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15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

Guest Post

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

I have a very dear friend Mayan who is also my birthday twin! These days She is free & looking for her admission in medical college. Last week when she was dealing hard with boredom, I ask her to relax by keeping herself busy! I suddenly suggest her to write on my blog if She is interested. The next moment she was ready with a big smile on her cute face, But she was also confused what to write on Creative Khadija’s blog?

I suggest her to share something about her pet. In my previous article I share some clicks from a Dog show. SO I thought to have some info about dogs on the blog now. She loves her dog Jackie a lot. So we decide to share something about Jackie on the blog. I assign her this topic 15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable & she was happy to share her interesting tips with the dear readers of the Creative Khadija Blog. I hope you will also like this guest post kinda useful article by her.

Let’s see how Mayan shares her useful tips & tricks for keeping pets happy!

I love and adore pets especially dogs. OMG, they are so cute and poncy creatures. So here it is I am an owner of a white Korean jindo dog also known as Russian dog. I got him as a pup from my maternal Aunt. She knew how much I adore dogs. So here he came Tada!
Today I am sharing some of simple steps to make dog happy with me. And of course, he likes me too. That’s why he love to lay down between my legs.
Here you go!

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

– Show affectation physically and verbally:
Dogs are very attached to their owners and they try their best to prove themselves a best friends. In-turn, they should be verbally praised and physically hugged.

– Spend quality time:
You should spend quality time with your dog because you mean world to them. Spending some time with your amiable dog won’t hurt either.

– Teach them new tricks:
Teach them new tricks like hand shaking, sitting down, rolling on floor etc. Such tricks are easily learned by two three months old pup but old dogs can also learn. All you need some consistency. Don’t forget to giving them treat as a reward.

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy

– Give belly rubs:
Happy dog equates happy owner. You can make your dog exuberant just by rubbing their belly.

– Talk to them:
Its scientifically proved that dog listen their owners very vigilantly. So make some time to talk with them. They will response on every tone of your voice.

– Calling a dog:
Be in a friendly tone when you call them.

– Schedule their time to play:
The most important for dog’s temperament is you should schedule their routine. Mark specific time for their meals, exercise etc.

– Keep them active:
Dogs are such a energetic species. You need to keep them active by engaging them in exercise, running etc.

– Involve them in your outings:
Making your dog happy with little effort won’t hurt. Make carrier cage according to your dog’s size so you can carry them to your family picnic.

– Make them interact with others:
You should arrange some interactive environment with other dog owners. So your dog can learn how to interact with strangers and other dogs. Of course, playing time will make them happy.

– Rotate their toys:
If your dog play with toys or chew them you should rotate them after certain days. Of course dogs are counted as living things and they can easily get bore with one constant toys.

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

– Rotate their treats:
Same, try to rotate their treats after a time and same reason. They can get bore from constant treats.

– Provide comfy place to relax.
Try to mark a place inside or outside the house where your dog can feel relax and comfortable. And this make your dog happy.

– Dog’s hygiene:
Make your dog neat and clean to avoid any disease. After bath check their ear, teeth and nails. Clean ear with cotton swab. Teeth with his chewing toy. Just apply some toothpaste on his chewing toy and let him chew. Trim his nail regularly. Healthy dog is equal to happy dog.

– Feed them with healthy diet:
Try to give all portion equally. They need carbohydrate, proteins, fats for their adequate growth. Please don’t over feed them. This can make your dog obese.

– Random cuddles:
To make your dog happy random cuddles never hurt. :)

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

15+ Steps To Keep Your Dog Happy and Comfortable

These are some simple steps that I take to make my own dog happy. Yes my dog is such a melodrama. He always show all emotions. And he dream a lot about catching a cat after a chase and fish. Fish is his favorite food. Hopefully these simple will tips work for you.

Thank you Mayan for sharing with us how you keep your Jackie comfortable & happy! He must be happy to have you this sweet owner.

By The way, Mayan is also an artistic girl, have a look at her creative work!

mayan zahra art work

mayan zahra art work

She made such pretty bookmarks & then she wrap those even more pretty way! How cute, Can you send me all these above gifts Mayan? haha.. Btw thank you for your gifts which you already have sent <3

mayan zahra arts


Beautiful sketch.

I hope you will like this guest post kinda article. If you want to be my guest on Creative Khadija Blog or if you want to share something useful related home & arts, Feel free to contact. I would like to share your creativity with my readers.

Have a great day!


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