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Tote Making Effort


Tote Making Effort

I am Not much interested in sewing & stitching..may be i am not good in stitching that’s why,so i avoid stitching..I always try to make thing with the help of transparent i avoid even simple stitches…haha
But few days back(while i am shopping for Eid) I saw a nice vintage print in was a small fabric piece..but i like it & bought it..I was thinking what to do with this fabric..
Then i start making a Tote Bag..Because it was the simplest thing i know..most of the things i want to create were i start working on this small thing..

Tote Making Effort

fabric tote easy making

fabric tote easy making

Isn’t it looking simple..!!!

fabric tote easy making

fabric tote easy making

 Its the back side image…

I want to share its tutorial but when i was making my Brother disturb me a lot…I am talking about my Brother Machine…machine was having some problem so i waste some time while setting it..
Well i have some pics of its making..may be helpful for you to understand…

 First of all i cut two fabric pieces into rectangular shape..

Then paste freezer paper on its back side.

 Then Start stitching..
 This will be the scheme..

Make a sign on corner and stitch,then cut it(I am always nervous while stitching,that’s why causing blunders..)

 Attach the handle strip..

And i have done it finally..oops..what a pleasure making this…machine was disturbing much but i am more stubborn than machine..hehehe

That’s why i avoid stitching..what a nice joke..hmmm…

Its just perfect for my heavy books…

 I hope you enjoyed my sewing experiment..i was having fun & frustration while stitching…but finally its completed..

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Have a good day!

Khadija ~

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