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Gift Box Design with Stenciling Technique Gift Box Design with Stenciling Technique(9)

As the Eid festival is coming near, now its time to give and get some gifts from family & friends..Yayy.. My family & friends are always expecting something arty/crafty from me & this is kind of a hard Task always! Well I handle anyway..haha. Gift Packing and gift box designing is a really important thing when you are gifting, a person who is going to open the box will be definitely first reviewing the packing. So its necessary to work on the gift pack/wrap before giving it away! a ready-made packing with printed paper sheet wraps is also good but will may be not that impressive as something compared to any hand designed packing! making some hand designed gift wraps are not difficult, just a few time is needed with a little bit of creativity..So this is what I did before gifting some goodies to one of my friend. As my friend is also having Creative Cells inside her, so it was necessary for me to create something in a creative way so She will be enjoying it more.. well.. See what & how I did..

I were having some brown package boxes, ( my laptop charger & accessory boxes were useless now, so why to throw these out to make some mess at this pretty Planet?? Nahh, I would not..!) I reuse/recycle some brown packing boxes in a fun creative way! as these boxes were plain so I were not having any trouble to hide the writing or sticker things etc..

Who don’t Love Chevron design?? I am in love with its zig-zag-ness..really! So I use some stencils of chevron design and make prints on these brown boxes.

All you need to have is a stencil, foam brush or dodge tool & glitter/acrylic paints..That’s it..

I receive these stencils from Amy & Plaid. The Acrylic paint/glitter glue is also gifted by plaid years back. So I am using all in this project.

The Stencil is sticky & made of rubber material, first of all peel off the stencil from its packing carefully and then paste it on the surface where you want to make the chevron design. Nicely adjust the stencil and more carefully remove it from your project when the mod podge or paints are dry!

I try first on a small box, because if there will be any craft fail kind of thing.. so I will be able to adjust it somewhere..haha.. well First I apply the stencil on small square box & then use some glitter glue over it. after 5 minutes when I saw the glue is dry, I peel off the stencil from box. Glitter glue was dry and looking perfect with chevron print..

There after the stencil experiment success, then I start working on the other box but here I choose a different design scheme. first I stencil the sides of the box with black chevron design, and then I use red color for the middle part.

I measure the area and then I place a card at the sides of stencil area and fill the stencil with color.

Sides design is done with black acrylic paint and then I use Red folk art acrylic paints for the middle area stenciling.

And there we go…. Its done..It was all about fixing the stencils and then peeling off carefully. I admit there was a bit of mistake kinda thing when the color was penetrating because of card surface of the box. but it was fine as it gets dry!

I use the dodge tool and make some big polka dots on the sides of the boxes! isn’t it looking fine.. I am happy at this reuse/recycle.. I hope my dear reader will also be enjoying the tutorial as well as the idea..

I will be sharing another gift box designing & a very quick idea in my next DIY post. So don’t forget to visit my next post for some more fun and ideas.

Have a great day ~


Recent Craft Fail Recent Craft Fail(12)

A crafty life is filled with some loads of FUN & excitements about making stuff.. We crafters are meeting many arty experiments everyday & we enjoy facing these! isn’t it fun to be a crafter, I enjoy while making, creating, sharing and doing experiments with so many arty things, sometimes the experiment is a hit & sometime its bad flop.. And seriously I don’t mind it ever, am not afraid of my craft fails, sometimes they come up with something interesting! yeah.. believe me.. but I am Creative(clever) enough so I hide the craft fails from my readers..haha..Excuse me friends!

Today I will be sharing one of my most recent craft fail which I like actually.. so I thought why not to share this time with my friends now..may be they learn better through my experience.. As you know I have shared some wonderful goodies by Plaid Crafts in my previous post, So I was very excited to try those supplies..

Mod Melts are very popular these days on blog-land in crafts and things.. I know many blogger besties who are making stuff with these and the result is always great.. So when I got my Mod Melts package, I thought to try this first of all as I have already seen the making on blogs in past.. So I did it but in a dump way..wanna know below!

I fill the molds (which are for mod melts) with collage clay & were waiting to see these dry in 10 minutes but these were not going to dry in minutes…. and wanna see the result..? there we go……

This was the result of my fun Craft fail…..

It was 50% dry and half wet when I try to mold it can see shapes but the middle of the design is missing..aww..I am really weird with crafts sometimes! hehe

This is how I were working! just filled the mold with collage clay of pink..

Make the back side plain with the applicator.. But who knows the was a craft fail but dont think I throw these, I paint these and the were not looking bad. these collage clay molded shapes were very lighter in weight and can be perfect in any scrapbook project..I missed those somewhere before taking a pic.. otherwise it was not a FAILURE.. believe me..

Well we human learn by mistake..? Right.. so I give it another try! but this time with a right way, with mod melts now!

As I told you in my previous post that I were not having the small size glue gun here, so I try with the flame lighter and made these! fill the molds with colorful silicon melts and wait for 10 minutes, and it will be dry and hard. simply eject it out and feel good at your Make.. oh yeah you can crop the extra sides of your design with scissors..

I was happy to see these cuties in my lovely! I add some glitter puff over the green melts..seems OK!

Now the Special Note..

