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Washi Tape Quick Crafts Washi Tape Quick Crafts(0)

As I get washi tape rolls in the package, I were excited to try these somewhere, anything easy, quick & fun! so at the moment there was my drawer next to me & in my drawer I found these two things which can be crafted with washi tape quickly.. yeah,, its my Hair catcher & the little Planner diary..two things which I mostly have around me. both are mostly in my use & now they need a refashion I guess!! so here today I am going to show you what I have done with these two little thingies in a super easy & quick way!

Washi tape can look more nice with mod podge’s shine, so after sealing your washi tape project, I will suggest you to use mod podge, & if its feeling sticky.. you can try zero sand paper. It will be increasing your project’s life also. Have a look what I have done..

My hair catcher is in black color with a bit of silver, the silver was getting dull because I usually have it n my wet hair so it was going dull..But now I have covered the silver area with multicolor design of washi tape triangles..

And I also seal it with mod podge gloss..and here it is the result..

If you will remember my Diary/Planner post in which I were drawing on the first page of my little diary, yep its the same tiny diary..I am covering it with washi tape, this was a planner/reminder.. but it was covered with black leather cover.. So now I was going to try something with this..

First I use the aqua Lace design & then for the finishing red chevron print was matching right with this.. isn’t it?

Here it is the other side of diary..I pick a dark color tape for this side because it was silver printed with some quote over it which I tried to hide with a dark color tape with dotted circles..

I hope you enjoyed these quick crafts, I bet everyone want to refashion their old planners & diaries but if you want a quick & easy refashion, you can try my idea..just apply tapes & then use mod podge gloss sealer or I will also recommend to apply mod podge sparkle ( glitter). Apply with foam brush & then sand paper will be helping you in keeping the stickiness away..

Have a wonderful day! happy crafting & creating..

Khadija ~

Washi Tape from Singapore Washi Tape from Singapore(4)

Blogging is a fun activity, through which we can get to know about so many awesome people all around the world. We can easily have access to some creative & artistic people easily. we can enjoy their ideas & can share ours with them too easily! Well I love reading & following blogs about creativity! how smart is this, to sit in a corner & reading about the other corner of this world, pretty awesome & interesting, well Before blogging, I were not sure that people are this much interesting worldwide.. haha.. But now I can say, people are really interesting & nice! it was my misconception that blogging world will not be appreciating any Pakistani blogger but believe me in these 4 years, I never ever got a single comment about anything rude..people are really sweet worldwide!!

Well In my today’s post I will be sharing a few crafty creations of a girl blogger along with a gift which I receive from her mother..

Maryam is my blog follower from almost an year, she tag me a couple times at her creations which she made after getting inspired by my crafts..I like her cute efforts, once a couple months back, I got a message from her Mother who told me that she is Maryam‘s mother & also a blogger, her daughter Maryam is a fan of Creative Khadija.. so good to know this..She was in Singapore those days. from where she bought these washi tape rolls for me because she knows about washi tape’s unavailability here.

I enjoy these colorful & pretty designs, I enjoy seeing washi tape crafts at different blogs, so when I got washi tape, I like these cute goodies! there is a pretty colorful heap I have got. so why not to share with you today!

This is what Maryam making after getting inspired by my Glitter Coin Bank

And the above designed combs are also inspired by my Designed Comb

I really enjoy seeing her crafty efforts, if anyone else is also trying my crafty ideas, please let me know, I would love to feature your work on my blog!

And yeah, I would like to say Thanks to TheChaiFiles  for these pretty tape rolls, I will be creating some fun crafts & I hope you people will like my upcoming crafty experiments with washi tape.

Have a Nice Day!


Henna-Mehndi Design Henna-Mehndi Design(5)

Henna/Mehndi is one of the most beautiful part of we south Asians culture & tradition. Girls are enjoying henna at different oceans & here mostly girls are really good in henna application..Its always nice to see Mehndi/Henna designs on palms, feet & arms too. I like it even more specially when someone is applying.. isn’t it nice to see others applying henna? observing how they are doing this pretty designing is really fun!

Exactly the same thing happend a few days back, when my sister-in law was applying henna on her hand & I were sitting next to her.. she is Masha’Allah too good in applying this mehndi herb. So I took some pics of her hand, she did really good job! so why not to show you all! my readers are mostly enjoying my designs, but now I bet you will be admiring my sister-in-law’s henna designs too.

