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Vintage Style Planner Decoupage DIY Vintage Style Planner Decoupage DIY(25)

My love for vintage stuff is never ending, I collect antiques whenever I get a chance, like international coins & currency, mail stamps and some other random things like this. I design my business planner/dairy cover while keeping the vintage theme in my mind. So here today I am going to share a planner cover designing with some podgeable papers & scrapbook sheets which I have got from USA once.

This planner is mostly near me during most of my working day. Sometimes I am writing my business plans & schedules on it & sometimes my upcoming crafty ideas..oh yeah in a separate side, I also write some yummy recipes which I note from my favorite food blogs & TV channels as well..well this is kind of “all in one” planner.. I love holding it and making random drawings on it.

This planner was plain black & I was happy with its plain plastic cover sheet, my eldest brother gifted me this planner once & He suggest me to do something crafty. but its been long the diary was still plain, my bro saw this once & ask..”Hey why don’t you design it, where the “Creative Mind” these days??” ahem it was kinda teaser by him..ahan! SO I THOUGHT TO DO SOMETHING…FINALLY!! haha..

Fall is here and everyday I love seeing brown crispy dry leaves in my yard, I have saved a few pretty shapes as well, These weather changes are always interesting in their own way!I were already inspired by vintage and fall so here the theme goes for this crafty creation..Have a look what I have done & how!

A close up image.. this is SandalWood hand carved pen, also among my antique treasures! the Sandalwood fragrance is still here from years, its with me from more than 12 years back.

Here is my favorite scrapbook pages & books which are filled with pretty designs and things..Remember Amy sent these once!

My iPad and my Planner are my most helping partners. I design planner with Kiran name, You may know well who is KIRAN..? oh yeah its ME definitely! in my family nobody call me by saying Khadija..even no one is much familiar with my Khadija name, So I design it with KIRAN name. I don’t wanna offend people who will may be asking whenever they will see Khadija name anywhere..haha. isn’t it looking well? see the Tutorial now!

How to design and Decoupage a planner cover

You will need to have ;

Podgeable Paper/ Scrapbook papers

Mod Podge glue

Scissors & Brushes

Cut all of your favorite shapes one by one & place it over the diary & arrange.. then Re-arrange.. then again do it & see how it looks more well..and when you see it looks perfect then open the bottle of glue..(take a pic for reminder)

As my theme was fall and vintage, So I cut some birds, butterflies, flowers, and vintage keys & ruler..oh yeh my name alphabets too..(don’t tease me by saying kkkk kiran now..okay?)

The most interesting and favorite thing is the words I cut from the scrapbook, Love, Family, Laugh, Happiness, Smile, Dream, Joy, Believe.. and this is how I live..My life is all about these words..

At first I apply the bigger paper sheet at front bottom, Then I set my name’s cuttings..the little motifs of birds and butterflies.. These wonderful words & the message inside is so much to me..

My Life is all about these things..Love-Family-Laugh-Happiness-Dream Big-Peace. isn’t it a perfect message for a perfect life?

That’s it.. I paste all the cuttings and then mod podge was looking fine! I also want to try glitter but that wasn’t going well with this vintage look. Decoupage is the best craft for today!

I hope you will like the way I design it.. now I enjoy more while holding this in my hand everyday.

If you want to make it more long lasting, you can also did a plastic wrap covering by electric machine, but I like my planner the way it is..whenever I touch makes me feel good..the pieces of papers can may be ordinary for others but they are extraordinary for me!

You can see my previous Decoupage Projects..

The post is getting long!  Believe me I am talkative, but mostly when I am happy I talk some more. So did you got my message? see above on planner cover and adopt any 1 among all of those! I bet you will be happy to get it.

Have a Happy day!

Khadija Kiran

Rain & Floods in Pakistan Rain & Floods in Pakistan(16)

My country is in a very serious condition these days after a deadly rain storm, It leads to some heavy floods & destruction in about two provinces of Pakistan. As you will may be had a chance to see this at  TV news & other media,  its really sad situation, a person with a small/soft heart like me can’t stop the tears in the eyes while seeing all these images of destruction and helpless people. specially little innocent kids & old sick people..They are suffering so badly..

I am safe in my area & all is well here but so many cities & villages are badly destructed & almost vanished from the surface.

Today I will be sharing some random clicks about it. the source of images is Google & BBC

Flood in Pakistan

Who can stand in front of this dangerous flood water..

This image seriously melted my sad to see these little kids in danger.. See how a mother is saving her kids although her own life is in danger.. oh dear God..Help them..

So sad to see all this!

Here above a family is sitting at the roof top & waiting for the rescue help.. the layers on water surface are because of helicopter which was ready to take them out from here for rescue..

Above these are huge trees & buildings but now they are in water, everything is  in water..

Pakistan Army is doing great for the rescue operations! They have survived thousands of helpless people with urgent & timely rescue!