Keep experimenting and keep creating.. dont stop if you fail.. these failures are teaching us the real lesson which nobody else can teach us perfectly! So dear girls be smart.. be cool & be creative! keep creating awesome stuff..keep doing great in the crafty life as well as the real life..

I hope you will not MIND my craft fails..let me know if you wanna see some more in future too..haha


Khadija Kiran ~

Mod Podge Gifts From USA Mod Podge Gifts From USA(8)

Hello Everyone! Holy month of Ramadan is going great here Alhamdulillah, although weather is going hot day by day! but having many blessings too with loads of happiness & goodness Ma’shaAllah. I hope my Muslim readers all over the world are also having a blessed and happy month of holy Ramadan!

My today’s post is filled with some really interesting goodies which I received from one of my bestie Amy Anderson.. is there anyone who is not familiar with her Mod Podg-ED Website which is rocking from years..Yeah Amy of Mod Podge Rocks. She is the one who is giving me Mod-Podge Dose from years..I still remember the very first starter kit along with the shirt ..( so what if that was bigger in size..!)

So here today I am going to show you about what I recently recieved from USA.  Have a look at the Review..

So many goodies in one crafty box! Yay!! the packing of products was so neat and the products are also pretty fine!

I bet you are reading about Mod podge collage clay on blogs these days, I were also checking & curious to know more about it.. so here it is.. I can’t wait to try something with these. there are different nozzles of different designs..Fun!

Clay is in different colors too..very smooth and fine!

Here is a fun task to do.. Fill in the Blanks.. yeah! these metal blanks are waiting for me to fill these! can’t wait to try something fun with these too..

Here it is the pretty pouch filled with some basic goodies which are necessary for a mod podger or any crafter, Scissors, applicators, Brushes & scale/sand paper stick..and the pretty pink silk pouch bag!

And here it is my most favorite stuff, Mod Melts.. way to create something cool! easy, quick and ready! The user kit is also helping, in this kit you can see a placing rubber material mat and accessories.. everything is helping while working with glue gun! no more finger burns or the other mess with glue strings.. yahoo..

one thing more, These mod melts tubes are thinner as compared to regular glue gun silicon tubes ( available in Pakistan) So when I got these and notice that they will not be working with my regular glue gun which is wider than this one size.. So here I use my Creative Mind & take help with a flame lighter.. and yeah I have done it.. it was working fine! no pain.. no gain.. right? well I will show you my first try/experiment with mod melts but later.. that was really cool..

Here are some pretty templates of some shapes and alphabets too, these cards templates will be really helping in different kind of crafts..they will be helping me a lot in my crafting and as my sister-in law is interested in sewing,(she is having a little baby girl) so I bet she will be enjoying these in her sewing experiments too.. sharing is caring! isn’t it..?

Here are some beautiful stencils & stickers.. OMG how cool..

Different types and shapes of paint brushes are always fascinating me more, and here are the cute brushes from Plaid crafts..for decoupage and for dodge..the foamic brushes are so fine! would love to work with these..

Decoupaging in vintage style is interesting and here I have got these books filled with many sheets and designs for decoupage.. I like the different landmarks and buildings images.. the podgeable papers are cute.

So here is a sneak peek of what I have in my mind about using these two things, podgeble papers with transparent Shapes.. charms.

These podgeable shapes can be used for accessory making as well as random crafting, so many ideas and pretty shapes! waoo

Mod Podge is an all time favorite craft glue, transparent and smooth.. I have got some in big bottles this time..along with some Dimensional Magic and some glitter.. and seriously I have a LOVE STORY with glitter.. shhh.. don’t tell anyone..haha.. I will be disclosing it by myself.. yeah.. I love my hands even more when they are messy with glitter & sparkle while crafting! its in my nature I guess.. as the meaning of my name ( KIRAN ) is Shimmer/Sparkle & rays of hope/shine.. So I bet I am hopeful/shiny & sparkly  just because of this reason! hahaha.. ok..okk.. so much rambling now!

A very BIG Thank you to my dear friend Amy who sent me these gifts from USA, I know its not easy to ship these many things with weight and pricey items.. but She is really sweet and helping in sharing these fine formulas of Mod podge and Plaid crafts with me. Lucky me to get these awesomeness in hand as a gift, so many of my readers are always asking me about the availability of mod podge glues and crafts in Pakistan but sorry girls, Mod podge is not yet available here in Pakistan.. I have talk to Amy/Plaid about it & I hope they will be spreading it here in Pakistan for my Pakistani crafters..

These craft supplies are so fun! I would like to create with these on & off & would love to share my reviews! I hope you will be enjoying my up coming crafts with mod podge.

You can see all of my previous Mod Podge Creations & Tutorials HERE

Have a great day Friends..


GlassPaint Jar Vase/Organizer Tutorial GlassPaint Jar Vase/Organizer Tutorial(11)

I enjoy recycling & reusing stuff more than creating something with any new material, Reusing & restyling oldie things are just fun! And the interesting thing about it, you don’t need to worry if the result is not so perfect.. as its recycling! So I always recommend to reuse, recycle & restyle small old thingies, which you usually throw away!