She was following any pattern, but that was not the same, there is some addition here by her..

So neat.. she is doing so good!

I hope you liked the design. That’s really pretty by her..

As the winter just away now, so its the right time for the henna application.. the herb is usually known as a refreshing herb which is perfect during summer.. So enjoy!!

Have a refreshing, colorful & beautiful day!!

Khadija ~

Freshness Around Me Freshness Around Me(4)

Hi everyone!

Spring is going so good around me, its fresh & beautiful..I am enjoying as was raining a couple days back & the weather was super awesome! so I thought to take some random clicks & spread the freshness of Pakistan’s spring season with my dear readers.. so check a few of my random clicks.. hope you will find these fresh & fine!

There are many rose flowers, everyday I see loads & they are capturing my attention the most.. there is a drop of rain water on the leaf.. did you notice?

I Love Rose flowers & specially the new buds at the plant, well I don’t think there is anyone who don’t like roses.. haha..funny!

Some rain drops on the petals of the rose flower.. simply fresh!

A little bud, ready for the bloom!

Some more rose buds.. how lovely these are! can’t wait to see all these as complete fresh flowers..

well I have picked a couple flowers for my vase..

Another zoom image of the rose bud..


A Big Rose..

During the rain, these flowers were looking more neat & beautiful.

Oh yeah I were looking at these grapes also, they are also growing well in our yard, these are so tiny but look cute..isn’t it?

Let’s see when they will be ready.. how little awesomeness in a home garden! Love it..

This one is a zoom image.. but Nice!!

Grapes leaves!

I hope You enjoyed my today’s post.. I love everything beautiful & fresh.. no matter what it is.. how little or big it is..but I enjoy seeing these small beauties around me..they look fresh & cute. Life is beautiful & fresh. the time which is passing now quickly, it will never be coming again.. so enjoy it totally & happily! I hope all of my readers are having a beautiful & fresh life.. may you have a lovely life..

Khadija ~

Card Making & Paper Flower Card Making & Paper Flower(7)

Crafting with paper & glue is always interesting. So many ways to decorate with paper, specially if you like paper crafts, then its fun. Card making & embellishing is enjoyable, have you ever tried any? I enjoy creating paper crafts & specially card making, I am also selling my handmade cards.

Today I will be sharing a simple & easy card making idea, kids will definitely be enjoying because its making is super easy & fun!!

Combination of yellow & turquoise with some bling of pink..

For the making of this wish card, I cut some strips of paper with paper cutter & some designed strips of card paper with designing scissors.

First I cut the card sheet & fold it as a card, then cut its sides with designing scissors, and then for the card designing I make some loops with paper strips & transparent glue, as you can see above..

Place the loops bows over each other & it will be looking like a flower. (See HERE )Then I fixed a tiny plastic flower in the middle. I did embellishment with some drop shaped rhinestones & some card paper pieces.pretty simple & easy card making is done.

I was not sure about what design I am going to create, but when I start fixing things, they look well in this position, so I paste it finally! I make some dots of golden glitter glue at sides of the turquoise squares.. and the card is DONE!

Here it is the card I have shared previously..

I will suggest you to make wish cards for your family & friends on random festivals & parties , because whenever you will be sharing your handmade stuff with your friends they will definitely be admiring & appreciating more. we can buy some beautiful & expensive cards from market but they can never be as valuable as any handmade card. And card making can be more fun if you will be creating with kids, I remember whenever my nephew & niece is visiting us, I enjoy creating paper stuff with them.. kids crafts are fun! So let’s arrange a gathering with kids & make lots of stuff for giving each other.. believe me it would be great & you will be enjoying! My school going nephew & niece were visiting us last week & we were having fun crafting together..

Happy Creating..

Khadija ~

Dough Flowers Basket Making part-2 Dough Flowers Basket Making part-2(8)

Welcome to another colorful post at Creative Khadija..

Spring is in its full bloom these days, I am enjoying my time a lot..! During this month in every article at blog, I am discussing a lot about spring & happiness! isn’t it..!! well I am enjoying the season & seeing cute buds of plants in my home garden ..Life is so colorful & fresh Alhamdulillah.. so why not to enjoy!! I hope you are also enjoying & having good time..

Ok ok so now back to the blog post of today.. in my  previous post I were sharing the making of dough rose & flower fillers, & Today I will be showing how to arrange dough flowers in a mini basket or any pot. its pretty simple & easy!

