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Happy Mothers Day & Giveaway Winner Announced

win giveaway wall art painting calligraphy art DIY


Happy Mothers Day & Giveaway Winner Announced

win giveaway wall art painting calligraphy art DIY

We Have A Winner Today

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I know I am a bit late in wishing you beautiful ladies but you can’t imagine how busy is this arty crafty girl (I am talking about “Creative Khadija” off course :p haha) I am going to announce the Lucky winner ofCreative Khadija 5th Blogversary Giveaway I am really thankful to all of you dear girls who participated & dropped their sweet well wishes for me & my blog! I am really thankful to all of you who made my day more brighter with their wonderful comments & appreciation.

During past 5 years, I started having a unique relationship with my readers all over the world, I never met a single of them but now as I know them from years, I feel like we are friends from years.. your support means a lot, your emails, suggestion, feedback via comments & critics too are seriously having importance!

I am among those few lucky bloggers who are having readers from all over the world with every age group. As my blog is totally girly & filled with home stuff & feminine interests, So my readers are women mostly! as far as I know..during these 5 years I came to know about my regular readers a bit more, the youngest blog reader of mine is a 9 years old girl from Italy & a 10 years old girl with the name Khadeeja from Malaysia but currently living in Pakistan. as well as the most senior & dear reader of my blog is LV from Texas who is 86 years old & She is a blogger as well. I also love Michelle from Los Angeles, She is an awesome blogger & jewelry designer, I enjoy when she call me “My Online Adopted Niece Kiran” She is such a dear lady. I love my people who find time from their busy routine & write me always :) I respect my every reader & blogger buddies who are connected from years at blogland. I hope we will be connected forever :)

OMG.. I am talkative again today… stop me plz! otherwise I will be writing another 1500 words article as my 5Th blogversary post..haha. Anyways.. Here is the announcement of my Giveaway Winner.. drum rolls……. there we go…

Maryam from Planet Marzz.. No No.. She lives at Planet Universe, but write over Planet Marzz..(her blog name)

Congrats Maryam, I hope you will be enjoying my calligraphy paintings wall art. I will be contacting you via E-mail. So be sure to check & reply me with details :)


Here is a Video for you to enjoy glimpse of making this calligraphy art.

P.S- Many readers of my website are writing me via emails & social media about the issues they are facing at my website, some of you are unable to open my blog via smart gadgets, a few of you are facing difficulty in leaving comments as well as a few are getting errors while checking archives! I noted down your complaints & will be soon working on these as well. So until then.. I will not be posting anything here! I will be posting at my twin blog may be. I will update my Social networks, so be sure to follow me there as well. Let my tech team fix these issues first, So I bet you people will be again able to read my article here properly, I am sorry dear readers!

Have a wonderful day!


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