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Clutch Refashion Ideas

I like collecting handbags & clutches, I also like reusing my old handbags with some redesigning. Colorful and fashionable clutches are available everywhere, but what to do if there is any simple or plain clutch..? definitely.. refashion it with some DIY fun! I design a plain clutch with a tiny effort, will take hardly 5 minutes & Done! Clutch Refashion Ideas It was looking so simple fabri... »

What I Love About My Bedroom

My Today’s article might be boring for some of you as its not a tutorial or DIY idea, here I am sharing some sneak peeks of my bedroom today. Its not something very unique or awesome,totally random though but I am glad its filled with my crafty stuff & handmade arts. I have a simple bedroom but I love the way it is.. For all of us, our bedroom is most relaxing & favorite space at hom... »

Spring in Pakistan 2015

I am so happy for spring 2015, Alhamdulillah another beautiful start of the season! Last week there was rain & the very next day it was sunny day totally. I capture a few random photography clicks! I would like to share a few of those with you! I know there is still winter even snow at some other parts of the world while sun is shining brightly here. So I hope they will enjoy seeing these spri... »

Multani Camel Skin Lampshades

I were busy these days in different projects of my online work as well as with my own life & stuff, I am posting a random article after more than a week today but finally I am writing..I create some crafty stuff but unable to work on those articles quickly, So right now sharing an article from my drafts! If you will remember I recently share some Multani Ceramics Art with my readers & I am... »

Small Planter Pot GlassPainting

Hi Everyone, Is there any feel of spring at yours end? Here its started wonderfully! I can see small buds of the plants. I decided to have a little plant in my room this spring, So today I will be sharing a super easy & fun idea on how you can get a mini plant around you. I was working on glass paints for my customers & there were some leftover glass paints were going to dry! So I used tho... »

DIY Glitter Key-Ring Idea

Glitter crafts are always among my favorites, I recently work on another glitter craft & it was easy & fun! You may remember when I got some Podgable shapes from Mod Podge, There was a transparent plastic Key too with some different designs. So I made a keyring with this pretty Key.. Have a look how I design this glitter keyring, DIY Glitter Key-Ring Idea Have you ever seen a Key in a Key?... »

Decorate Accessory Container with Collage Clay

My crafty corner is usually getting messy although I am always busy in arranging my crafty stuff! I have huge collection of my craft supplies which I am unable to fix in my cabinets, drawers & cupboards smartly! I have made many storage solutions & containers in previous years for my crafty stuff specially, mostly are recycling & up-cycled containers, so here today I am sharing another... »

Multani Ceramic Art Pakistan

Today I am not going to share any of my art & craft Tutorial or DIY ideas, I am going to showcase some beautiful Multani Ceramic Art of Pakistan today! Once my brother was visiting His friend, there at His place my brother saw this creative collection of beautiful art pieces. As I am always interested in handicrafts & creative things, So whenever my family & friends are finding anythin... »

Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery

Sometimes a small change can make big difference, Recently I refashion my simple embroidered shirt. I bought a dress few days back, it was plain but the shirt neckline & front was filled with some neat but heavy embroidery, I thought to make a little difference just to change its look. Rhinestones on Shirt Embroidery As there were some little spaces between embroidery so I thought to add some ... »

Gift Packing Idea for Valentine’s Day

Gift packing is an art, before giving someone a gift, the first priority is about it’s packing. As the Valentine’s Day is coming, so giving & getting gifts is obvious.. I can see many ideas everywhere at different blogs & social networks, So many ideas & beautiful gift packs. I design a brown box with some red paper hearts & multicolor glitter just to make it well as a ... »

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