Lets see..

You will may be familiar with the above image! as I have shared the sneak peek of this in my previous flower making article.. here today is the how-to now..

I did some collage of foil sheet on this mini basket. If you will remember, during summers I decoupage a jewelry box organizer, the foil sheet is the same & technique too, Check HERE

When the decoupage will be done/dry.. then start fixing the inside stuff. fill the basket with any paper or tissue.

then make a disc shape with dough..& fix it over the paper/tissue or anything which you have placed inside.

Now start fixing dry arrangement of flowers on the chocolate colored fresh dough. dry flowers will be fixing nicely on the soft fresh dough. Be sure to use any transparent glue for the perfect fix.

For making these petal fillers, use the same method of making petals which I shared previously. all you need to do is fix a drop shape with petal , glue it & dry. Its simple & easy!

I pack it in a transparent bag, then tie a knot with silk thread with tassel. I sprinkle some glitter over it too..So simple & fun.I pack it for gifting my sister in law(eldest bro’s wife)..when she saw this while I were creating, she likes a lot so I pack it & give it to her..I am truly blessed with a lovely family MashaAllah..

I hope you will like the post & will be trying this. isn’t it a fun gift idea for spring..?well give it a try & if there is any problem you are facing, let me know.You can also check my other dough creations Here

Have a wonderful day!

Khadija ~

Rainy Day & Thar Famine Rainy Day & Thar Famine(3)

Weather is getting pleasant day by day! as the spring is here finally, so everything is more fresh outside.. well it was raining during last couple days & sky was showering loads of freshness & it was feeling like winter is coming back! yesterday was rainy but today its a sunny day now!

Well its a random post filled with some clicks after the Rain & beauty of newly shining buds..these were filled with rain drops.. So here I am going to share something else too, lets see..

Right after the rain, when it stopped I take a few clicks of fresh leaves..

There are thrones of plant with some fresh leaves..

A Rain drop with some soft new leaves!

Grapes leaves with rain water..

The freshness of spring!

Rose plants are these days filled with loads of rose buds, I will be sharing some images of flowers in another post..

And the Sky filled with rainy clouds..

Its a good evening actually! some clouds over the dawn.. looks pretty.

Lets see if there will be more rain tomorrow BUT!

As it was an ordinary post, but I want to share something extraordinary! When there was raining whole day in my city, Islamabad. on the other side in my country there were people who were badly waiting for a few drops of rain in Thar desert. People & animals are going to die because of no rain..

Lands are dry.. waiting for rain drops..

After some rainy clicks from my camera eye, then I browse & saw this image of Thar famine victims, I don’t want to share any click like this but there were more than 300 kids died after the famine situation in Thar desert. People are surviving in worst condition because of no rain there.

Desert lady in search of water!

I just want to request you all to pray for the innocent people of Thar Dessert, They are surviving in worst condition.. Pray for heavy Rain in their area & try to help them via your donations as well.. May God shower His unlimited blessings over there & help them in living a life filled with all the blessings.. we can’t imagine living the whole day without a glass of water but see these people are also human & a part of us as a nation & an ummah.. May God help them soon..I don’t know what to write, but I should write something!!

Please Don’t waste even a drop of water, there are things we are throwing, but on the other hand people are praying for! so Be careful..

Have a Nice Day!

K ~

How To Make Dough Flowers Part-1 How To Make Dough Flowers Part-1(15)

As the spring season is coming around, everything seems more beautiful & colorful now, do you feel any presence of spring around? its finally here.. I made some dough and thought to create something colorful. First I thought to make flowers & decorate any wall hanging with dough flowers, but later I skip this idea because there are a couple more wall arts already on my craft table & I am working on. So I thought to skip wall art & create an ordinary thing with these flowers.

Making flowers with dough/clay is really a fun idea.. They look nice in small sizes as well as big. Today I will be sharing the making of these flowers, So have a look at my today’s post, see how I made this..

Let’s make a Rose Flower..a pink rose is so lovely.. pretty pink.. see below!

First you will need to have some dough, I use my handmade dough, you can get the recipe of handmade dough HERE.

I mix some colors in the creamy white dough. the colors I mixed in are fabric paints and then started working on.

Make a ball, then shape it in a drop shape, press it & a petal shape is here! then make 8 petals for one rose flower. 2 might be small & the others are in same sizes.