God Bless Pak Army

You can see the roof tops of the houses..

Roads, bridges & whole infrastructure is crushed and mostly land connections are disconnected because of flood destruction. 180 people died & so many injured, as many are misplaced too.. My country is suffering badly with this flood.

Our Govt. & Armed forces are working well for rescue but its not a small area to cover, hundreds of villages and cities gone into water.. its not yet stopped, still going but now slowly!

I pray to GOD Almighty for the lives of innocent people who are suffering in these areas.. I am also doing my efforts for the charity purpose & would like to request everyone who can help them..As I have been working with an NGO so I have some ways to help these people in person! our every little effort for them can be considered as a Huge one specially in front of our God Almighty! So think about the other day! not just for Today..

May God help everyone who is suffering!

Prayers & well wishes!

Khadija ~

Eid Day Mehndi Designs Eid Day Mehndi Designs(37)

Girls are always enjoying Henna/Mehndi designs at Eid day, I also like it even its not the Eid day around. But seriously I am not a good henna designer, specially as compared to my dear sister-in-law designs, she is too good in applying mehndi, While checking the phone gallery yesterday, I notice there were some henna/mehndi pictures saved from the past Eid, I take some clicks for sharing with my readers, People from Turkye, Middle East & South Asian countries are always fond of my henna & mehndi designs..I feel great when they ask me about my upcoming henna posts. So there we go.. have a look at some of beautiful henna designs..

My Sister-in-law applied these beautiful Henna Designs on My hands ;

Picture is also Captured by my Sis

My both palms were filled with henna so I were unable to take a click. She took some pics and the result was good!

All of my blog images are captured by ME.. so I guess it was the first pictured I am uploading which is captured by someone else.. yayy!

My sis-in-law henna designing on my hands for Eid Day

She did great job.. isn’t it? at Eid day I enjoyed a lot specially when all of us family were together for celebrating Eid day, & my aunties & girl cousins were admiring the designs on my hands a lot.. it was Fun..

While seeing these pics, I notice My hand is too big…haha..isn’t it..?

And here it is My sis-in-law’s hands when she were applying henna, her hands are too soft & I like holding these!

I play with some photo edit stuff and the weaving effect looks so cute.. Right..

So it was fun designing henna on hands together at the day before Eid festival. I enjoyed it more this year with my both sister-in-laws, and both nieces, the little dolls are new addition to our family at this year’s Eid festival. Last year I was the youngest family member at home but this year there were two little princess were also here!

But there must not be any doubt about my EIDI amount.. haha..I still got enough like previous years..yayyy!

Ok now back to the the post, I hope you liked my sis henna designs. I will be sharing some more as the Eid-al-Baqar is also coming! so again I will be having my hands filled with henna/mehndi. So stay connected for having a look at some more henna designs in future.

Here you can see some of my archives about Henna design posts Check it and enjoy!

Have a wonderful Day friends

Khadija ~

Kids Academy Educational iPad Apps Review Kids Academy Educational iPad Apps Review(2)

I got an opportunity to write a review about some educational iPad apps, as I have studied Education and all of its related fields in  my post graduation. So I accept it happily as it is about my favorite field of Education. actually in the last semester we study about student’s Psychology & Learning behavior, So when I read about Kids Academy efforts in making educational apps, I noticed they are doing great in a perfect way. They made some wonderful educational apps for kindergarten & preschoolers age group kids. They made learning easy for them while keeping the kids psychology in mind.

I install these apps in my iPad & my niece was in my lap.. So we started playing this educational game & she enjoyed the colorful images & the way ABC was written, she found it interesting & fun! Animated images & graphics seems so fine!

Learn To Read & Write Kid’ Puzzles

This app helps to learn a kid how to recognize letters, there is an option for kids who write with left hand. The app guides the learner very well & in a easy way!

Pre-school & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games

Preschool & Kindergarten Learning Kids Games are helping kids in learning to read through graphics and colors. The animation is really fun to play and very attractive for pre-school & kindergarten kids.

Kids Puzzles and Preschool Math Games

Kids Puzzles and Preschool Math Games teaches your preschooler kid to learn in a happy way! A kid is playing and learning both at once, Learning Math is now easy..

The app guides the learner step by step and gives more options and suggestions to learn easily! These animations are very cool, a kid will be enjoying during all the playing/learning process!

You can see all of the other interesting apps by Kids Academy Educational Apps

Have a good day!

Khadija ~

(This is a sponsored spotlight/review article, all the content, images written/captured by me & views are my own)

Decorate Headband with Collage Clay & Beads Decorate Headband with Collage Clay & Beads(25)

Recently I had a wonderful experience of Crafting with Kids, It was so fun! I enjoyed a lot & feel pleasure while crafting, My Niece is about 7 years old & she have some creative cells inside, so whenever she is visiting us (she lives far away from our city) She is always interested in my creative activities, So I thought to craft with her this time again! my niece have some pretty hairs & she likes hair accessories, So the first thing in my mind before starting the craft work, was to try something for her hairs.