My today’s sharing is also a recycle and reuse idea but in a beautiful way! as its summers going on, everyone is using different juices & drinks, here at home Tang orange flavor is mostly favorite of all. One day I saw an empty glass jar of Tang in our kitchen cabinets, So I thought why not to decorate it with some glass paints, as I have some glass paints in my crafty drawers which can may be dry soon.. So its better to use them..

So here it is what I have done! have a look..

I design this plain transparent glass jar with glass paints of blue & green & then used led of gold color. I just done it freehand & now its fine! And its not bad as a flower vase or any organizer too..

Well matter here with me is a bit different, my mother think I am saving junk & trash, So I can only place these thingies at home corners at my own risk.. haha.. she dont dislike these, but she just think its not good to see these everywhere at home! haha. well if your mom don’t allow you to place this jar as a flower vase at shelf, then you can happily place it in your crafty area as an organizer for paint brushes or any makeup brushes or may be for the other organizer for little crafty things..

For designing a transparent jar with glass paints, you will need to have a few things only, A jar, Glass Paint (any color of your choice) paint brush & a led tube with tip.

First I wash the jar & dry it totally! then I coat the green color first, which was too light shade, so I apply blue over it & then it was OK.. then Wait for an hour until it gets dry! then I took the golden led outliner & started designing on it freehand.


Be careful while applying the base color, I notice the surface was having tiny dots of it & they usually dont disappear after washing, so be sure to work carefully!

And the design is done! I put some circles, dots & lines & made it quickly with some fun! isn’t it looking good now?

I also thought to put a candle inside it, the thing in my mind was the Moroccan lanterns once I saw somewhere, they look so fun & beautiful.. so may be I will transform this organizer as a lantern someday! haha..

Well right now this jar is my new paint brushes organizer, so cute & shiny! And for all these paint brushes you can see in this jar, I am thankful to Plaid-USA who sent these my way & I am enjoying the brushes every time!

Here it is the sneak peek of what I share on my instagram gallery & my followers were curious to know what I have done!! haha

I hope you liked my today’s post & if you are going to try this, be sure to send me your version for a chance to get featured at Creative Khadija.

You can see my other Glass Painting ideas & tutorials HERE & I hope you will like it too.

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

Pakistani Footballs in FIFA Worldcup 2014 Pakistani Footballs in FIFA Worldcup 2014(0)

World is having a fun fever of Football World cup these days..Are you also among those who are suffering?? hehe..But do you know from where the FOOTBALLS coming ?? who manufacture these beautiful & perfect footballs for the world? Answer is not something difficult.. it’s my country PAKISTAN who manufacture these footballs for the world-cup from many years.. This year “The Brazuka” is also made by very talented & skilled makers from the city of Sialkot, Pakistan. YAYY!!

Sialkot is a small city in eastern Pakistan, was once the unassailable soccer ball production capital of the world — but now world can see they are exporting about 30 million balls a year, an estimated 40 percent of global production, even our neighbors like China & India are still unable to catch up..

Football is not yet a super popular game in Pakistan, we people are badly in love with our Cricket game..we have been world champions of cricket. so the football is not yet getting the fame here! Pakistan’s football team rank is 159th because of this. here few youngsters enjoys watching the football match on TV only.. that’s it..

This is known that when World Cup’s Chinese supplier Adidas failed to keep up with the demand of soccer balls in Rio de Janeiro, ‘Express Tribune’ said that a Sialkot ball manufacturing company then stepped in and got the contract.” How awesome is this!

Factory owner Khwaja Akhtar is a world known, He has made balls for the German Bundesliga, French league and the Champions League, He is now very excited with the challenge of being a part of World Cup soccer history. He said “The people were chanting all around me. I just thought, this is the real thing. I was part of the crowd. I never had that kind of feeling before”

The Brazuca features a striking new design and new panel system. Six identical interlocking panels make up the ball’s synthetic surface, thermally bonded to keep out moisture.

Among the hundred thousands wonderful things about my awesome country, this one is popular & appreciated by the world these days! And it always makes me proud of my wonderful country! According to the international print & social media stuff, Pakistan is usually known as not a progressive or peaceful land, which is totally condemnable thing, Pakistan is all about Talent & Struggle.

We have talented people in every field of life, They make us proud everyday at worldwide forums. Here students are breaking world records in O-Levels, A-levels & at so many others platforms. we are working hard for changing the stereotype mindset of some people in this world who think we are Average.. NO.. We are NOT! we are doing our best to survive peacefully & successfully in this world.. As we are a part of this World Nation!

So I will request the World to see the brighter side of the picture instead of the dark. I am a proud Pakistani & I am happy to be here..! I am very successful & have enjoyed a lot being here, I have got popularity just because I am from an Asian country..from a small country Pakistan..if I will be in any big country, may be I will not be having this much successful/popular.. who knows..? but see today if I am something Alhamdulillah.. just because of my country. Be Patriot.. Be Proud.. Be successful being Pakistani..

I hope you will be enjoying this random (for you may be..) but very special (for Me) post of today!

Have a wonderful Day!

Khadija ~

p.s images courtesy BBC & wikipedia

Creative Khadija Round Up Creative Khadija Round Up(7)

2014 is going fast, oh really half of the year has gone as its the end of June now! well, Luckily.. it’s wonderful year so far..during these 6 months of June, I create loads of arty crafty thingies & some more loads I have sold out Alhamdulillah..( this is what forcing me for starting a proper brand/ business!!) well today’s post is just a reminder kind of post in which I will be sharing with you just  roundup of these past 6 months creativity & randomness. I hope you friends will not mind having a look at these again! And if you have missed any post, you will may be enjoying some more!

