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Eid-Al-Adha Celebrations & Crafts

sheep making for Eid-al-adha crafts

Collage Clay

Eid-Al-Adha Celebrations & Crafts

I am glad to see my dear readers response at my previous article Hajj 2015-Eid Al Adha Art & Craft ideas.

So here today I am going to share my ideas related Hajj & Eid-al-Adha. As these days everyone is busy in working with Eid crafting & celebrations, So why to neglect kids crafting now. This is kinda last minute idea for decorating your space with some beautiful Eid crafts. This is perfect for crafting with kids. I made some little sheep for kids room wall art & then a model of Kaaba building with a square foam piece. The making of these crafts is super easy as well as interesting. I hope you will enjoy!

Eid-Al-Adha Celebrations & Crafts

sheep making for Eid-al-adha crafts

sheep making for Eid-al-adha crafts

Here it is the tiny sheep hanging, Simple yet easy to try. Let’s see how I made it.

You will need to have :

sheep making for Eid-al-adha crafts

sheep making for Eid-al-adha crafts

(Supplies here in the image above are a bit different because I replace some stuff while making, the black thread & white cotton fibers.)

Packing material card sheet – Cut it with sheep template.

Black square foam – I saved once from perfume packing.

White Collage Clay– mod podge

Silver thread, scissors & beads.

Glitter glue & Washi Tape

How To Make Sheep:

First cut 4 shapes of tiny sheep according to the template, Then cover these with collage clay & make some rough swirly texture as sheep hair.

Let it dry for a couple hours. Then draw sheep eyes and face with marker.

Then I put together these sheep strands, Tie the wires to keep all sheep in a line order. Then make a knot with it by passing a bead in the wire & make a loop for hanging.

Hajj and Kaaba building model

Hajj and Kaaba building model

How To Make Kaaba Building with foam :

You will need to have a square foam piece, I got this one from a perfume packing & it was black already. You can color it otherwise.

Apply the yellow colored washi Tape & make an outline with glitter.

Now cut some foil sheet in shapes of moon & stars!

I get some tilla embroidery silver thread for putting moon & stars with it.

Hang all shapes with thread & then tie a big knot. I use a big needle for passing the 4 strands of thread from the middle of foam piece, then fix it with big bead on top.

Hajj and Kaaba building model

Hajj and Kaaba building model

Use the foamic double tape for pasting behind. Then simply fix it anywhere on any wall or window etc. You can also hang it as mobile but as the foam piece is very light weight so this might not be looking perfect as mobile in the air.

This is the easiest & quick idea for Eid al Adha crafting. Your kids will be loving it & would like to embellish & decorate it more with different variations. So give it a try & you will like it. I know I made it a bit simple but you can try something different too.

Let me know if you have any creations related Eid Day Crafts. I will sure like to see your work.


Hajj- Eid Al Adha Crafts & Creations

You can also have a look at my #CreativeCollections of Hajj & Eid-al-Adha Craft ideas. I hope you will enjoy these too.

card making ideas

card making ideas

And if you are looking for some Handmade Eid Cards making ideas, Then be sure to have a look at my Eid-al-Fitar article. You will enjoy this :)

I wish you all a very happy & peaceful Eid-Mubarak IN ADVANCE. I hope everyone will be having a great Eid Day. Be sure to keep those innocent people remember in your prayers who are suffering, Don’t forget Refugees of Syria, Muslims in Burma, Families of martyred in Saudi crane accident as well as Zarab-e-Azab war against terrorists. May Allah Almighty protect you all from any kind of pain & terror.

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

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