As I received some crafty goodies from Amy last month, So there I have to try something like that  too, I use mod podge Collage clay in pink,  And my niece was working on, I just assist her. She is genius & good in giving me her ideas about decorating this headband.

See what my niece & I have done with a plain headband..

Collage clay is interesting to work with, Do you remember the previous post in which I admit about my Craft Fail..?

How To Design a headband with collage clay & Charms ;

For making a designed headband, you will need to have ;

1-A plain headband, 2-Mod podge collage clay, 3-ceramic charms, 4-glitter, And specially a sweet baby girl of 7 year old who will be making this!! haha

Gather the craft supplies and start working on, its easy and nice! have a look at the steps of its making!

Spread the collage clay on the surface of headband and then fix the charms & beads over it. in this above pic, my niece is happily working on. it was a bit difficult for her to handle the headband but I hold the band and she fix the little thingies over it carefully..

When it was all set, then I take a paper towel and remove the extra clay from the sides.

What Is Collage Clay..?

People who haven’t yet tried working with collage clay yet, they will may be curious to know, So I should be telling you in few words..

Collage clay is a very soft & fluffy paste which seems like foam, when it dries it sets strongly over the space where its pasted, you can decorate any gadget casing with the same way as I am decorating the headband.

My niece was working on this collage clay but she was not doing this alone, I was helping her totally..because on the collage clay product, it was simply written over the pack  “Not for use by children under 8 years old” So my niece is 7 years old but I think if you are assisting your kids while crafting with collage clay then its fine, otherwise you should be careful while working with collage clay crafts….Working with designed tip was difficult for my niece as she have little hands, so I remove that & she work directly from the packing

Glitter It..

Yeah..As its setting and fixing, I sprinkle some glitter over it.. and I use my finger tips to set over it nicely, Later I pour some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic over it.. so the glitter will not be falling off..

I choose purple color of glitter, I love Glitter seriously.. may be because its having some connection with my may be that’s why! Meaning of my name is something shiny/shimmery like sun rays..whoopss yeah! I am..haha..(funny me..)

I am in a habit of sharing sneak peeks of my work at my social networks, so may be you have had a look over at this above image at my facebook or instagram..? I like seeing people curious to know about what I am going to do next..simply interesting!

Lesson Learned ;

There are always elders around to teach us something but when we learn from kids, it means we are learning something with a different be sure to get their point.. I learn one basic thing while crafting with my niece.. my niece was very patient about getting this craft dry totally..(As I were not..may be because some other house work was waiting for me) I am usually not so patient while working on crafty stuff, like if the thing is still wet, I continue working on( and mention in the post about “wait until it gets dry totally”..haha.. forgive me please..) well she suggest me to place the headband anywhere where my nephews (her two naughty brothers) can’t access easily..

I hope you enjoyed crafty creation by my niece & me! You can also have a look at my previous headbands Tutorials here.

Have a Great day my crafty people!

Khadija ~

Welcome September Welcome September(9)

Hello Everyone!

Month of September is here what does it mean? Oh yeah fall is around the corner as well! another wonderful time is going to start.. do you love fall and all the fun related to this? Specially the fall crafts..I am just loving!! I have decided to try making something which I will show you later in my regular craft I am just posting to wish you all a good start of another upcoming season! stay blessed and Enjoy each and every moment of your life, no matter if its hard or down.. just cheer up happily & hopeful! Yeah..!

I notice this dry leaf in the back yard and it was pretty cute, So I grab my camera & capture it..isn’t it fine? oh yeah you can also notice a spider web thread over it..Seriously I don’t disturb the spider while taking this click ..

And we family started our September with the celebration of my little niece’s birthday! We enjoyed a lot, That was a fun evening! She turned 1 year old & her giggles and bits of gossips are filling our hearts with joys! May God Almighty keep her safe, happy and successful in life..

So my September started happily..what about yours? I hope you are enjoying & doing great already..

Happy September.. Happy Fall & Enjoy the upcoming happy moments of your life!

A very Happy Khadija ~

Pillows with Fabric Paints and Quilting Pillows with Fabric Paints and Quilting(18)

During my Textile design studies, I specially enjoyed working with fabric paints & designing,  it’s a really interesting medium for decorating plain fabric with some colors & patterns etc, during that semester when I were studying paints, I work with screen printing, Block printing, silk painting, fabric painting, emboss paints, glitter paints, led work & painting with different types & mediums of colorful paints.

Whenever we friends are talking about the time we spent during our textile & fashion studies.. we enjoy talking about that creative time.. a few weeks back my teacher sent me a text on Whatsapp & told me that She visit my website on & off and enjoyed my ideas.. She feels proud while seeing her student Khadija with a website..oh yeah..I LOVE hearing from her.. my teacher taught me loads of creativity.. And most of my creativity credit goes to Her..She is also a well known Textile Designer!

