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DIY iPad Cord Design with WashiTape

ipad cable design diy repair


DIY iPad Cord Design with WashiTape

A few days back I design my iPad cord with washi tape, I always wanted to try something creative with gadgets accessories, in fact I make my iPhone’s casing with fur & that was a big hit featured everywhere at blogs & social media, this time I design the charging cable of my iPad. It was not decided though..

This time the reason behind its design was not my crafty passion, Actually there was a Blunder.. oh you know I am good in making blunders sometimes? haha.. Read the whole thing below..

DIY iPad Cord Design with WashiTape

ipad cable design diy repair

ipad cable design DIY

My iPad is usually placed at my side-table & its charging cable is in the table drawer mostly! One day the cable got damaged because I were hurriedly closing the was not broke though but damaged & can be dangerous as the metal wires were visible. So I cover it with Washi Tape nicely!

ipad cable design diy repair

ipad cable diy

Have a look at the simple steps on how to keep yourself safe with a touch of creativity!

You will only need to have Washi Tape & some patience to wrap around nicely & tightly.

how-to cover iphone cord-cable

how-to cover iPhone cord-cable

How-To Design iPad Cord with WashiTape :

1- iPad/iPhone charging cable

2- Start Wrapping around the cable a bit tightly.

3- As the washi tape design was vertical lines, so I started wrapping in a way to design look like beads..

4- Try to join lines & make the proper design although its not easy, I also disturb the design once!

washitape craft ideas DIY

washi tape craft ideas DIY

While finishing the endings, I use transparent tape to make it more fix & long lasting!

Isn’t it easy & simple? Pretty though.. Whenever I am doing blunders, things get more interesting then! So I enjoy doing my crafty blunders..I hope you will like this easy refashion!

You can see my other Washi Tape DIYs. & iPhone Case DIY

Have a Good Day!

Khadija Kiran

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