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peshawar school terrorists attack

Black Day In The History Of Pakistan

(Re-Posting. At 16th Dec.when I post this article, I was unable to write well.. but today I am sharing some more content) Today is the Black Day in the history of my country Pakistan. I never thought about writing a post like this but today I am so badly broken after watching news channels whole day at television, I never feel sad like this in my life before..Today morning some coward terrorists a... »

ipad cable design diy repair

DIY iPad Cord Design with WashiTape

A few days back I design my iPad cord with washi tape, I always wanted to try something creative with gadgets accessories, in fact I make my iPhone’s casing with fur & that was a big hit featured everywhere at blogs & social media, this time I design the charging cable of my iPad. It was not decided though.. This time the reason behind its design was not my crafty passion, Actually t... »

December flower photography

Hello December

Hello Everyone & Hello December.. December is finally here! 2015 is just around the corner now. Yayyy. I had great year 2014 so far, I am so happy & excited to welcome 2015 now! In fact can’t wait to start another wonderful year of this beautiful life Alhamdulillah. :) I capture a few of random Photography clicks this morning, Would you like to see some more flower images by me? have... »

creative khadija instagram photography

Smartphone Photography Clicks

Winter is here & weather is so pretty these days! yellow brown crispy leaves are scattered outside..I love taking random photography clicks of nature objects and flowers, During the season when everyone is capturing fall leaves & dry branches..its me here who is having an eye on fresh & colorful flowers mostly! haha..anyways.. I share these clicks on my instagram usually! Have a look a... »

DIY Eiffel tower pendant cabochon

Eiffel Tower Pendant DIY

In my previous post I told you about my upcoming jewelry making articles, I have shared many jewelry making DIYs this months.So here it is another one! As you know Eiffel tower jewelry is badly in fashion these days, So I made a cabochon pendant with vintage look of Eiffel tower, Paris. One of my bestie lives in Paris, She is always sharing her captures whenever she is visiting Eiffel tower. I spe... »

frame wall art

Are You Inspired-Wall Frame DIY

I feel great whenever my dear readers are sharing images of their beautiful projects & creations inspired by Me. You people are doing great indeed. I love seeing all these projects & crafts, keep sharing with me & feel free to submit your crafty creations you have done by getting inspired by Creative Khadija. Today I am going to share Mahnoor’s creativity with you. She made a fra... »

handmade pendant making love

DIY Pendant with Love

In my recent article I shared the sneak peek of my upcoming DIY Love Pendant. Today I will be sharing how I made this pendant, its making is very easy & fun! No need to get lots of supplies and stuff. So have a look & enjoy! DIY Pendant with Love As I am in LOVE with my life, so I thought to make a Love pendant which I can wear as well..Not bad idea? okay!! there we go.. You will need to h... »

how to add jump ring with accessories pendant

How To Add Jumpring With Accessories

Today I am going to share a simple & easy technique related jewelry making. You make pendant but how you will attach it with the chain? do you know how you will be fixing & making a proper piece of jewelry? So today I am going to share the easy & 1-2-3 steps on how to add jump ring with the chain or metal thread.   How To Add Jumpring With Accessories You will need to have; A pendant, ... »

handmade jewelry craft fail

Craft Fail

Every crafter is definitely familiar with some Craft fails, There are always some craft fails happening while crafting in a corner but mostly are hidden from others. In past I was also shy about sharing my craft fails with my readers but once when I share my Recent Craft Fail, you friends appreciate it & I got many features at different blogs & sites. which simply shows blunders are not th... »

anatomy of desi food

Anatomy Of Desi Food

Do you know what is Desi Food? You might be already familiar with this word if you belong to South Asia or Middle East, As my readers are from all over the World so it might be a new term for many of you. let’s see first “what is Desi Food”. In India and Pakistan, “Desi” in the context of food, implies “native” or “traditional”. Common examples... »

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