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3 Tasty Dairy Delights To Try This Holiday Season

3 Tasty Dairy Delights

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3 Tasty Dairy Delights To Try This Holiday Season

If you are looking for yummy treats to enjoy that are healthy yet the sweet goodness you crave during the holidays, here are 3 Tasty Dairy Delights To Try This Holiday Season.

With Christmas just around the corner, you all must be excited and busy purchasing last-minute gifts. Having the house smell like a bakery with the mouthwatering taste of freshly baked goods is a tradition you can’t miss. Dairy delights are a great option for Christmas dinner tables and to snack on while the whole family is together for the holidays. If you are looking for yummy treats to enjoy that are healthy yet the sweet goodness you crave during the holidays, here are 3 Tasty Dairy Delights To Try This Holiday Season.

Kickstart the holidays by making this very delicious and finger-licking good, Chocolate and Marmalade Steam Pudding. It has a touch of ginger to give it a bit of spice, and the custard on top adds more to the richness factor of the pudding. The best part about this recipe is that you don’t need an oven for this. While your oven will be full of Christmas Turkey and other baked goods, you can make your pudding on the stovetop.

3 Tasty Dairy Delights

This is one of the tastiest dairy delights that you can even put a slice of this on Santa’s plate, so he can enjoy a slice of warm, hearty pudding to fuel him through his nightly duties of distributing gifts. According to a recent survey done in the UK, 63.4% give Santa Milk, and this pudding will gladly be enjoyed by Santa along with his glass of milk. 

When it comes to Santa’s Christmas Eve plate, cookies are the traditional way to go. No matter which part of the world you are from, how can Santa say no to a yummy and delicious cookie? This is a traditional German cookie Lebkuchen, which is thoroughly enjoyed during Christmas and is often offered to Santa with a glass of whole milk when he visits in the night to make a gift delivery. You can make a big batch of these and offer them to guests during tea time. Kids can also relish these mouthwatering cookies with a glass of warm milk or make it extra special with hot cocoa.

With a simple list of ingredients, the mixed spices give these cookies the traditional Christmas essence. You can cut them in any shape using cookie cutters and make decorating them a family activity by allowing the kids to enjoy decorating them. Having the option of chocolate glaze and icing glaze, make a big batch of these to pass around to neighbors, friends, as well as family. 

The last recipe among the tasty dairy delights to try this Christmas is the classic Red Velvet cake. This is a very traditional recipe that you can follow to make a spectacular Christmas dessert to enjoy during the Christmas dinner. If you are wondering whether Santa has been fed well while working hard during Christmas, you can leave a big slice for him to enjoy on Christmas Eve Santa’s plate as well. 

With a lot of dairy-based ingredients in this recipe, your bones will be very thankful for all that extra calcium they will be getting. If you have anyone with lactose intolerance at home, you can swap it with a healthy plant-based milk option, like oat milk, which is equally tasty and good for your gut health.

I hope you are going to try and enjoy making these traditional dairy delights during the holidays. If you are worried about your milk deliveries or are looking for high-quality milk options, Modern Milkman provides you with fresh milk at your doorstep. You can browse through their wide variety of options including skimmed milk, whole milk, oat milk, organic milk, as well as other milk options to make a Christmas Delivery to your address. Use the milk in your yummy desserts or enjoy it as a beverage, the options are endless.

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