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Famous Expensive Watches Collection

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Famous Expensive Watches Collection

Time is Money“, A famous advice by Benjamin Franklin in 1748. Well this is true in many ways. You have to use your time wisely because time is as precious as money. If both wasted without any plan, you wont get them back again like before. Now here I’m going to talk about Time is Money in a different way because you really need money to see time on these watches.

Time to Watch ‘The Watches’

Now watches are getting more precious than time. And here I’m going to talk about some of the world’s most expensive watches. These watches are really need a great amount of money to watch time. Watch lovers in every era need something new in watches and those watch lovers pay heavy amounts to get those innovative watches. But only those who can pay.
Watch is a thing that I love since my childhood and I have been collecting different kinds of watch since my love for watches exceed. (but not those expensive ones). I will show my collection of watches in the end of the article.
But first lets have a look at some of the world’s most expensive watches. Some people like funky watches and some like decent. Every watch is elegant of its own kind.
There are many many categories in watches section but here lets a have a look on world’s most expensive watches.
Here’s the Phoenix shaped watch for ladies from Cartier Watch company worth $2.755 million. Created with emeralds and 18 carat rhodium plated white gold with cut diamonds on it. A woman loves to wear watch like this one.
Cartier Secret Watch With Phoenix Decor

If you are fascinated by diamonds then this particular watch can easily become your first love. Another luxurious and expensive watch with a cost of 3.5 million dollars.The reason of its expense is the top class diamonds on the watch. One cannot resist oneself after giving a glance at it.

Piaget Emperador Temple
Hublot Diamond watch is also one of the most expensive watches in the world. Designed with 1,200 diamonds. Plus the whole watch is also made by white gold. This watch really required time for creation so the company assigns seventeen employees for this and it took fourteen months in its designing. This watch costs $5 million.
Hublot Diamond watch
Pocket watch has always been loved by its lovers. Here’s Patek Philippe Super Complication is an expensive timepiece that is renowned as the most complicated timepiece of its time in the world till 1989. 
Originally designed for Henry Graves who was an American banker. Its is having 24 mechanical functions other than time telling and it costs $11 millionThis watch took a time period of five years for its completion and was made in 1933.
Patek Philippe Super Complication

This watch is exclusively for women with an expense of $465,000. The amazing and exclusive thing about this watch is that it has an ability to divert the harmful energies back to the earth. The band of this particular watch is black alligator and a skeleton dial. The watch is a mixture of elegance and style and its popular among ladies.

Richard Mille Caliber RM019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon 

This more like a bracelet watch is the most expensive watch that not only tells you the time but also tells your worth to world. Worth of $25 million having different kinds of expensive diamonds and its hardware is made of yellow and white gold.

Chopard 210 carat
A very different kind of watch that i find interesting since i get to know about this one. This is Moon Dust-DNA watch made from actual moon dust and parts from Apollo 11. 
The dial Includes dust from a rock retrieved during the first mission to the moon, the case is made from steel from Apollo 11 spacecraft and the strap made up of fibers from spacesuit worn during the ISS mission.
The price range is starting from $15,000 to $500,000 a piece.
Moon Dust-DNA watch

Anyways! Who cares about these expensive watches? Haha.. I am fine with my own collection of watches, Not expensive though but I like these & it’s totally fine :)

By the way, My friend is the wonderful photographer behind most of these clicks :) She is having a DSLR, But she is also good with her smartphone photography!

Burberry strap watch.

Have a look at these..

Gucci ZigZag and Cartier.
Gucci Leopard.
my wrist watches collection

my wrist watches collection

my wrist watches collection

my wrist watches collection

Rolex oyster perpetual


my wrist watches collection

Independence day & watches

Tag Heure
my wrist watch

my wrist watch

friends watches collection

friends watches collection

When it’s day out with friends..
my wrist watches collection-1

my wrist watch

This click by Anam is one of my most favorite!
I hope you enjoyed my article with some expensive watches information as well as my wrist watches collection :)
As the article length is increasing so better I should leave before my dear readers feel this article boring! Haha
Have a great day everyone :)
Khadija ~
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