Lets see Creativity from January 2014

Month of January was a bit busy, I were having some work orders along with some random daily home stuff..See what I made even there was buy schedule..

Keychain/Pendant Tutorial

Anthro Inspred Cuff

Craft Planner/Diary Design

When I want to post something but nothing saved in drafts, So I made a quick post with my drawing-designs-doodles etc.. isn’t it easy?

DIY Glitter Hearts Balloon

Oh yeah in January, there was my Birthday too..but I am still not thinking about growing up.nah..never… haha..I enjoy the way I am & I am very happy to have such amazing people in my life who are happily accepting me as the way I why I should be trapped by this growing up kind of things? haha..

DIY Heartistic Shirt

February 2014

During the February month, I work less on blog, as I were having some issues with my wifi network.. how bad it seems when you want to work and the wifi signals show you their tongue..eeekkkk.well here it is what I have done!..

3D Card making Ideas

iPhone KeyRing Making

Spring in Pakistan

At the end of February, weather was getting warm, & there I saw some buds of plants which is known as a symbol of Spring! so here it is some fresh & springy clicks which I have shared!

March 2014

Here are some creations from the months of March..I made some fun thingies during this month, pretty busy & productive indeed..

DIY Anthro Inspired Bracelet

Shells from the beach of Cadiz, Spain.

This gift is just awesome, it will always remind me of my friend Maria from Spain.

DIY Spring Nest With Bird & Clay Eggs

DIY Jute Nest Making

How To Make Dough Rose Flower

Rainy Day Clicks 

Dough Flowers basket Making

April 2014

April Month was a bit more busy, more tired, happy and at the end it was something hectic too..ok let me explain how! I drafted some posts as I were already familiar with this month’s busy schedule.. So.. at start I were tired of drafting so many posts & creating/editing so many things! and then our family was very to have a new addition of a baby girl, my elder brother’s first baby born, I were so happy to have a new addition. So I were busy to. Another happiness was my 4th blogversary too.. but I feel hectic when I get to know about my website page rank down! So I didn’t celebrate it as happily as every year I did..

Well let’s have a look at the productive April month..

Card Making & Paper Flower

Freshness Around Me

Mehndi designs, Henna designs

Washi Tape from Singapore

I got some more gifts from Singapore & Greece too.. simply pretty stuff.

Washi Tape Quick Craft Ideas

Creative Khadija 4th Blogversary/

4 Years were great, but at this blogversary I were getting down at page rank issue but my wonderful blogger friends don’t allow me to do so until they are with me! So many super bloggers are among my very dear friends from years, they help me in boosting up my stamina for blogging.. Super nice feeling to have them all..I am not going to give up..haha

DIY Ceramic Beads Bracelet/

DIY Mirror Decoration With Shells & pearls

May 2014

And the May is here..I were doing loads of fun this month too.. so here are the crafty side glimpses!

Plannr Design with Washi Tape

Smartphone Photography Clicks

I LOVE taking Photographs of such random things.. specially these days! when inside me, my heart is filled with happiness & outside me there are loads of blessings! so why not to capture some of these..I am enjoying  taking pics everyday for improving my photography skills..!

DIY Glitter Phone Cover

Islamic Calli8graphy GlassPaint tutorial

June 2014

June is meeting me hard.. its summer going on at its peek..So I am usually lazy.. but it doesn’t matter when we have a passionate heart & a good manager mind..I manage my time so very very well..and everything is just cool although its hot outside.. haha, who cares?

Handmade Earrings

Weight Loss Tips & Rambling/

SITS Girls Instagram Photo Challenge

DIY Monogram WallArt

 Here is the recap of my previous 6 months.. OMG I just saw the word count of this post while typing which is about to cross 1100 words.. You can see how talkative I am..haha( but not all the time .. seriously!)

You can have a look at my previous years recaps & reviews HERE 2011, 2012, 2013. so have a look and enjoy my journey!

Have a great day friends!

Khadija ~

Welcome Ramadan Kareem 2014 Welcome Ramadan Kareem 2014(8)

Holy month of Ramadan is here again this year. AlhamduLillah. Lucky me to got this blessing as every year..We Muslims are happily ready for this holy month of  fasting. Although weather is warm & hot with humidity & it will be a bit hard, but this is exactly what we have to learn through fasting! This month teaches us how to control yourself from evil & bad things & learn how to be more patient in even hard situations. Another purpose behind this fasting month is to know about the feelings of the people who are facing hunger because of poverty during the whole year & handling it with patience!

I hope my Muslims blogger friends from all over the world will be having a blessed month of Ramadan!

Read more about Islam,

recite more AL-Quran


Pray to Allah Almighty much & more.

HE is the ONE who is Always here to forgive us & Always ready to  shower us with HIS endless blessings..Keep me remember in your prayers & I hope you will be having a great Holy fasting month of Ramadan Kareem. Stay healthy & strong & fight the evil of your inner self..Stay positive & optimist. It will be helping you in getting a wonderful life.. In-Sha’Allah.