I make the center of flower by rolling the strip of the dough. Then glue it & started fixing these petals with the center bud. shape the petal as a rose petals. arrange well & then wait until it gets dry a little.

I made one small Rose & some petal buds, some green as leaves & the other colors too. I will be using all these as fillers for my next project.

That’s it..I made a floral basket with these dough flowers.!In my next post I will be sharing the tutorial on how to arrange a dough flower basket for gifting someone! its a small & cute gift which you can share with your friends, & as you know handmade is always Love..

You can try making so many flowers this way & then you can decorate any wall hanging, any glass organizer, even any flower pot too.. isn’t it give it a try & then show me what you create & how is it.. would love to see your creations. You can see some of my handmade dough crafts HERE

Have a wonderful day!

Khadija ~

Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge(16)

In my previous post, I was sharing Spring Nest Making with some foam bird & dough eggs, this spring inspired hanging wall art is totally handmade, I made a nest out of a jute rope & then handcrafted some little thingies for placing inside. You can learn their making in my previous post.

So today I will be sharing how to make this jute nest globe.. in comment form my readers were curious to know how to make this nest!! I don’t want to see them more curious. so today the mystery is gone!

Lets see how I made this Jute Nest Globe.

So simple but cute..isn’t it..? well For its making, you will need to have Jute Rope, Transparent Glue, water & Balloon & a PIN too..that’s it..

You will need to have half cup transparent/white glue & quarter half cup of water, mix it together & it will be in a thin form.

Roll the jute on your hand & release it from the jute big ball. Make it loose & do not roll it tight, otherwise when you will be working they will be sticking together tightly & you will may be not able to keep them separate!

First I dip the jute in the water & press the jute for rinsing water from it totally, then pour the glue mixture over it, use a bowl or plate for this. soak it for a couple minutes & then start warping the balloon with jute rope.

As the shape of balloon, I start wrapping it from top. then over the whole balloon. and when its wrapping is done, hang the balloon somewhere but be sure to place any plate or newspaper/brown paper at floor, because the glue will may be dripping constantly until it gets dry totally! so dont make the floor dirty..( otherwise you will may be seeing the angry face of your I saw.. shhhh.. dont tell anyone..haha)

I keep this inside the room, so jute takes time in getting dry totally! so it will take almost 36 hours. And when it was dry, the best part comes here!!

use the PIN now & poke the balloon.. the jute nest is ready now! wohoo

You can make anything else too.. I was thinking about making this as a globe but its rough look was better for the nest.. so I have done it..

you can also And the ball looks so cool.. First I started playing with it but later I realize that jute strands can be moved or disturbed if I will continue playing with it.. haha

Important ;

Here I am sharing some important points to remember while making this jute globe.

1- Before adding glue to your jute rope, Measure the jute by wrapping your balloon roughly & cut it then start work.

2- do not make the jute messy, otherwise it will be hard for you to keep it separate while wrapping over balloon.

3- Wrap it tightly over balloon, if it will be loose, shape can be disturbed.

4- Place any plate/newspaper on floor when you will be hanging the balloon for drying.

5- Do Not poke the balloon when jute is wet, otherwise the whole creation will be damaging!

You can see the complete making of this Spring Jute Nest. I hope you liked my post & will be giving it a try..I enjoyed its making, so hope you will too..

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

Spring Nest Making with Jute Spring Nest Making with Jute(18)

Winter season is going great Alhamdulillah, As I am a fan of winter more than the other weathers so I enjoyed it a lot..its too good, everything seems cozy & cool.. which makes me happy.. although I have been captured by cold/cough & flu several times during the season but who cares when you are in love with this cold..! haha..well finally spring is around the corner, in my previous post I have shared a random post filled with some Spring clicks from my home garden, so Weather is changing, do you feel any glimpse of spring around?

Today I am going to share something inspired by spring season! if you are now hearing the sweet chirping of birds from your window, so it would be a happy sign! but if you are living in a busy city where the nests of  birds are not easily visible near your window, so you must try something like my today’s fun creation. got it? let’s see what I want to share..

I made a nest with jute rope & then fill it with some tiny handmade creations, a yellow foam bird with some dough made eggs.. I hang it in the corner of a room just to feel the presence of spring around.. isn’t it fun seeing the spring signs too close.. so what if spring is a step far from a few of  you may be..but we all need some colors of spring..yeah!

