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Craft Fails, Polymer clay/Dough

A Craft Fail with Polymer Clay

Clay and Dough crafts are always interesting, I love working with clay & dough. I used to make Homemade dough for my crafts, You may remember my recipe for the homemade dough. Homemade clay/dough is usually soft and easy to work with instead of polymer clay. I had experience working with both. Today I will […]

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Craft Fails, Mod Podge, Necklace

Craft Fail

Every crafter is definitely familiar with some Craft fails, There are always some craft fails happening while crafting in a corner but mostly are hidden from others. In past I was also shy about sharing my craft fails with my readers but once when I share my Recent Craft Fail, you friends appreciate it & […]

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Headband For My Niece

I made a headband for my niece, I always like making beautiful things for my little niece..she is a sweety,sometimes she request me for little things which she usually like. her choice about colors selection is always good. Headband For My Niece A few days back I restyle a headband for every little girl […]


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