Well ok..ok.. I dont wanna bore you some more while talking about my student life nostalgia stuff.. but here today I am going to share a project with you which is not any latest project, I made it a few years back, During my textile design studies, I learn about quilting too.. and these pillows were Sample projects of my quilting work, you can say its my very first project with quilting, I design it with zig zag sewing and then I use some fabric paints led outline.

How I Made Fabric Painted/Quilted Pillows

The fabric was thick & self printed too, so I just design it the way it was, I use the fabric paint led outline at sides of the self printed design. Its not accurate according to design, but I design randomly.

You Will Need To Have ;

Fabric, Fabric Paints, Foamic sheet,

First cut the fabric & make zigzag design with sewing machine, then make design on fabric with paints

Later you will add the foamic sheet and lining inside and sew the cushion simply! That’s done..

I did quilting first & then it was looking so simple,, that was the reason I started experimenting with fabric paints.

Here it is Before and After image.. let me know how is it looking?

There can be another reason too.. but promise first that you will not let my teacher know about it ( hehe,, as I already know my teacher will be reading this post.. Hi dear Madam)

Fabric Paint & Design is not difficult.. So keep making and creating!

Reason behind doing this fabric paint over quilting is… because my zig zag design quilting was not accurate & perfect, the lines were going irregular & uneven, So I paint it to hide the uneven design.. haha.. Clever Me…but my teacher is very smart, she caught me at it but she liked the painted version too much..So I released soon!

I hope you will like this random blast from the past kind of post. Now I will be sharing some random stuff from my textile design study! I hope you will be enjoying it.

Have a great day Friends..

Khadija ~

Truck Art Inspired Drawings Truck Art Inspired Drawings(21)

I love working on my freehand Drawings, Paintings, Sketching ..Its fun to make drawings & doodling with color markers, playing with vibrant & bright colors on a sketchbook sheet is simply nice! I enjoy making truck art inspired drawings also, In past years I were making loads of paintings, working with brushes & water based paints is a different kind of my Art Love..but these days I am more in love with color markers drawings..

I made some Truck Art inspired drawings for one of my bestie, Amy.. She was going to decorate her new craft studio & I feel good when she said that she would like to have something for her new craft studio from Pakistan, which will remind her about her Pakistani friend Creative Khadija.. So it would be a pleasure for me to be a part of  her studio this way!!

My Freehand Colorful Drawings

I made these freehand drawings inspired by Pakistani Truck Art. colorful, vibrant & filled with loads of designing!

I design freehand paisleys & added some sharp colors, oh so really fun to made these!!

And here it is my dear Amy! we both are Aquarius & friends from years.. so I hope as I like this customized drawing of her name, she will also be loving it too..( and she did.. she received the package )

How To Draw Freehand

For the making of these wall arts, I draw & design on a thick sheet of my sketch book, I started working with pointer pen, the used the markers for giving the colors to a black & white designed surface..follow the steps above and learn how to draw freehand..

Here it is.. some floral looks, and some leaves plus buds.. lots of strokes with brush markers..

And here I have done all three wall arts.. the sketchbook hard paper is perfect as it is, but it would be great to give it some framing of any black border..

You can also put some washi tape borders.. and if you dont wanna frame, you can paste with washi tape pieces on wall, so simple & quick, I saw that washi tape border idea at pintrest.. so fun!

Handmade For Sale By Creative Khadija

And one of the most interesting thing is always making a signature at your art.. isn’t it a pleasure that your signature is visible behind your work & its your identity..? how nice!! I always feel good while putting these signatures at my work.

I am also selling my handmade designs & drawings, I sold so many as customized wish cards, Eid cards,  as wall arts & also designed this kinda stuff on fabric & shirts.. but there I use fabric markers instead of these normal markers for paper stuff..

If you want to buy any designed card/customized or drawing wall arts made by Me.. feel free to contact me at kkcreativemind @ I ship these worldwide & FREE..

Have a great day friends!

Khadija ~

DIY Independence Day Pendant DIY Independence Day Pendant(16)

Month of August is very special for us Pakistanis, because it’s the month of independence, 14th August 1947 was the day when we got freedom. Too much struggle, efforts, difficult situations around but the whole Nation is working hard with unity for the peace and prosperity of our dear country.. So Happy 67 years my dear Land.. Stay awesome!!

As I am in love with Jewelry & Accessory things, So I like making these too, I made this pendant today with Patriotic theme, Every year I make independence day crafts &  mostly there is any accessory. So this year again I made some accessory thing.. a pendant with the Pakistani Flag theme, Green and White..

Have a look what I have done.. Enjoy the DIY..