For the making of stuff placing inside the nest, you will need to have some fresh/dry grass, an artificial bird and some dough made eggs..that’s it.. & I made all the thingies else real dry grass. lets see how I made the foam birds

For the making of a bird out of foaming sheet, all you need to have is just a foamic sheet piece, scissors, paint colors, an ear bud & glue.

I draw a bird shape on the foam sheet & cut it with scissor. I cut two shapes & then glue them both together, then fold the ear bud stick & fix it as the legs of bird.. then paint it & let it dry!! I made this simple/rough bird because it will be sticking inside the nest, just a sign of bird actually. So its not a perfect bird but its OK within the nest..

So there must be some eggs inside the nest, Right? so here you can see how to make birds eggs out of dough or clay.

I were having some dry dough placed somewhere in my crafty closet, (Dough recipe)So I thought why not to use that, as I were not going to make something special with this. So I shape these as a little eggs & when it was dry totally, I paint it with white acrylic paints. when its done, place it in the nest then. if you will remember once I made a Paper Weight with a lump of dried dough, so while experimenting with dough making if you fail, dont worry & make a paper weight.

After making  the bird & the eggs, I arrange these in jute nest.

I collect some dry grass & cut some loops of jute rope for arranging these inside.

So I fix all thingies & its done!  First arrange the layer of dry grass then soft pieces of  jute layer, and then place eggs & birds & its DONE!

Its making was a bit lengthy but it was fun, I was so curious to see when the nest globe will be getting dry & I start fixing arrangements inside. but it went good finally!

In my next post I will be sharing the making of this nest globe. I hope you will be enjoying the post.

Have a Great day!

Khadija ~

Famous cars From 2014 Oscar Nominated Movies Famous cars From 2014 Oscar Nominated Movies(0)

Do you like knowing about wonderful trendy cars? well I like browsing about these kind of interesting things & seeing the cool versions of latest trendy cars, Last week when I was browsing about some famous & trendy cars, & were reading about Oscars then I came across a fun post at Carmudi‘s journal article and I enjoy that, so I thought why not to share this with my dear readers as a useful piece of information. So would you like to know about some Famous Cars from 2014 Oscars Nominated Movies? Lets see & enjoy!

The actors stole the limelight at the Oscars this week, but it’s not just the stars of award-winning films who deserve recognition. The cars they drive on screen can be just as noteworthy.

With the awards season now over, let’s take a look back at some of the cars that graced the big screen over the past year.

1929 Duesenberg Model J

 Movie: The Great Gatsby,  Won for: Costume and production design

The car:  Who could forget Jay Gatsby’s bright yellow Duesenberg, as it breezed towards New York with Leonardo Dicaprio at the wheel and Tobey Maguire in the passenger seat. Unfortunately for Dicaprio and the film’s director Baz Luhrmann, the timing doesn’t quite add up. The Duesenberg was released in 1929 – but the movie was set several years earlier, in 1922.

 1977 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

Movie: American Hustle, Nominated for: Best picture, best director, best original screenplay and more

The car: Vintage cars were heavily featured in this film, which failed to win a single Oscar from its 10 nominations. Set in the 1970s, a lot of the cars in American Hustle are, unsurprisingly, muscle cars from this period. In the film, actor Jeremy Renner’s character drives the 1977 Cadillac Eldorado in a high-speed chase.

Lamborghini Countach

 Movie: The Wolf of Wall Street, Nominated for: Best picture, best director, best actor and more

The car: Leonardo Dicaprio gets to drive yet another incredible car in Martin Scorsese’s cautionary tale of financial excess, another film that also failed to win a single gong from its five nominations. And this time the acclaimed actor got to completely destroy it, or at least the crew did. In one comical scene, Dicaprio’s character drives the white Lamborghini into several cars and trees, causing significant damage to the front of the vehicle. They used the real thing too, rather than a replica – much to the disdain of some car lovers.

Shells From The Beach Of Cadiz Spain Shells From The Beach Of Cadiz Spain(6)

I am blogging from a few years & I am enjoying this fun a lot.. The best part of blogging fun is to have some wonderful Creative Friends from all over the world, blogging is the best platform if you want to stay connected with some creative minds, follow the people of your taste & then enjoy the fun stuff from them.. how nice is this.. Although there are so many social networks for the similar purpose of connection/communication BUT having a blog or website is something more interesting than having any social media account.. well the both medias are inter-connected with each other these days. Social networks can provide you more readers & visitors as well so both medias are fun actually.. Eeww where I am going!! Back to the today’s post now.. I have shared some Shell crafts before too & here today I got some shells.. yay!! so why not to share with you!