Although this month is super busy for me as some work orders are also on my craft table but I am an active person as well as blogger.. haha.. last month I have made a few crafty thingies & drafted those for this busy month.. So it will not be a hard schedule..Well.. let’s see..

Thank you!

Khadija ~

Monogram Wall Art Tutorial Monogram Wall Art Tutorial(20)

Today I will be sharing the making of my name KK monogram wall art, You may have guess who is KK..? Yep its the same girl who is typing this blog post super quickly right now.. haha.. I am REALLY late in posting this art as I have made it couple months back. Well today finally its here..

I wish everyone have a monogram wall art in their rooms, & specially crafters should be having something like this in their craft studio walls..or in a craft room, I don’t know why I like monogram letter a lot..the different types & fonts of monogram letter are always interesting! so I thought why not to try one.. or to have one? Have a look now!

ME…Khadija Kiran is mostly known as KK in her friends you know? well, when I thought to create a monogram wall art, I plan to do it with KK.. not just with a single K.. So this is what I have done!

Now see the simple way how I made it..

You will need to have a wooden sheet, Paper sheets of different designs, Mod Podge sealer, washi tape, knife, cutter & scissors & double tape too.Its a wooden piece of art but designed with Decoupage & washi tape, Now see the complete tutorial..

At first I take a wooden sheet & made a pattern of K over it, then I gave it to carpenter for cutting the wood neatly..

This is how I got two KK.. the one is kinda base & other is fixable piece. I can fix these again too..

It was hard to decide about color selection, there was a base from which I got the K cut out, and the other K was a separate alphabet.

I cut some red paper pieces & then did some decoupage on the separate latter. and the favorite part in decoupaging paper crafts is always Mod Podge.. which really Rocks.. Let it dry & you can paint some more coats for the perfect shine!

Now work on the base sheet from where K cut out is done, Paste the sheet over it & when it will be dry then carefully cut it & fold the edges with glue nicely!

I were thinking about the color which will be showing from the other side, I like green but as the base color was already having green flowers, so I skip it..lets see for any other color..

Yeah Yellow! a bit different & something bright.. yellow color is not much used in my crafts.. you may notice but really, its not something cute in arts & crafts.. so I don’t know why I don’t appreciate it in crafts mostly..

I paste the yellow foamic sheet at the back side of the base sheet. and then fixed the red decoupaged K piece over it with double tape..

Well now there was a question on how to arrange it..? where to fix it on the base..? So I ask my followers at Instagram & they super sweet people were giving me some suggestions Here

Well finally with the suggestion of my readers at social networks, I arrange it..and here it is..

Isn’t it looking fine? Well I am happy with the end result ..

I hope you liked it too.. let me know how is it looking?

Its making was not so difficult, I use washi tape border at the sides too.. you can try with different ideas of your own if you dont style it with paper decoupage!

And if you want to buy this kind of wall art with your Name or just a letter of your name, drop me an email for the further details here at kkcreativemind (at)  hotmail (dot) com

If you want to see my all other wall hangings & wall arts you can check my archives WallArts HERE.

Keep creating & happy crafting friends..Have a good day!

Khadija ~

SITS Girls Instagram Photo Challenge SITS Girls Instagram Photo Challenge(9)

Hello friends..I am back.. Well it was a busy week for me & I were away from blogland..but I were missing you all..So as I get the chance, I just return with a random post with some of my photography clicks of a photo challenge..I hope you will enjoy having a look..

In the start of June month, I were playing along a photo challenge at instagram which was hosted by the very popular & amazing SITS Girls. I have got this photo challenge opportunity several times at instagram but sharing the relevant photo everyday is not an easy job when you have so much to do else instagramming,  I accept this challenge happily because it was just a week challenge.. So how I can skip it?

Let’s see how I were sharing stuff & what I have been up to that past week at intagram..

Here it is the theme for the whole week..  7 days & 7 themes..

Day-1 ; Something sweet..!!hmm.. these jellies were really sweet! you may remember my previous post in which I were talking about the dieting/avoiding & see here I am with these sweet jellies.. haha. good avoiding..

Actually I were searching the alphabet -K- among these..but there were almost every alphabet else -K- Not fair!

Day 2  ; Happiness is.. when my 10 months old niece is sleeping in my lap.. she rarely sleep in my hands.. so whenever she did, I enjoy!

Day 3; Flower..I pluck this flower from our home garden & it was so pretty & velvet-ish look.. simply beautiful & I love it..So why not to share!

Day 4; Sun. I clicked  this pic of shiny sun in the noon, it was a warm sunny day.. I realize after taking a couple pics of it.. haha..

Day 5; Favorite color.. As an artist & a colorful person, I Simply love each and every color, I like playing with color contrasts & stuff like this.. so these are my favorite colors..

Day-6 ; Morning.. Yes I am a morning person mostly but sometimes I enjoy taking other naps too.. sometimes in noon & sometimes in the evening too.. .. well this is the image from my window in the early morning while it was raining too..

Day-7 ; A taste of Summer.. if you will remember my one of archive post in which I were sharing some random clicks of my smartphone photography, so you may notice some grapes wine there.. these days the grapes are almost ready.. and for me it is the real taste of summer.. because its home grown..yummy..sweet & fresh!!

