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Creative Khadija Birthday

My Birthday & Rainy Day

It’s my birthday today..Oh yeah,,I am Aquarius you know! :) My Birthday & it’s Rainy Day, Right now it’s raining here & the weather is super awesome today,. I love rain & I am glad to have a RainyDay BirthDay while holding a mug of coffee & a piece of cake (from 12am birthday surprise celebration at night) Anyways! – Mission of the year – I will try to... »

glassesshop eyeglasses review

Sponsors Spotlight-GlassesShop EyeGlasses

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a good day as its raining outside..A few days back I got an opportunity to have a pair of eyeglasses for myself from Yesterday I got the mail from them & I was so happy to see a beautiful and durable eyeglasses frame as well as perfect lenses according to my eyesight. The shipping was on time although they gave me track code but seriously I d... »

egg carton flowers making tutorial

DIY Paper Flowers-Recycling

I always enjoy working on recycling projects, its fun creating from ordinary used & rough things. Today I will show you how to make flowers out of egg carton paper tray, but wait.. Let me know what you had in your breakfast today? Eggs..? okay! check if the eggs carton still there..So you will be able to make the cute flowers :) DIY Paper Flowers-Recycling You can make so many of egg carton fl... »

Street Art Graffiti Pakistan

Street Graffiti Art Pakistan

Once I saw some beautiful street graffiti wall art, That was a rainy day & I were unable to capture some fine clicks through the car window, My brother promised he will take me to this place again if I want to capture these art of graffiti wall. I said Yes of course..why not..! So He fulfill his promise by managing some time for me at a Sunday morning. We visit 6th road, Satellite town Rawalpi... »

photography tips for beginners

DIY Photography Ideas

Blogging about arts & crafts is really interesting. I am enjoying this journey from more than four years now! Creating, Capturing & Sharing art stuff is simply fun! then after some hard work, you are on the way to success definitely. You may notice one thing while stumbling random blogs, Every successful blog is sharing some good content with attractive photography clicks. While sharing DI... »

Masjid Nabwi Madina

Prophet Muhammad SAWW Birthday

Today is the Birthday of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), I am a bit late in posting this article because I were too busy with celebrations stuff whole day. A beautiful day spent with family & friends while praying to Allah Almighty. Indeed a really blessed day! Celebrations of this Eid are starting as the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awal starts, But the day is 12th of the holy month..Beaut... »

Recap of The Year 2014

Recap of The Year 2014

2015 is around the corner now! It was a great year for my blog as well as myself indeed, Year 2014 was filled with so many blessings & one of the best year of my life so far.. Alhamdulillah. I enjoy this successful year, There was more work, more sales, more fun & more happiness with the help of Allah Almighty!! I was submitting my interviews several times this year, It was great experienc... »

peshawar school terrorists attack

Black Day In The History Of Pakistan

(Re-Posting. At 16th Dec.when I post this article, I was unable to write well.. but today I am sharing some more content) Today is the Black Day in the history of my country Pakistan. I never thought about writing a post like this but today I am so badly broken after watching news channels whole day at television, I never feel sad like this in my life before..Today morning some coward terrorists a... »

ipad cable design diy repair

DIY iPad Cord Design with WashiTape

A few days back I design my iPad cord with washi tape, I always wanted to try something creative with gadgets accessories, in fact I make my iPhone’s casing with fur & that was a big hit featured everywhere at blogs & social media, this time I design the charging cable of my iPad. It was not decided though.. This time the reason behind its design was not my crafty passion, Actually t... »

December flower photography

Hello December

Hello Everyone & Hello December.. December is finally here! 2015 is just around the corner now. Yayyy. I had great year 2014 so far, I am so happy & excited to welcome 2015 now! In fact can’t wait to start another wonderful year of this beautiful life Alhamdulillah. :) I capture a few of random Photography clicks this morning, Would you like to see some more flower images by me? have... »

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