During these couple years of blogging, I have received so many beautiful packages of creative things from different countries of the world, (sent by any company or any co-blogger) from Canada, Georgia, Washington, Los Angeles, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Italy, UK, And this time I got a package from Spain..wanna see the stuff inside? check..

One of my crafty blogger friend Maria Mercedes sent me some beautiful shells from the beach of Cadiz, Spain. She lives near a beach & shares some creations made with beautiful shells, she is also sharing lots of other creative stuff of her handmade things on her colorful blog , she is very talented.. when I saw her handcrafted things, I was like.. WAOO..

Some handmade felt hearts.. embellished with beautiful beads & stuff..

The white clutch seems simple, I am thinking about decoupaging it.. shhhh don’t tell anyone, specially Maria.. haha. hope she wont mind my version when I will be experimenting something with it..well the scented candle smells nice!

And Now.. I want to share something very interesting related to this beautiful shell..!!

Yesterday I was playing with these shells & thinking about using these in any of my crafty creation.(I have finalized what I will be creating..Mystery!! wink*) I shake this little shell & suddenly a little lazy worm kind of thing came out from this.. Awww..what a little poor guy worm came from overseas to meet Creative Khadija..(another wink*) haha, but seriously I am not that brave to hold it for a while, So quickly I pack the shell again in a plastic bag & disappear.. Later with the help of my elder brother I feel relax.. haha.. sorry I was excited so forget to take worm’s pic..but believe me he is still inside this shell..

I was thinking when Maria was collecting the shells from the beach one morning, This shell worm was not sure about traveling overseas & about breathing in the air of Pakistan..from beach to around hill areas.. how interesting it seems.. this is how from where something belongs & where they reach one day.. mind blowing.. isn’t it? So never ignore the little things, they can be more unique & powerful.. the other shells are still lying there on that beach may be, but see this one have enjoyed the air travel as well.. haha. sorry I am so talkative today!!

Thanks again to Maria Mercedes, I will be using her gifted shells in a creative way & I hope she will be enjoying!

Thanks for reading the post, I hope you were not boring!

Here you can see some of my shell crafts, but excuse me first, these posts are from my archives when I start blogging, so ignore the little mistakes & rough posts/pictures!

Have a great Day!


Anthro Inspired Bracelet Anthro Inspired Bracelet(14)

Making jewelry DIY is fun, Although I wear these not all the time but I like making these & sharing the easy ideas about jewelry making.. so fun.. So That’s why I like sharing these easy DIY ideas with my friends via blogging too. Today I am also going to share a bracelet which is anthro inspired. A wrist accessory tutorial today..Wrist accessories are always catching my interest more than any other jewelry stuff, do you like bracelets & cuffs? If you like them, then definitely you would like to learn the making of these accessories for creating wrist accessory for yourself or for gifting others too.. SO let’s have a look at what I am sharing today!

So Simple & Easy!

Anthro’s Version

I saw this bling & beautiful bracelet by Anthropologie & I love it.. specially when I remember there was a bling patch I was having in my crafty closet.. so I thought to why not to use that in making of a Anthro’s Inspired bracelet.. my version is a bit different but not bad I guess.. because its making is super easy! you don’t need to have a bunch of stuff to create this simple bracelet.. all you need to have is just a few things & its done.. let’s see the how-to now..

Things you will need to have for making this anthro’s inspired bracelet

A bling patch, Belt strip or any bracelet base.. hot glue or any transparent glue.

For its making, first you will be measuring the size of your wrist & then cut the belt or leather piece wherever you are about to paste the bling patch. The size of patch is bigger than my wrist, so you may not notice the base of the belt while I am wearing the bracelet. I cut the belt & then paste the patch over it with adhesive glue.. that’s alright now! And my hairy arm( haha, ignore it plz..!) what if these are not neat..I did some blur over the pic but it doesn’t work well..right? well its winter & arms are covered with sweaters & coats..I dont thread these now! haha..

So here it was an easiest version of my anthro inspired bracelet.. its not exactly the same but a bit inspired by their version.. what do you think? Things are not that difficult & hard but its up to us how we treat with these things.. like this bracelet.. so what if Anthro’s version is difficult & expensive.. & you may be unable to create exactly like this bracelet but you can make things in your own way.. create with simple & easy things..use less stuff & try your best then.. I hope it would be easy for you because I make this in a few minutes, not so difficult really.. let’s try this & you will find it fun..