I will try to post more often, I like when you dear ones enjoy reading my random posts more. so why not to post more about ME stuff.. haha…although life is getting busy day by day but I am even more loving each & every day of my life,, Alhamdulillah at every moment.. I am blessed with uncountable happiness & success everyday.. !! it truly feels amazing & makes me more close to my Almighty God.. Thanks for everything dear Allah..

Have a wonderful day my friends..

Khadija ~

Dieting…?Nope..Avoiding :) Dieting…?Nope..Avoiding :)(14)

It’s been long, I have stopped writing about myself & random stuff on my blog, I know many people who blog everyday & everything about their random daily life, & reading their posts is also fun! I was also writing my stuff on blog in the past but now as I am having a super busy life these days, So I skip writing articles of that kind.. Although I missed writing those kind of posts.. Now my blog is all about my Crafty Ideas & That’s it..

Today I thought to write a post about something fun! Yep its really fun when you get to know something interesting about yourself from others..So I enjoyed..

My best friend was in Lahore for a month or so..when she came back here & we met a couple weeks back, She & Her sisters just surprised me by Telling that I started loosing my weight finally, (we were meeting after a couple months) it means MISSION SUCCESSFUL.. YAYYYYY..!!

Well They MADE my day.. haha.. Really! I were waiting for these words, as I were more careful about my diet these days..Yes I loose some weight & now I think its the perfect weight I should have!! I were not over-weighted already, but I always wish for a more smart body! So wishes are now starting getting true.. haha

So First I feel Great & super dooper HAPPY at this achievement! Then I tell my friend’s sister about my diet control etc.. She is  not loosing weight although She tried a lot. Well now I want to share my random rambling with you!

I Loose the weight with a tiny bit of effort & believe me it was not something difficult to try!

Here Are some useful tips by ME on how I reduce some weight…

1- I drink lots of water

2- I take green tea twice a day

3- I take salads with no salting

4- I eat vegetables more than meat/beef.

5- I take Fruits/fresh juices & skipped tea (I am not a tea lover already)

6- I do walk for about 20 minutes a day( But lazy me.. I did this after a couple days.. not daily..haha)


1- Soft drinks.

2- Fast foods .

3- Sugar & Sweets thingies.

4- Spicy & junk food in packing with preservatives.

5- Fried/oily food,…

The basic thing for working on all of these tips is your WILL POWER.. And I think I am very good about it..


I just avoid little things which can increase the weight if we will take these continuously!  So just Avoid,, Don’t Diet.. with a little effort you will be able to control your mind & then weight definitely..I never skip any meal..everything was as before but in limits & control.. (ahaaan.. I write a rhyme.. isn’t it.. haha)

I loose weight & I am happy being more smart now.. who dont want getting more smart? I know everyone love getting admiration by others according to this.. so its Fun! I hope the tips which are useful for me, can also be working well for you!

But the other thing in my mind now! as the Holy month of Ramadan is coming by next month, So WHO WILL BE AVOIDING EASILY?..?? haha.. (for those who dont know about the month of Ramadan, its the Holy month in which we Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset) Let’s see if I will be able to maintain this Avoiding routine.. I am NOT sure by the way! haha

Have a wonderful Day friends..

Handmade Earrings With Outfit Handmade Earrings With Outfit(10)

Once I got a heap of silver earrings hooks, my readers may remember when I were making so many earrings & selling too.. it was really fun to work with beads & cords for making a pair of earrings, and its not a difficult job for trying simple earrings, just join some jump rings together with beads for making pretty earrings! Its not a lengthy or tough work as well.

My today’s post is kind of a sudden post with less pics & NO step by step tutorial. Today I will be sharing one of my handmade earring with the dress I were wearing, I get to know about this suddenly when I were wearing this outfit & while searching something else in my side drawer, I saw this pair of earrings there & it was matching with my dress perfectly! like its made specially with this dress. So I thought why not to share this with my readers.

Have a look at the little pearls & butterfly earrings, I made this pair of earring a couple years back!

You can see All of my Handmade Earrings HERE

You can see this earrings in my archives post too, check HERE

I take these pics with my phone & nobody was free around to take my outfit pics.. As it was a sudden post, so I share this as-it-is..I hope you don’t mind.. haha..

Keep creating for yourself & others.. and its really unique & enjoyable when you wear your handmade stuff.. even its more fun to see others wearing your handmade.. isn’t it..? I hope you will agree! Don’t forget Creating & Enjoying your handmade Happily..

Have a wonderful day Friends..
Khadija ~

Islamic Calligraphy GlassPaint Wall art Islamic Calligraphy GlassPaint Wall art(13)

I am excited about sharing my today’s post,  I just finished working on this beautiful wall art of this GlassPaint with Islamic calligraphy design! I simply love doing this every time, as I also have made so many of these wall arts for selling & gifting to my family & friends. Glass paint is more interesting at any mirror because of its reflection thing, and when the mirror is hanging as a wall art, you can imagine how good looking it seems!!

So here it is my latest glass paint wall hanging! I design a big 18″/22″ mirror wall art. I enjoy designing this, I hope you will also like to see. Here it is..

