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Thank you for visiting Creative Khadija Blog, I am glad to have you here!

Creative Khadija blog is now enjoying 6th successful year of blogging. I am glad to work with several amazing brands, companies, shops & small business owners. I would love to collaborate with you if you want to work with me, Feel free to contact for any kind of PR collaboration/Affiliation/Advertisement or Sponsorship queries. I would love to spread words about your wonderful product/shop via my blog and 9 social media networks. I have been proudly Featured on many wonderful blogs/websites as well as published in some national & international magazines.

Have a look at my social media fan following details.

FaceBook, 3,800+

Pintrest, 12,600+

Instagram 8, 800+

 Google+   3,687+

Twitter, 1,475+

LinkedIn, 1000+

BlogLovin, 155+

Tumbler,  185+

Vine, 90+

Snapchat, 200+

For queries, Feel free to write me at

  creativekhadija @ gmail . com

Some of my amazing affiliates and sponsors! I hope you will enjoy working with Creative Khadija ~

Year – 2014

creativekhadija media kit-1

Creative Khadija Sponsors 2014


Year  – 2015

Creative Khadija Blog Sponsors 2015

Creative Khadija Blog Sponsors 2015

Year – 2016/ Will be updating soon..


I am also a freelancer, content writer & digital marketer, if you want to hire for the related work, feel free to contact.

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