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How To Decorate Glass jar Video Tutorial DIY Idea

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

Collage Clay

How To Decorate Glass jar Video Tutorial DIY Idea

Do you like recycling & reusing ordinary material? Have you ever decorated something & turned it into a beautiful piece of art? I recently design an empty food glass jar. It’s looking nice, I can’t wait to share with my dear blog readers now. I have shared it’s video tutorial already which was a hit on facebook. You may already have seen that video tutorial on my social media networks. Let’s see how to decorate a glass jar & turn it into a beautiful gift jar.

How To Decorate Glass jar-Video Tutorial DIY Idea

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

I have a fun habit of keeping empty food jars saved in kitchen cabinets. Reason is obviously recycling & reusing purpose. I recently have decorated two jars out of a half dozen jars. Today I am sharing one of those jars. Let’s have a look how I have decorated this mini jar step by step.

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

Is it looking good? I will put some candies or any small accessories gift inside & will wrap it into a transparent sheet & giveaway! Isn’t it an interesting gift jar idea?

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

Craft supplies you will need to make this embellished glass jar :

Mod Podge Collage Clay

Empty Glass Jar

Glue or Hot glue

Embellishment & decorative items

Plastic beads, pearls & rhinestones

Shells & laces

Sharp cutter & scissors

Have a look at the video, Via this two minutes video tutorial you will learn the whole thing.

Be sure to subscribe my YouTube channel. It’s my first video tutorial ever. I am glad to see response of my dear fans & followers. I learn a lot of new things & hopefully in next video tutorial I will improve. Be sure to suggest me for betterment.

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

This is jar lid top. You can use any available embellishment goodies for decorating your jar. There are many options to design & decorate.

how to decorate a food jar and make a gift jar

It’s ready here. How is it? There are so many other ideas to decorate empty jars with different materials, You can always use your creativity & make things beautiful in your own style.

In future I am planning to share more video tutorials now. I hope you will enjoy learning through visual demonstration. What do you think?

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All of these ideas are designed with Mod Podge collage clay. I have made many crafts with it & it’s always fun trying & making something new with collage clay.

Watch the video tutorial on YouTube How To Decorate Glass jar-Video Tutorial DIY Idea

In this video tutorial, If there is any step missing or not easy to understand, Feel free to drop me a line for any question or feed back. I hope you will find this easy & fun idea.

Have a great day.

Khadija ~

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