I ordered for a mirror frame of 18″/22″ with antique (chocolate plus gold) color frame. it was looking well even without any designing or glass paint over it. So later I design it.

Here are the steps on how I did this glass paint step by step Tutorial..

For this glass paint, you will need to have gold colored led & glass paints, (I use Crystal line) Tracing sheet & the pattern. That’s it..

First I fix the calligraphy pattern with tracing sheet in the middle of mirror. And trace it well..If you can write free hand that would be amazing! but I trace it.. admitting..!!

Then use the led out liner & follow the lines & write the calligraphy part totally! & let it dry..

Now select the colors which you want to use, I am using red, green & a blue shade. I use these slim tip paint brushes for filling the led outline area with glass paints! And I fill the Bismillah calligraphy image outline with red glass paint.

For the bottom & top area, I design it without tracing, I simply design some mosaic shapes & then color it with all three colors, just to have a look of mosaic pieces..

Before adding the colors, the mirror was looking like this.. So dry the led totally & then start adding glass paint in it..

Here it is the zoom image of the final look.. I just love the colors.. so vibrant! isn’t it?

And here it is an important thing to do..SIGNATURE your art work, my brother suggest me to do it at the mirror, I said may be the glass paint look will not be looking so perfect after having the signature at front side, but He said, NO Way.. when YOU are the artist behind this creativity, so WHY NOT to sign it at front..?? its your right to sign anywhere you want! So I got his point & sign it at front..

Before I have made & sold many glass paintings & I only sign this one at front side of the art piece.. otherwise I always sign at the back side of the product, but now I am growing & learning more with the help of my family & friends.. I love the wonderful people around me.. they all are super supportive & always caring.. LUCKY ME to be blessed with some amazing people around.. Alhamdulillah..

Here it is the final look.. Believe me it was not an easy job to take a fine pic of any mirror thing! in every pic, there was ME or my Camera or the opposite wall/globe/interior thing etc.. I face some problems doing this but here it is the image!

You can see the detailed tutorial of the similar glass paint & mosaic HERE

In these glass paints, I use glass pieces mosaic technique by pasting cracked glass its a bit different.

see the TUTORIAL of above glass paintings HERE

If anyone want to buy my glass paintings, feel free to contact me via my E-mail.

I hope you will be having a wonderful day & the weekend ahead!!

Thank You!

Khadija ~

Glitter Phone Cover DIY Glitter Phone Cover DIY(10)

Its always fun to reuse the older stuff just to make it beautiful again, I enjoy doing Refashion & Restyle things just to make them pretty & different, even when I look into my crafty stash & there are things which are not too much in use, I started doing experiments with them! my today’s post is also among one of those experiments which I did recently!

I paint this leather pouch with glitter acrylic paints, before I stitch this cover but it was plain, so I put some foamic sticker on this black leather cover. but with time, the stickers were going to fall off.. So one day I peel off all the stickers.. and try this glitter experiment with it..

Here it is.. super easy & simple how-to. All you need to do is just apply the glitter & wait until it gets dry.. thats it..

I use Plaid Extreme Glitter, Red & Gold. I receive some plaid goodies as gift once, so trying these on & off in my crafts.

Apply it with foamic brush applicator. The little heart shapes you are looking at the cover is the stamp impressions which I use first but they were not going good/neat. so I skip that & fill the surface with glitter glue paint..

The first coat was golden, and it was not totally dry when I apply the red glitter & merge a little.. If you feel its going sticky, use zero sand paper & apply & if you want some more glitter, apply another coat of the glitter glue..

Here it is the Before image! simple..! so I make it more colorful & fine!

And this is what I have done in past, I make it a pencil pouch before but later I use this pouch as my phone cover pouch! it is the perfect fit for my phone that’s why I thought to redesign & make it for my phone..

I am using this cover with my phone from a few weeks but the glitter is not felling off, everything is well, glitter is perfect at leather! So you can try it..!

Keep experimenting & enjoy doing easy/quick ideas.

Thank you!

Khadija ~


SmartPhone Photography-1 SmartPhone Photography-1(13)

These days our smart phones are having much importance in our every day’s life.. We can easily get connected with the world as well as capture the pictures of every fun thing around us with a good quality camera..I dont like using cell phones too much.. or you can say I am not so social with cellular.. when my brother gifted me an iPhone years back, I were not so comfortable with it at start but later when I started using it.. it was kind of addiction..haha..but now the situation is different, my smart gadgets are really helping me a lot in my blogging  journey! And now most of my blogging & socializing stuff is getting done with the help of my iPhone & iPad..its a proper way to get notified easily from all of your favorites forums & networks.

Well its been long I have drafted this post in my post drafts but wasn’t done with it.. today when I were not having something to post about, so I thought why not to share these random clicks from my phone camera with all of my readers.. I hope these will not be boring for you.. although so random but they are depicting a tiny bit of my every day’s stuff & life..

Lets have a look ay some of my phone camera clicks, a few pics are from my back yard, a few are from my craft room & some are captured during the travel.. so have a look..

Happy Summers!

Tiny buds of green plants.

This above image is from my autumn photographs folder.. so good.. in my backyard!

No editing & no filters..

A branch full of green lemons.. so fruitful.. isn’t it?

And some random clicks of my accessory!

Pearls but with an effect of insta filters..

