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A Guest Post With Auntie Mich

Guest Post

A Guest Post With Auntie Mich

Today I am sharing First guest post on my blog,its my pleasure to have a smart girly type Auntie on the world wide web,I hope you will enjoy her post here & visit her blog to check more smart Over to Auntie Mich

A Guest Post With Auntie Mich

Hi to all you lovely readers of Creative Mind!  I’m super excited to be visiting with a guest post today.  My name is Michelle L. and I live in Los Angeles.  So my blog is called Mich L. in L.A, I make recycled, upcycled, repurposed jewelry out of lotsa weird things.  Like computer keys, chessmen and faucet handles…

Khadija wondered if I make ‘real’ jewelry, too.  Sometimes!

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for fun recycled flowers.

Here is all you need:

Cut the bottom off a plastic bottle, and make a hole in the center.  I like to melt the hole with a hot needle, but you could use a drill, or a hammer and nail.  Twist one end of a wire to attach it to a short length of Mardi Gras beads.  Trim the wire tail, then add any silk flowers you like.

Thread the wire through your plastic bottle piece.  Using something round, make a loop in the wire.  Then twist it tight against the bottle piece.  This will hold your flower together.

Done!  Make a bunch, and you have a sweet recycled bouquet.
Thanks for having me over, Khadija!  You are an extremely cool and creative person, and I am so happy to be your A.I.A.!  (Adopted Internet Auntie.)
Thanks A.I.A..for sharing this interesting recycling with us..stay Happy with lots of success..
Oh yes,Dont Forget to visit my next post in which i will show you the tutorial of a BIRDY NECKLACE,the bird of the necklace was gifted by Auntie Mich a few months stay tuned..
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