I made a pendant with Mod Melts, As you know I received Mod melts from Mod Podge Rocks last month, So I try this simple and easy DIY. see the steps..

I am under attack of CHEVRON these days, Love it simply, I work with Chevron stencil last month, today again I select the chevron design for this mod melts molds.

1-Melt the glue and fill the mold, 2-eject it from mold and trim the extra sides. be careful while working with. and be sure to remember my Craft Fail as well..

I decide to make earrings with these but later I realize that it will not be a cool idea to make some ear accessory again, I have made a stud earrings in 2012 as independence day craft.. So I decide to make a pendant this time!! I fix  the jump ring and chain in it & its DONE but if you want an earring, you can also try it..

Here is the size of the pendant with my whoops long nails..haha

I make the border of pendant with white, I use white acrylic paints mixed it with silver glitter. because Pakistani flag is having white border..

My sketchbook was near so I thought to get this painting as my model of this pendant.. isn’t it fine..??

There we go.. Its Done.. simple, easy and cute.. and Patriotic as well.. So wish you all a very happy Independence day. and in my National Language Urdu, I will be greeting by saying = Jashan-e-Azadi Mubarak..

Here are my other easy and pretty independence day crafts, have a look at these and enjoy my tutorials.I hope you will like to create something like this.

Lots of well wishes and prayers for the peace & prosperity of my homeland, my Pakistan..oh yeah one more thing I have to mention before leaving the page..Last night we enjoy the great fireworks & that was amazing!!

Have a great day Friends, Happy independence day! stay productive and passionate for the peace & prosperity of Pakistan!


A very Patriotic Khadija ~

Nature Clicks Nature Clicks(7)

“Look deep into Nature & then You will understand everything better” This is not Me who is saying these wise word..its by Albert Einstein. 100% agree about what He said.. Life is all about learning & understanding.. if we have eyes and specially inner eyes, we can definitely understand the pretty awesome lessons by the Nature..If we want to learn something genuine about Life, we can always get free lessons from the NATURE…

I will be sharing some random clicks of my smart phone photography again..whenever I see pretty stuff by nature, I capture it & now sharing with you is also a best part for would you like to see what I capture? OK.. there we go..

This was early morning when I capture this pic.. flower is totally fresh..

A rose is giving its essence even those who pluck it..what a Lesson for humble with everyone..although even they don’t good with everyone!

These dear rose buds are looking well on plant, that was not even in my reach but I get the branch near me & then it was easy to capture a click..

Some pretty flowers but not so fresh, captured late..!!

Rose and Jasmine flowers contrast is always super.isn’t it..?

We have some flower plants which are giving us flowers everyday! oh dear flowers..we just give you some care and water but you gave us essence, freshness & a good nice of you dear flowers..

I work with some HDR edit & these pics are so fine!

And this one too.. photography in natural light is just cool.. no need to edit a lot..

Rose buds are so cute.. who don’t like to capture the image?

Besides all these, every flower is going to dry one day! So appreciate it no matter if its fresh or dry! you will need to have an eye to see the beauty inside..even when its not going to give you essence and frehness!

This flower is an egg plant flower.. seems matter I don’t like eating its food but the plant is OK! haha

Oh yeah we are also having some fresh fruits in the backyard! Green grapes..

Seeing these growing everyday makes me feel good, I learn how to be patient until they get done! hehe


many bunches! sweet..

One day we notice the its getting tasted by some birds too.. birds visit to take their share from the fruit..we don’t mind seriously!

Well the grapes were sweet and good.. I can not share with you but I can share the images.. isn’t it enough? may be..!haha

I hope you enjoyed seeing these images, the beauty of nature is trying to teach us how to be patient until flower buds and baby fruits turn into complete form..and then enjoy seeing these and tasting their flavor.. So have fun & enjoy every thing around..

Have a fresh and beautiful day!

Khadija ~

Ribbon Flower Headbands #ForSale Ribbon Flower Headbands #ForSale(12)

I sell my handmade creations on & off & its fun to create for others..I create for my family & friends a lot but I specially enjoy getting online feed back of my readers/followers this way! Mostly I sell abroad and sometime in Pakistan too, I enjoy doing everything arty crafty & creative! So here today some of headbands I am sharing which I sold out & some are still for sale. Ribbon flowers are always pretty and look so delicate, Once I design my black & white printed shirt with loads of different colors mini ribbon flowers & that was appreciated by my readers a lot. I love fabric flower making as well, the technique of all types of flowers making is almost same but silk ribbon flowers making is a bit more fun because of their shine and smoothness!

Today I will be sharing some of my ribbon flowers headbands which I made for a customer, There were about two dozen headbands for a little angel living abroad. They ask for different colors and a few designs of their choice, So I work according to their requirements..

Here are all the headbands with small bows and flowers. seems simple but cute & perfect for baby girls..Have a look now!

I were looking for some colorful elastic bands but were unable to find these, so these white/grey are looking fine with these colorful ribbons.

