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Decorate Accessory Container with Collage Clay

My crafty corner is usually getting messy although I am always busy in arranging my crafty stuff! I have huge collection of my craft supplies which I am unable to fix in my cabinets, drawers & cupboards smartly! I have made many storage solutions & containers in previous years for my crafty stuff specially, mostly are recycling & up-cycled containers, so here today I am sharing another... »

Multani Ceramic Art Pakistan

Today I am not going to share any of my art & craft Tutorial or DIY ideas, I am going to showcase some beautiful Multani Ceramic Art of Pakistan today! Once my brother was visiting His friend, there at His place my brother saw this creative collection of beautiful art pieces. As I am always interested in handicrafts & creative things, So whenever my family & friends are finding anythin... »

Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery

Sometimes a small change can make big difference, Recently I refashion my simple embroidered shirt. I bought a dress few days back, it was plain but the shirt neckline & front was filled with some neat but heavy embroidery, I thought to make a little difference just to change its look. Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery As there were some little spaces between embroidery so I thought to add some ... »

Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

Gift packing is an art, before giving someone a gift, the first priority is about it’s packing. As the Valentine’s Day is coming, so giving & getting gifts is obvious.. I can see many ideas everywhere at different blogs & social networks, So many ideas & beautiful gift packs. I design a brown box with some red paper hearts & multicolor glitter just to make it well as a ... »

Street Graffiti Art Pakistan-2

I have captured some clicks of street Graffiti Art Pakistan, I have shared some of these in my previous post! I am glad to see response by my dear readers, You people enjoyed the photos of Pakistani Street Art, So here again I am going to share some, I hope you will like this episode as well, Street Graffiti Art Pakistan-2 haha..Don’t disturb! Have fun (the typo in the corner) Some Shadows! ... »

Design a Purse with WashiTape

I recently design my purse with some colorful washitape, The purse is gifted to me from Spain & the washitape I’ve got from Singapore once, I give it a new look with a little bit of creativity. it’s so easy & fun, even kids will enjoy tying this idea :) see how I have done this easy craft refashion with washi tape. I hope you will like it. Design a Purse with WashiTape It was a... »

Sponsors Spotlight-Wearing Your Passion

It’s that time again when we all sing in unity the anthem that ignites the fire of passion and allegiance within us. We are a cricket crazy nation. It’s that one thing that inevitably brings us together. As our nation of small joys and big hearts gears up for Cricket World Cup 2015, one of the most anticipated events of the year, has launched the official Pakistan Cricket World Cup 2015 j... »

My Birthday & Rainy Day

It’s my birthday today..Oh yeah,,I am Aquarius you know! :) My Birthday & it’s Rainy Day, Right now it’s raining here & the weather is super awesome today,. I love rain & I am glad to have a RainyDay BirthDay while holding a mug of coffee & a piece of cake (from 12am birthday surprise celebration at night) Anyways! – Mission of the year – I will try to... »

Sponsors Spotlight-GlassesShop EyeGlasses

Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a good day as its raining outside..A few days back I got an opportunity to have a pair of eyeglasses for myself from Yesterday I got the mail from them & I was so happy to see a beautiful and durable eyeglasses frame as well as perfect lenses according to my eyesight. The shipping was on time although they gave me track code but seriously I d... »

DIY Paper Flowers-Recycling

I always enjoy working on recycling projects, its fun creating from ordinary used & rough things. Today I will show you how to make flowers out of egg carton paper tray, but wait.. Let me know what you had in your breakfast today? Eggs..? okay! check if the eggs carton still there..So you will be able to make the cute flowers :) DIY Paper Flowers-Recycling You can make so many of egg carton fl... »

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