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Recap of The Year 2014

Creative Khadija blog recap 2014


Recap of The Year 2014

2015 is around the corner now! It was a great year for my blog as well as myself indeed, Year 2014 was filled with so many blessings & one of the best year of my life so far.. Alhamdulillah. I enjoy this successful year, There was more work, more sales, more fun & more happiness with the help of Allah Almighty!! I was submitting my interviews several times this year, It was great experience being featured & published in different countries & media. I submit many guest posts at different websites, forums & magazines etc. Not only in Pakistan, at many international blogs though, I was invited to visit locations as well (in Malaysia, USA, UK & Israel). I am also excited about my personal blog as well, that’s a Fashion, Food & Lifestyle blog which is also converting my attention but its fun! Besides these features & publishing, every other day I got the lovely words of appreciation from my readers. This year I work not only for my blog, I also did many commissioned tasks as a freelancer, Isn’t it fun being popular worldwide?? Definitely its the best feeling when people appreciate your work! Alhamdulillah :)

Anyways! I am so talkative specially when I am so happy, so better I should control before you dear readers quit reading this post..haha…now have a look at the Recap of “Creative Khadija” year 2014 crafty creations & Tutorial…

Recap of the Year 2014

blog recap 2014January 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

Keychain/Pendant Tutorial  Anthro Inspired Cuff  Planner Design  Glitter Hearts Balloons

 February 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

DIY Heartistic Shirt  3D Card Making  iPhone Keyring DIY

 March 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

Anthro Inspired Bracelet  Jute Nest Making  Spring Nest with Bird  Dough Flowers Basket Design

April 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

Paper Quilling Card Making  Washi Tape Crafts  Beads Bracelet Making Mirror decoration DIY

May 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

Planner Design  Leather Pouch Glass Paint Calligraphy DIY

June 2014

creativekhadija year recap 2014

Handmade Earrings  Weight Loss tips  Monogram WallArt DIY

July 2014

creativekhadija year recap

Glasspaint Jar Reuse  WashiTape Gift Box  Gift Box Designing  Ribbon Flowers Headband

August 2014

creativekhadija year recap

TruckArt inspired Drawings independence day Necklace  Fabric Paint Pillows

September 2014

creativekhadija year recap

Collage Clay Headband  Vintage Planner Cover  Henna Pumpkin DIY Eid Mehndi Designs

October 2014

creativekhadija year recap

Collage Clay Card  Fix Jewelry Rhinestones  My Craft Space Glitter Nail Art

November 2014

creativekhadija year recap

DIY Halloween Plate Applique Baby Frock How-to add jump rings DIY Love Pendant

December 2014

creativekhadija year recap

Paris Pendant DIY  WashiTape iPad Cord DIY

In December I were away from blog-land because of a sad happening in my country and then for my studies/exams! but I am back now!

creative khadija round up

creative khadija round up

While writing this post I was a feeling lazy.. I guess I should not be taking break next time, otherwise I will be ignoring my blog & seriously I hate ignoring my passion & profession! So here it is the last post of this year 2014. I hope you will like having a look at the whole if something missed.

You can also have a look at all the recaps of my previous years of blogging!


Recap 2012

blog recap 2013

Recap 2013

I am so happy its my 4th year of successful blogging going on! Alhamdulillah for Everything. I am glad to have you all blogger friends here with me during these past years of fun and creativity. Thank you Everyone. Wish you all a very Happy and Successful year 2015.

Have a great day!

Khadija Kiran ~

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I am Khadija, a girl blogger & content creator. I started this blog in 2010. It's pleasure sharing interesting stuff related to art, fashion, food, and lifestyle. You can enjoy my 400+ DIYs on this blog. I also sell my handmade arts. Stay tuned to see a lot more interesting stuff.



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