HERE you can see some of my other versions of Anthro inspired accessory DIY.. Hope you will like these too.. Weaved Cuff DIY, Lace Cuff DIY, Leather Bib  Necklace DIY, Chain Necklace DIY

And here it is my most recent Anthro’s cuff DIY..

I hope you will like the post, keep creating & enjoying the easy fun stuff..


Spring in Pakistan Spring in Pakistan(14)

Hello Everyone!

February is going too fast,isn’t it.. well my February is going great as well Alhamdulillah, there was rain at the start of this month but later these days we are having sunny days now! everything seems so bright & fresh.. isn’t it a great feeling to enjoy sunny mornings & noons during winter? well I was reading over at my co-bloggers sites about snow in the US, it was oops,, to much..! looking cute but I think the people who are facing that snowy season are not much excited as I am feeling here in a sunny bright day.. haha..

I saw this mustard plant branch in our home garden, it is not planted by us, it was self grown branch in another rose flower pot. Although its wild but was looking so fresh & bright..

Aww.. my nails.. not manicured,, seriously! but I have to do soon! In Pakistan, when the mustard plant grows in the fields & open areas, its a random sign of upcoming spring season, these mustard flowers ( sarson kay phool ) are known as spring sign. anyone remember the song by tina Saani.. phool rahi hay sarsoon..? so the basant season is also around.. we have to welcome the sunny spring season now! Don’t you like seeing fresh buds everywhere? hmm.. who don’t by the way!!

I capture many pics & all were looking cute.. isn’t it..? And would you believe all these spring images are by my phone camera..!! oh yeah, 12 mega pixel phone camera result is not bad I guess..Right!!

This leaf is too cute, growing fast in a pot.. its a carrot plant leaf.. but first I thought its coriander plant growing but now its different from the coriander leaves!

Another spring is on its way to meet us.. hopefully with lots of happiness & Fun! InshaAllah.

The above image is a plant of daffodils, these days there were no flowers with it but the stems are looking nice! you can see its daffodils from my previous post.. they always look so lovely!

I capture this one during the rainy week, there was no sun when I take this pic.. its an HDR image.

This above fresh leaf is also from my home garden but its edited with the app Color Splash, its a free app with a cool option of making images colorful with black & white look.. go & get it if you are in love with smartphone photography, its fun..

These wild branches are so lovely! taking a zoom image of  these is so fun! they have pink flowers too but when these will be growing some more. they are tiny actually!

I capture this dry branch as well, I have shared at my Instagram too..the reason I capture this dry branch is because life is not always so colorful, bright & fresh..there are always ups & downs too..which is a part of life.. we all feel down and dry sometimes, but there we go.. spring is waiting for us but be patient!! so relax if sometimes it feels dead & dry, there is always a hidden happiness & colors behind every autumn..

Enjoy the colors of life & face the dryness sometimes.. Everything is temprary.. nothings lasts forever.. so Enjoy EVERY spring,summer,autumn,winter,moonsoon, snowfall, hails & storms.. everything.. because things happening right now will be leaving one day..

I know I know I know really..its not easy.. may be easy to write but facing the ups & downs is not an easy task. I Wish everyone may have a wonderful life filled with tons of happiness & colors of spring..

Have a blessed start of this upcoming season. Be thankful for everything you have..! and have faith, Best is yet to come!!

Happy Friday..Thank You!


iPhone Keyring Making iPhone Keyring Making(12)

Making fun stuff with little ordinary things is always an enjoyable part of my crafty job. I enjoy creating these little fun things with a small effort. Its always fun to try these because ordinary things makes me happy, in one of my previous post, I was sharing with you about the random visit when I was at a book store & I have got some little things from there. My today’s fun creation is also among one of those things.

I made a keyring with an eraser which was designed as an iPhone. As I am a big fan of all these smart gadgets, so I thought to create something crafty with this. And its making was not something difficult or tricky thing.. it was totally easy & fun!

You will need to have just a keyring & jump ring to create this. it will not be taking your more than 5 minutes. so simple & fun! lets see..

These were the erasers I bought from a local books & stationary store. There I saw too many colorful & fun thingies…but unfortunately I have crossed my school level studies.. haha.. the things were not suitable for more than 8-10 years old kid..