As my customer’s requirement was dim & light girly colors, So I get these ribbons from the local market & width is different but all of these are silk ribbons.

These are so cute, fluffy and fine..I made these fort my niece too.. looking cute..isn’t it..?

Here I make a bow and arrange the other bow over it & fixed the pearl bead in the middle..

So many pretty bows in different colors.. Some Raw clicks..

Simple and colorful ribbon flowers.. their making is not difficult.. if you want to know any of the ribbon flower making among these, you may ask me for the tutorial, So I will be sharing ! actually when I were working on this project, I were having some other projects too, so I were unable to take step by step pics of every flower, I were having this in my mind to click some how-To pics but don’t know where my head was moving that time.. haha

Well I am happy my customers are always satisfied with my every art & craft project, their appreciation made my day all the time.

One of my dear friend is super supportive these days in improving my photography skills, I like getting compliments (from professional people) about my work and specially the critical views about my clicks are appreciated..really! I  like getting suggestion which made me think seriously about improving my work and stuff.

Well I try my best for taking some good clicks of my art & craft work. It feels hectic sometimes but fun too..Let’s see how I come up with some more good clicks of my work..I know these clicks are not super awesome but Not bad at all..

You can see some of my handmade headband DIY’s

Have a look at these tutorials and ignore the poor images quality & random mistakes in the posts, these were from the time when I were newbie at blogland.. so Hope you will not feeling weird while reading these!

I hope you enjoyed the post, Let me know if you want to buy any of my handmade creations or if these headbands in any other color etc.. feel free to contact kkcreativemind @

Have a great day friends.. Happy Creating & Selling Handmade!

Khadija ~

Eid Mubarak 2014 Eid Mubarak 2014(4)

Holy month of Ramadan is over today! I hope my Muslim readers were having loads of blessings and good times while fasting & praying during this blessed month..It seriously passed very quick..and now the Eid day is here finally! So..I would like to wish all of my Muslim readers all over the world, a very peaceful and blessed Eid day! But BE SURE to remember those  families who lost  their 1050 innocent kids and members in Gaza, Palestine in just last 20 days during the holy month of fasting, May God Almighty save others & bless them with Peace & Love!

May this Eid bring peace and prosperity for all those who are suffering anywhere in the World because of terror…

Let’s Pray..God Bless Everyone!.. No more words…

Khadija ~

Gift Packing Idea with Washi Tape Gift Packing Idea with Washi Tape(19)

Holy month of Ramadan is passing quickly.. Its hard to believe that its ending in a few days now! Very quick..Well my Ramadan days were going great & I had great time Alhamdulillah. Now Eid is around the corner.. Yeah..the Eid festival is like a gift to us after fasting for the whole month. Now many blessings are waiting for us at Eid Day! Eating, Outing, Family gathering & so much more.. and before all these, Shopping too..!!

Well as I have shared in my previous gift pack DIY post,  there I have to give and get some gifts well..(the most interesting part of any festivity) whenever there’s question rising about gift wrapping..Everyone is having an eye on me for this task..( Oh Lord..why these Creative Cells..haha) Well no worries, I am good in handling creative troubleshooting! so there we go! I were having some small goodies to gift a friend & I found this brown packing box (my laptop battery packing ..shhhhh..dont tell my friend..ok!)

See how I decorate a gift box simply in just 5 minutes! Yeah! RECYCLE/REUSE

Do you remember I get some beautiful gifts from Singapore a couple months back? So here I use the same washi tape for designing the simple plain box..very easy and really looking good!

All you need to have is just a few rolls of colorful tape and scissors.. and its done!

I didn’t fill the whole box cap with colorful tapes, I thought it would be a mess, on the other hand I have to write some wishes on the box along with my friend’s details/address etc.. so I left the empty place more..

These were the pretty washi tape rolls I have got from pretty and colorful..I am using these at many projects on & off..always pretty and good!

My friend liked the gift box as well as the inside gift & I am happy she did.. (Oh Lord..Happy to have these Creative Cells..haha)

Washi Tape crafts are always fun & quick too.. you can make things more pretty with a little bit of its usage..I am going to use these tapes for many crafty things & they look really cute and crafty. I hope you will like it.. my this idea is a part of reuse/recycle as well..gifting stuff is good but its more good when the person is happy to have a pretty packing as well.. so whenever you are going to pack stuff, be sure to design with creative cells & smartly!

Here it is my other gift box Design (Recycle) DIY

You can check some of my Washi Tape craft ideas HERE

Have a great Day Friends..I hope you will like my Recycle & Reuse ideas. Go Green and save this pretty Earth..