And once when  my metal hair catcher broke by chance.. it was cute.. but..

And these lovelies from my back yard.. sleeping so calm & relaxing!

Ducks in the pond.. I dont know why I always feel ducks are funny..? does anyone else think this way? haha.. (weird me..)

and a very fresh leav on a dry branch, it captured my attention suddenly! isn’t it cute..

While traveling from Lahore to Islamabad with my brother.. I capture this pic with my bro’s smartphone, mine was in handbag & the rocks were looking so beautiful & I don’t wanna miss capturing it.. so captured hurriedly from a running car.. haha

While working on crafts, this jute have been used in my two projects, Twine Mirror & Spring Nest Hanger

Another click while traveling with family..

Some clicks from the small home garden.. the above is bitter gourd plant vegetable flower

This pink flower is a symptom of upcoming spring… I captured so many!

And who don’t love Roses.. Red Roses are Love.. simply awesome!


And once it was a rainy day when I capture this palm plant leaves!


some jasmine flower buds.. refreshing!

Rose.. simply fresh and beautiful..

I Hope you will be having a lovely day.. and these random clicks will not be boring you!

P.S. Most of the above pics are mine & have been shared on my social networks & these are not most recent.. follow me on Instagram if you want to see some more about my random photography clicks..


Khadija ~

How To Design Planner Cover How To Design Planner Cover(16)

Working with Paper crafts is always interesting! After trying creating some fun & quick crafty stuff with washi tape, Now I have tried some more fun now, I just decorated a plain diary/planner with some washi tape. A plain look seems dull & boring, which I don’t like really!! so I decorate it with some colors & shine! yeah !!

Washi Tape Crafts are my new addiction these days, I just enjoy trying random fun ideas with these pretty tapes gifted by my friend from Singapore.

Let’s see what I have done & the how-to..

Designing this planner cover was not something difficult to try, it will take hardly 10 minutes & you are done.. A quick idea for redesigning a plain cover/planner with some colorful touch.

It was a plain white diary, So I started working on..First I design the sides & then did some doodle & freehand design with a black pointer pen. I draw here too..

Step by step I apply these paper tapes & complete the designing. and when its done, use mod podge gloss for sealing the surface, (I thought to use mod podge sparkle but finally i decided to use gloss.. If you feel its getting sticky with any paper or thing, you can use zero sand paper between the glue coats.. be sure to use sand paper when the glue is totally dry, otherwise it can disturb the design.. so be careful..

Some freehand fun & design! with colorful tapes design, these doodles are looking better with the colorful tapes now!

Here are the many tape rolls I am having, I can’t stop crafting on & on with these. Let’s see when they will get finished & I will be stopping creating with these .. haha

Here is a Before & After look.. let’s see..

Doesn’t it seems well now? I am happy with the end result..seems cute really! I apply a paper doll popup sticker too..

This above my very first experience with washi tape, I design some washi tape  quick crafts with these when I got the tapes. see some archives & enjoy!

You can try these crafts with kids as they like working with easy & colorful things, while teaching them about colors, you can teach through these colorful activities.. And i bet they will be learning much better & quick..

I hope you are having a wonderful day! Have a blessed Friday my friends..

Mirror Decoration with Shells, pearls & Stones Mirror Decoration with Shells, pearls & Stones(15)

Shell crafts are always beautiful & unique. Once in my childhood I saw some home decore items made with shells & I wonder from where I can get these raw/natural shells, as I am living far away from any beach area, my location is near hills & beach is on the other side of our country. Well see what I have finally got..I receive some beautiful fresh water shells from the beach of Cadiz, Spain from my blogger friend Maria, she lives in a beach area. I were excited to try something fun with these pretty shells. So Here today I have done something !!

I design a Mirror border with some stones, shells & pearl beads.. a Vintage style mirror..

For the making of this mirror, you will need to have..

Transparent Frame Base, Mirror, Stones, Shells, Pearl beadss, Hot glue, Transparent glue( mod podge/ movileth german glue)

First of all I paste the mirror with the transparent base, at first I was trying to fix it straight but it was looking well this way!

Then I paste a thick layer of transparent glue at the sides of mirror. Then fix little stones over it. and fill the other space totally!

When the glue will get dry, then you will need to fix shells over the mirror sides, fixing shells there  is not an easy thing, because of their shape, as they were empty from the back side so I use hot glue for pasting these well. So be patient & careful while doing this.

Then I fix some pearl beads of off white color with every shell, You can remove the hot glue spots from the mirror easily with the help of any knife/paper cutter tip..

And its Done..I am happy with the end result, as everyone at home was admiring my effort a lot.. So I can say I made something really good..haha,, there is always a quick feedback system by my family! how fun!

well I haven’t yet decided where to hang it or place it now! my room is already having a big mirror, and there are many wall arts already, so a new wall art will be looking messy here! As it is having some heavy weight so I think it would be better as a shelf piece..but not bad as a wall hanging. let’s see..

I hope you liked my today’s creativity & tutorial, I bet if you will be trying this, you will like it. So if you are going to try any of my crafts, don’t forget showing your effort to me.. I would love to see as well as featuring your inspiration at my website. so let me know..

have a wonderful day!..Happy crafting..

Khadija ~

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