary & Giveaway

About 5 years back I started blogging..And here today I am going to share the story how “Creative Mind Khadija” started..(Read at your own risk, This story is all about fun ramblings related my blog..might be boring, lengthy, irrelevant, funny or may be inspiring :p ) Happy 5th Blogversary Creative Khadija Blog About 5 years back..one day while working on a college assignment, I were t... »

designer handcrafted monogram necklace jewelry review
designer handcrafted monogram necklace jewelry accessories review designer handcrafted monogram necklace jewelry review-1 designer handcrafted monogram necklace jewelry designer handcrafted monogram necklace jewelry reviews

Review- Handcrafted Monogram Gold Necklace

Handcrafted designer jewelry is famous among young girls these days,I got this opportunity to share my review about a monogram handcrafted gold necklace by namestylish.com As you know I always enjoy sharing my handcrafted jewelry & fashion accessories DIY, Once I design my monogram dough necklace with my name, here is the tutorial..So this necklace was appealing me to give it a try to get it f... »

WashiTape SwitchBoard DIY
switchboard designing ideas switchboard designing washitape switchboard refashion washitape storage ideas DIY switchboard covering ideas

WashiTape SwitchBoard DIY

Yesterday I were busy in setting up my messy craftroom, To be very honest..my craftroom is not a wonderful place or a big room as my other artist friends & craft bloggers.. But I am relax with this place totally. Its an average small room with one window & two doors but suitable for my crafty needs, in fact more enough for me as you know how content person I am (Remember my Less Is More th... »

DIY Easy NailArt Design
Easy Nail Art DIY Easy Nail Art DIY-2 Easy Nail Art DIY-ideas

DIY Easy NailArt Design

In my previous post, I share a tutorial on how to decorate a glass, There you may notice my nail art design, Today I will be sharing that nail art DIY with you dear girls, It’s super simple and easy idea on how to have pretty nails with a little bit designing! Here today you can see how I paint my nails with red, black & white.. Simple DIY Idea DIY Easy NailArt Design I dont have the pro... »

Follow Creative Khadija

Follow Creative Khadija

Social media networking is the best way for promoting online business or website/blog. By sharing an update or a link to your shop or blog post on social media, you can get noticed by the readers & followers worldwide! situation was different few years back though, but after the smart gadgets arrival, now everyone is enjoying applications of their favorite social media networks in their hands.... »

Glass Design & decore
glasspaint candle tutorial nail art ideas glass photography ideas glasspainting ideas tutorial miniature art designing miniature arts painting

Glass Decoration Idea

Once I decorated a small coin bank with glitter and rhinestones, I rarely work with these miniature stuff, but recently I have designed a small glass & it turned out so cute! I simply color it with glass paints & then some glitter. I wanted to make it a candle by filling the wax in the glass but here it is as I have done finally! Glass Decoration Idea You can design small glass items &... »

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handmade earrings making selling

Handmade Earrings With Outfit

Once I got a heap of silver earrings hooks, my readers may remember when I were making so many earrings & selling too.. it was really fun to work with beads & cords for making a pair of earrings, and its not a difficult job for trying simple ...

Eid Mubarak-Collage Clay Card Making

Eid Mubarak-Collage Clay Card Making

Eid Mubarak Everyone! Eid al Baqar is here finally! I bought some Eid Cards & gifts for my friends & family but most of the things were not handmade! formal kind of gifts because I were too busy with some of my other business projects & E...

silk ribbons flowers making for headbands

Ribbon Flower Headbands #ForSale

I sell my handmade creations on & off & its fun to create for others..I create for my family & friends a lot but I specially enjoy getting online feed back of my readers/followers this way! Mostly I sell abroad and sometime in Pakistan to...

Multani Handicrafts camelskin Lampshades

Multani Camel Skin Lampshades

I were busy these days in different projects of my online work as well as with my own life & stuff, I am posting a random article after more than a week today but finally I am writing..I create some crafty stuff but unable to work on those articl...


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