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Create Your Own Logo Design Makeup Pouch

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Create Your Own Logo Design Makeup Pouch

Hey Everyone,

Have you heard about The Warehouse services yet? I recently came across a wonderful option on their webpage about designing any product with a picture design or text on it. Sounds interesting? Yeah, it is. I have designed a make-up pouch with the Creative Khadija logo on it. It looks so good & I can not wait to get it in my hands now! Today I will introduce you to the making of the whole process and how you can design any product with your own picture, design or text. I bet you will love trying this for yourself or for gifting others.

Create Your Own Logo Design Makeup Pouch

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First of all you need to go to the webpage The WareHouse & click the option CREATE from the categories.

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On the page CREATE, you will see many products which you can design with your own name, picture or design. Click On the option Customize It.

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I choose a make-up pouch for customization, Here on the sidebar you can see options Add Text & Upload Image. So I upload a Creative Khadija Logo jpeg image from my folder.

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Browse the image & upload it.

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You can arrange the image on your product, Can resize & place it as you want.

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You can also choose the different fonts & colours from the given list.

When you are done with the design & font, click on the image Save! You can select the colour & quantity too. Then you need to confirm your order by filling out the customer information form & click Order!

It’s simple & easy. You can make creative & beautiful designs on the products. I hope you will love your experience of designing the product at The Warehouse. Give it a try & you will love it.

** Update **

Hey, I am excited to share the update, Last week I design my logo printed pouch on The WareHouse & within a week I got my logo printed pouch. I am satisfied with the good quality & printing of the makeup pouch. As I am not a makeup addict person, So currently I am putting some random goodies inside. I shared the package unpacking on my Snapchat & everyone loved it. People on my Instagram & other social media networks also appreciated the pouch.

creative khadija customized logo printed pouch

If you want to design your own make-up pouch with your picture or favourite quote on it. Be sure to try The WareHouse services. I am sure you will love it.

creative khadija customized logo printed pouch

You can also try this free logo maker to create some fun logos of your choice.

I hope you find my today’s article interesting as well as informative. Keep visiting my blog to see more :)

Have a great day!



P.S – This post contains affiliate/collaborative links. Thank you for your support!
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