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Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

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Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

In my previous post, I was sharing Spring Nest Making with some foam bird & dough eggs, this spring inspired hanging wall art is totally handmade, I made a nest out of a jute rope & then handcrafted some little thingies for placing inside. You can learn their making in my previous post.

So today I will be sharing how to make this jute nest globe.. in comment form my readers were curious to know how to make this nest!! I don’t want to see them more curious. so today the mystery is gone!

Lets see how I made this Jute Nest Globe.

Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

jute globe nest making
Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

So simple but cute..isn’t it..? well For its making, you will need to have Jute Rope, Transparent Glue, water & Balloon & a PIN too..that’s it..

mod podge globe making

You will need to have half cup transparent/white glue & quarter half cup of water, mix it together & it will be in a thin form.

jute nest with modpodge
Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

Roll the jute on your hand & release it from the jute big ball. Make it loose & do not roll it tight, otherwise when you will be working they will be sticking together tightly & you will may be not able to keep them separate!

First I dip the jute in the water & press the jute for rinsing water from it totally, then pour the glue mixture over it, use a bowl or plate for this. soak it for a couple minutes & then start warping the balloon with jute rope.

spring nest with mod podge
Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

As the shape of balloon, I start wrapping it from top. then over the whole balloon. and when its wrapping is done, hang the balloon somewhere but be sure to place any plate or newspaper/brown paper at floor, because the glue will may be dripping constantly until it gets dry totally! so dont make the floor dirty..( otherwise you will may be seeing the angry face of your I saw.. shhhh.. dont tell anyone..haha)

I keep this inside the room, so jute takes time in getting dry totally! so it will take almost 36 hours. And when it was dry, the best part comes here!!

use the PIN now & poke the balloon.. the jute nest is ready now! wohoo

You can make anything else too.. I was thinking about making this as a globe but its rough look was better for the nest.. so I have done it..

Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

jute globe nest diy
Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge

you can also And the ball looks so cool.. First I started playing with it but later I realize that jute strands can be moved or disturbed if I will continue playing with it.. haha

Important ;

Here I am sharing some important points to remember while making this jute globe.

1- Before adding glue to your jute rope, Measure the jute by wrapping your balloon roughly & cut it then start work.

2- do not make the jute messy, otherwise it will be hard for you to keep it separate while wrapping over balloon.

3- Wrap it tightly over balloon, if it will be loose, shape can be disturbed.

4- Place any plate/newspaper on floor when you will be hanging the balloon for drying.

5- Do Not poke the balloon when jute is wet, otherwise the whole creation will be damaging!

Jute nest making

You can see the complete making of this Spring Jute Nest. I hope you liked my post & will be giving it a try. Jute Nest Making with Mod Podge is not difficult to try as I enjoyed its making, You will also enjoy making it hopefully.

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

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