You can see these iPhones are not updated versions of iOS actually.. I think these are iOS 5 or 6 installed.. haha.. there I was noticing some mistakes too.. like the app “Safari” is here written as “Compass” & the app “Messages” is here “Text” for copying something, you must have the talent to copy!! but these made in china erasers were fuuny!

Let’s see the how-to..

I take a needle from my mother’s drawer, it was a needle for sewing sweaters with no-sharp tip. So I made a hole over the place where I was going to add the jump ring. So with the help of nose pliers, I open the jump ring & fix it well in the hole. Then I add the keychain with it.

While making this keyring, you will need to be careful because an eraser is a soft thing, so be sure to work carefully! otherwise it can may be breaking from the hole part..

That’s it..

isn’t it easy to create fun stuff with totally ordinary thingies? Well I have an another idea, I will may be covering the surface with mod podge dimensional magic, so the 3d look of that transparent emboss effect will be making its look more interesting! right?

I am going to see these keyrings, if you want to buy any of these.. feel free to submit your queries & orders at kkcreativemind @

You can also check my others handmade/crafted keyrings Here & Here

Creativity is not something invisible, it always around us, all we need to do is just to figure out where it is.. so always feel free to make things with ordinary stuff..I mostly create with ordinary materials & unusual things.. believe me its not a shame.. its fun! ( I am doing this crafty fun creating from more than a couple years.. shamelessly.. haha) how dare someone to say anything to my ordinary craftiness.. Lol.. I am my own worst critic.. so nobody can do this job unless I am here..! enjoy the life happily & create the stuff smartly! don’t worry if its ordinary or average! just believe that its something special.. because YOU made it.. & YOU are not someone ordinary!! Yeah.. Enjoy!!

Thanks for visiting me & enjoying my crafty fun ideas. Have a look at a beautiful click by me with my iPhone.(the original one, not that eraser.. haha)

Edited & Instagrammed version of lemon plant from my home garden.

Have a great day!


3D Card Making with Thermocol 3D Card Making with Thermocol(8)

Making handmade cards is just Fun! I love experimenting with different kind of paper things for paper crafts & handmade cards, & every time my experiments give me new dimension of craftyness..whenever I am trying these card making ideas, every time the end result is different as I were thinking before its making. I gather things for making a card but sometimes I skip few things from those, & there is mostly addition of some other things in it. Today I will be sharing a 3D card which I have made for a friend of mine who is a kid. yeah, believe me I have some Kids friends around me.. lucky me.. well its basically a greeting card. I was trying to make this card more colorful as you know kids likes colors & bling stuff.. So I did it with some sharp colors.

This 3 dimension card is perfect for kids.. sharp & bright colors attract kids mostly.. lets have a look how I have made this.. I work with this fun material & I already have done work with this before.. you may remember my posts from last year.

The material I have used for the making of this card’s 3D look, I use thermocol sheet. if you will remember once I shared a few of my presentation work which I made with these models, here is the archives, so you can see what I have done with these thermocol pieces before.. I had great time making these models during my studies..

For making this card, you will need to have a thermocol sheet of half inches, poster paints, glitter glue, knife, paint brushes, foam brush, card sheet & any transparent glue..

First I draw the name of my friend at thermocol & then with the help of a sharp knife I cut the sheet.. for some small areas I use hot soldering iron too. then I color the name in two colors.. and make an outline with yellow color. when It was done, so I make some glitter glue dots over it..

For making the glitter glue dots over a hard/paper stuff.. I dip the paint brush’s back side in the glue bottle & apply wherever I was going to point those.. so easy & with better result for making some glitter dots.. Then I cut the paper sheet for placing the 3D design. I also apply the glitter dots on sheet too..

Thats DONE.. isn’t it alright.. looking so colorful & the 3D look is fun.. kids love seeing this kind of things!

While working with kids on any kids crafts, you must be careful about the minor things which can be dangerous sometimes.. like sharp knifes/ hot iron/ messy garbage (can be harmful while inhaling breath) so if you are working together you must keep these things in your mind. so the crafty projects can be more fun. if you are a craft teacher, I will suggest you to do special care while creating! kids likes to paint & draw, so do a project with thermocol sheet.. its fun! You can see some Styrofoam crafts from my previous posts HERE.

I hope you all are having a great day!



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