Khadija ~

Gift Box Design with Stenciling Technique Gift Box Design with Stenciling Technique(24)

As the Eid festival is coming near, now its time to give and get some gifts from family & friends..Yayy.. My family & friends are always expecting something arty/crafty from me & this is kind of a hard Task always! Well I handle anyway..haha. Gift Packing and gift box designing is a really important thing when you are gifting, a person who is going to open the box will be definitely first reviewing the packing. So its necessary to work on the gift pack/wrap before giving it away! a ready-made packing with printed paper sheet wraps is also good but will may be not that impressive as something compared to any hand designed packing! making some hand designed gift wraps are not difficult, just a few time is needed with a little bit of creativity..So this is what I did before gifting some goodies to one of my friend. As my friend is also having Creative Cells inside her, so it was necessary for me to create something in a creative way so She will be enjoying it more.. well.. See what & how I did..

I were having some brown package boxes, ( my laptop charger & accessory boxes were useless now, so why to throw these out to make some mess at this pretty Planet?? Nahh, I would not..!) I reuse/recycle some brown packing boxes in a fun creative way! as these boxes were plain so I were not having any trouble to hide the writing or sticker things etc..

Who don’t Love Chevron design?? I am in love with its zig-zag-ness..really! So I use some stencils of chevron design and make prints on these brown boxes.

All you need to have is a stencil, foam brush or dodge tool & glitter/acrylic paints..That’s it..

I receive these stencils from Amy & Plaid. The Acrylic paint/glitter glue is also gifted by plaid years back. So I am using all in this project.

The Stencil is sticky & made of rubber material, first of all peel off the stencil from its packing carefully and then paste it on the surface where you want to make the chevron design. Nicely adjust the stencil and more carefully remove it from your project when the mod podge or paints are dry!

I try first on a small box, because if there will be any craft fail kind of thing.. so I will be able to adjust it somewhere..haha.. well First I apply the stencil on small square box & then use some glitter glue over it. after 5 minutes when I saw the glue is dry, I peel off the stencil from box. Glitter glue was dry and looking perfect with chevron print..

There after the stencil experiment success, then I start working on the other box but here I choose a different design scheme. first I stencil the sides of the box with black chevron design, and then I use red color for the middle part.

I measure the area and then I place a card at the sides of stencil area and fill the stencil with color.

Sides design is done with black acrylic paint and then I use Red folk art acrylic paints for the middle area stenciling.

And there we go…. Its done..It was all about fixing the stencils and then peeling off carefully. I admit there was a bit of mistake kinda thing when the color was penetrating because of card surface of the box. but it was fine as it gets dry!

I use the dodge tool and make some big polka dots on the sides of the boxes! isn’t it looking fine.. I am happy at this reuse/recycle.. I hope my dear reader will also be enjoying the tutorial as well as the idea..

I will be sharing another gift box designing & a very quick idea in my next DIY post. So don’t forget to visit my next post for some more fun and ideas.

Have a great day ~


Recent Craft Fail Recent Craft Fail(15)

A crafty life is filled with some loads of FUN & excitements about making stuff.. We crafters are meeting many arty experiments everyday & we enjoy facing these! isn’t it fun to be a crafter, I enjoy while making, creating, sharing and doing experiments with so many arty things, sometimes the experiment is a hit & sometime its bad flop.. And seriously I don’t mind it ever, am not afraid of my craft fails, sometimes they come up with something interesting! yeah.. believe me.. but I am Creative(clever) enough so I hide the craft fails from my readers..haha..Excuse me friends!

Today I will be sharing one of my most recent craft fail which I like actually.. so I thought why not to share this time with my friends now..may be they learn better through my experience.. As you know I have shared some wonderful goodies by Plaid Crafts in my previous post, So I was very excited to try those supplies..

Mod Melts are very popular these days on blog-land in crafts and things.. I know many blogger besties who are making stuff with these and the result is always great.. So when I got my Mod Melts package, I thought to try this first of all as I have already seen the making on blogs in past.. So I did it but in a dump way..wanna know below!

I fill the molds (which are for mod melts) with collage clay & were waiting to see these dry in 10 minutes but these were not going to dry in minutes…. and wanna see the result..? there we go……

This was the result of my fun Craft fail…..

It was 50% dry and half wet when I try to mold it can see shapes but the middle of the design is missing..aww..I am really weird with crafts sometimes! hehe

This is how I were working! just filled the mold with collage clay of pink..

Make the back side plain with the applicator.. But who knows the was a craft fail but dont think I throw these, I paint these and the were not looking bad. these collage clay molded shapes were very lighter in weight and can be perfect in any scrapbook project..I missed those somewhere before taking a pic.. otherwise it was not a FAILURE.. believe me..

Well we human learn by mistake..? Right.. so I give it another try! but this time with a right way, with mod melts now!

As I told you in my previous post that I were not having the small size glue gun here, so I try with the flame lighter and made these! fill the molds with colorful silicon melts and wait for 10 minutes, and it will be dry and hard. simply eject it out and feel good at your Make.. oh yeah you can crop the extra sides of your design with scissors..

