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How To Decorate & Embellish With Dough Flowers

how to decorate glass bottle with dough flowers & crafts


How To Decorate & Embellish With Dough Flowers

Thanks Everyone for your great response on my previous blog post in which I share How To Make Homemade Dough for Crafts & Jewellery Making. I am glad to know your feedback about my dough crafts. So today I am going to share another fun dough craft embellishment idea for you. I hope you will like this recycling & decoration idea. Have a look here:

How To Decorate & Embellish With Dough Flower

how to decorate glass bottle with dough flowers & crafts

I love recycling & reusing ordinary stuff. I like spicing up some ordinary junk with a touch of creativity. Transformation is always a fun task to do. So here today I am recycling & beautifying an ordinary glass bottle with dough flowers. If you are a crafty hoarder like me, I am sure you will have some empty glass bottles in your kitchen cabinet. So why not to design one today.

If you have made some dough by following my recipe in previous post. You will now able to decorate a bottle with dough flowers & embellishments. I am going to share steps How To Decorate & Embellish Glass bottle With Dough Flowers. Let’s see step by step tutorial.

You Will Need :

Glass Bottle

Dough Flowers

Transparent glue

Spray Paint & Glass Paints.

how to make and design with dough flowers

Wash the empty glass bottle & let it dry well.

Use transparent glue on the area where you want to paste some soft dough.

Make a thick strip of soft dough & fix it on the bottle the way you want. I put it in a light swirl on the bottle. Coat it with transparent glue.

Start fixing dry dough flowers on soft dough strip. If your dough strip is thin, You will not be able to fix flowers nicely. You need to have a thick layer in which flowers can be easily fixed. You can glue the back side of the flowers & embellishment for fixing more well.

Fix flowers, petals & fillers accordingly on your bottle. Let them fix & wait for a few hours.

How To Decorate & Embellish With Dough Flowers

how to decorate bottle with dough flowers

After pasting & fixing all flowers, Let it dry. transparent glue will disappear in an hour & dough will be stable in few hours. Dough will not get dry in an hour, It will take 24 hours minimum as the strip is applied thick.

After 24 hours, I spray paint the bottle. I wore plastic gloves to save my hands from spray shower & spread a sheet on the floor as well to protect the surface from spray paint.

Paint the bottle from all sides. I use silver spray paint, It’s grey when wet & turned silver in an hour when gets dry.

how to decorate & reuse glass bottle with dough flowers decoration
Voila.. How is it? Where is glass bottle? It looks complete metal bottle. Right?

I paint some glass paints on the flowers, petals & fillers. A touch of soft colors looks more proper I guess. What do you think?

how to decorate glass bottle with dough flowers embellishment

Share this tutorial collage on your social media networks. I hope you will like this idea. Isn’t it a cute gift idea?

You can have a look at my previous dough crafts & creations.

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How To Make Dough For Handmade Jewelry & Crafts Making

If you haven’t yet made dough with my recipe, You should give it a try. Because in my next blog post I will be sharing another idea how to decorate a box with dough flowers. So you still have time to make some dough until then. So you will decorate some cool stuff.

Let me know if you try this. I would love to see & share with my readers too. Just share your craft image with me via email at creativekhadija at gmail dot com.

Stay tuned for my next DIY blog post. If you have any question or confusion in your mind about the product or it’s making, Do let me know. I will respond. If you want to buy some dough or this dough embellished bottle, feel free to contact via email.

Have a great day.


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