I was happy to see these cuties in my lovely! I add some glitter puff over the green melts..seems OK!

Now the Special Note..

Keep experimenting and keep creating.. dont stop if you fail.. these failures are teaching us the real lesson which nobody else can teach us perfectly! So dear girls be smart.. be cool & be creative! keep creating awesome stuff..keep doing great in the crafty life as well as the real life..

I hope you will not MIND my craft fails..let me know if you wanna see some more in future too..haha


Khadija Kiran ~

Mod Podge Gifts From USA Mod Podge Gifts From USA(11)

Hello Everyone! Holy month of Ramadan is going great here Alhamdulillah, although weather is going hot day by day! but having many blessings too with loads of happiness & goodness Ma’shaAllah. I hope my Muslim readers all over the world are also having a blessed and happy month of holy Ramadan!

My today’s post is filled with some really interesting goodies which I received from one of my bestie Amy Anderson.. is there anyone who is not familiar with her Mod Podg-ED Website which is rocking from years..Yeah Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. She is the one who is giving me Mod-Podge Dose from years..I still remember the very first starter kit along with the shirt ..( so what if that was bigger in size..!)

So here today I am going to show you about what I recently recieved from USA.  Have a look at the Review..

So many goodies in one crafty box! Yay!! the packing of products was so neat and the products are also pretty fine!

I bet you are reading about Mod podge collage clay on blogs these days, I were also checking & curious to know more about it.. so here it is.. I can’t wait to try something with these. there are different nozzles of different designs..Fun!

Clay is in different colors too..very smooth and fine!

Here is a fun task to do.. Fill in the Blanks.. yeah! these metal blanks are waiting for me to fill these! can’t wait to try something fun with these too..

Here it is the pretty pouch filled with some basic goodies which are necessary for a mod podger or any crafter, Scissors, applicators, Brushes & scale/sand paper stick..and the pretty pink silk pouch bag!

And here it is my most favorite stuff, Mod Melts.. way to create something cool! easy, quick and ready! The user kit is also helping, in this kit you can see a placing rubber material mat and accessories.. everything is helping while working with glue gun! no more finger burns or the other mess with glue strings.. yahoo..

one thing more, These mod melts tubes are thinner as compared to regular glue gun silicon tubes ( available in Pakistan) So when I got these and notice that they will not be working with my regular glue gun which is wider than this one size.. So here I use my Creative Mind & take help with a flame lighter.. and yeah I have done it.. it was working fine! no pain.. no gain.. right? well I will show you my first try/experiment with mod melts but later.. that was really cool..

Here are some pretty templates of some shapes and alphabets too, these cards templates will be really helping in different kind of crafts..they will be helping me a lot in my crafting and as my sister-in law is interested in sewing,(she is having a little baby girl) so I bet she will be enjoying these in her sewing experiments too.. sharing is caring! isn’t it..?

Here are some beautiful stencils & stickers.. OMG how cool..

Different types and shapes of paint brushes are always fascinating me more, and here are the cute brushes from Plaid crafts..for decoupage and for dodge..the foamic brushes are so fine! would love to work with these..

Decoupaging in vintage style is interesting and here I have got these books filled with many sheets and designs for decoupage.. I like the different landmarks and buildings images.. the podgeable papers are cute.

So here is a sneak peek of what I have in my mind about using these two things, podgeble papers with transparent Shapes.. charms.

These podgeable shapes can be used for accessory making as well as random crafting, so many ideas and pretty shapes! waoo

Mod Podge is an all time favorite craft glue, transparent and smooth.. I have got some in big bottles this time..along with some Dimensional Magic and some glitter.. and seriously I have a LOVE STORY with glitter.. shhh.. don’t tell anyone..haha.. I will be disclosing it by myself.. yeah.. I love my hands even more when they are messy with glitter & sparkle while crafting! its in my nature I guess.. as the meaning of my name ( KIRAN ) is Shimmer/Sparkle & rays of hope/shine.. So I bet I am hopeful/shiny & sparkly  just because of this reason! hahaha.. ok..okk.. so much rambling now!

A very BIG Thank you to my dear friend Amy who sent me these gifts from USA, I know its not easy to ship these many things with weight and pricey items.. but She is really sweet and helping in sharing these fine formulas of Mod podge and Plaid crafts with me. Lucky me to get these awesomeness in hand as a gift, so many of my readers are always asking me about the availability of mod podge glues and crafts in Pakistan but sorry girls, Mod podge is not yet available here in Pakistan.. I have talk to Amy/Plaid about it & I hope they will be spreading it here in Pakistan for my Pakistani crafters..

These craft supplies are so fun! I would like to create with these on & off & would love to share my reviews! I hope you will be enjoying my up coming crafts with mod podge.

You can see all of my previous Mod Podge Creations & Tutorials HERE

Have a great day Friends..


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