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Creative Khadija 5th Blogversary & Giveaway

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

Creative Khadija Blogversary

Creative Khadija 5th Blogversary & Giveaway

About 5 years back I started blogging..And here today I am going to share the story how “Creative Mind Khadija” started..(Read at your own risk, This story is all about fun ramblings related my blog..might be boring, lengthy, irrelevant, funny or may be inspiring :p )

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

creativekhadija blog birthday/blogversary

Happy 5th Blogversary Creative Khadija Blog

About 5 years day while working on a college assignment, I were tired of searching content at Google related my presentation topic.. Suddenly I got a message from my friend Rabia in which she sent a link of handbags making tutorials post, I check that & enjoyed, below the article there were comments of other bloggers too. I started reading those and by chance clicked a commentator’s blogger profile where I noticed an option – Create Your blog – I seriously don’t know why I clicked through as I never even think of doing this.. so I made a blog!

Creating a blog was super easy, as far as I remember I just clicked on options & “Yes” for most of them.. And it was Done. The only trouble I faced was the moment when I was going to decide the blog name and profile picture.. as I am a Pakistani so I thought worldwide blogger community might not be appreciating.. (as the international media/news talk so rude about Pakistan & Pakistanis) So I select a name & profile pic finally..! Name : Zeshuregi, Profile pic : Blonde Barbie Hahaha..I seriously dont know how quickly I decide this & done it.. funny me..!

During first one week, I upload so many random images of my creative work and projects, there were capital letters, hardly 10/15 words in one article, so many mistakes etc. In one week I publish about 30 posts with rough content..haha.. I was not familiar with blogging thing..

Then I forgot about blogging for long time.. I were busy in studies that’s why! but sometimes I update tutorials from Martha Stewart blog or Etsy DIY ideas just like these days we are pinteresting.. After my exams I started blogging and then learning about how to do it..I share my first Tutorial on the blog and there I was appreciated (although that was an ordinary article with rough images of tutorial) So I started sharing tutorial posts then, my readers were enjoying my ideas and work, no matter how roughly composed it was.. The very first comment on the blog was from a Canadian girl who were selling recycled denim projects. She have deleted her blog now but I hope she will be fine.

With the passage of blog was getting famous day by day..My creative stuff was getting featured at many websites, in e-books- online magazines & in print media as well.. I got 3/10 page rank after one year of blogging (sadly it has gone now but luckily it doesn’t matter anymore) I remember the feeling when the editor of Threads magazine contacted Zeshuregi for a magazine feature in 2011.. There I disclose my real name with her for the very first time.. and whenever I am getting featured with zeshuregi makes me feel weird.. so I disclose my name on the blog finally! I rarely talk about my blogging activity with anyone in my friends and family circle..(I dont know the reason why I hide..haha)

Here I remember when my brother told me a fun thing when He talk about my blog with a cousin of us who is also a blogger, so my cousin was confused to see the blog with the name Zeshuregi..He asked my brother this is someone zeshuregi, but my brother assured him that’s kiran’s fake name..! So my blogger cousin helped me in blogging/wordpress redirection matters etc! He is now a co-admin of my blog as well.

Blogging was not an easy job for me while studying but Thanks Almighty I managed all.. my grades were always fine! I take breaks during exams or busy schedule of work! Time flies..I can’t believe its my 5th blogversary today..but when I have a look at my 5 years old nephew Hashir ..then I feel peace & believe that 5 years have passed really..haha.. My super sweet nephew’s birth is the happy & memorable happening around those days when I start blogging..

People steal my work.. sometimes at blogs & sometimes at social media or online forums.. It’s hectic to face this but I started watermarking my images with the blog address! but there are still some dear stupids around who are stealing my work. I don’t mind anymore.. I am a calm mind now..(haha..this might be joke of the century? :p )

5 wonderful years of blogging.. So much fun! loads of success..tons of fun! so many features..Published in different countries worldwide, mentioned in E-Books. Featured in Magazines, Websites and wonderful blogs..Interviewed so many times..even I can’t remember how many times! I am so thankful to everyone who drop by here & makes me feel good. All of my blogger friends & people are super sweet.. my views are now different from 5 years back thinking :) most of the People around the globe are nice, World is good..not everyone is same as media/news explaining..

I celebrate my blog’s 5th blogversary.. A teeny tiny party at my place with my people available at home that moment.. it was fun though..Would you like to have a sneak peek there? have a look..

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

creativekhadija blog birthday

I enjoy working on this tiny celebration as it’s my best friend’s birthday party..but NO my blog is not my best friend..its my baby actually :p haha blushes*

I wanted to change blog design for the 5th year’s celebration but for some reason it was not possible.. disappointed though :( I hope my readers are comfortable with this design..

creativekhadija blogversary

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

I made some crape paper flowers and wrote the digit 5 on the wall with flowers. I was affiliated with a good team who design some labels specially for my blogversary! so I got printable labels of my blog’s logo & blogversary quotes from Food Packaging Labels

I apply these stickers on the juice glasses & made some banners too for putting along with cake and cupcakes! These are pretty labels & perfect affiliation for my celebration! For the cake..My friend Nabia was going to make a customized cake for my blogversary but for some reason we skipped. SugarnCrumbs islamabad is making beautiful cakes, She is a wonderful photographer as well  (Rammal M Photography Islamabad)

Also thanks to my designer friend at Buddy Loans who always extended a helping hand for any issues in the user interface.

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

creativekhadija 5th blogversary

Alhamdulillah for every success, Thanks a lot dear readers of Creative Khadija blog! Your support means a lot. I am really thankful to all of my silent readers as well as the active ones! I appreciate your emails & comments. I know many people are writing me about the blog issue which dont usually allow them to write comment under the blog posts, I know there is some issue, but I appreciate your comments at my social media networks otherwise. These 5 years are the best years of my life so far.. I am learning and trying to do more well.

creativekhadija blog birthday blogversary

creativekhadija blogversary

So here is a giveaway for my dear readers and followers. I painted some wall arts with calligraphy quotes on it. Would you like to have my hand painted art for your walls? see below how to win these!

How to Enter the blogversary Giveaway –

1- Comment at this blog post.

2- Follow Creative Khadija(see FOLLOW option at bottom right)

3- Follow Creative Khadija social networks(but this is not mandatory just an extra entry)

Giveaway is open Worldwide, feel free to enter. Winner will be announced at 10th of May 2015

 I enjoyed my 5 years at blogland..who knows about the next year? even the next moment.. nobody knows..Just God Almighty knows whats going to happen! So I dont promise you that I will be there after next five years..but I promise I will not be forgetting anyone. Thanks a lot for always appreciating my ideas & tutorials. I am happy to see my customers/followers & readers happy..

On a serious note.. In our life we have so many people who are always appreciating and admiring us but believe me there are some many many more people who are even jealous & having poison inside them for matter how sweetly they behave in front of us.. Life is all about facing and handling these dual faced kind of people who are not happy at your success or goodness, but ignore them & let them burn..hehe.. follow the quote which is something like..”kill them with your happiness & bury them with your success”! That’s it..

Oops I am so talkative today.. But I should have a look at the increasing word count of this article now! 1440 is a big word.. longest article at my blog! I hope you enjoyed reading this fun rambling by me. Thanks again dear readers of Creative Khadija. Forgive me if ever there was something disturbing from my side..

Happy Blogging :)

Khadija Kiran

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I am Khadija, a girl blogger & content creator. I started this blog in 2010. It's pleasure sharing interesting stuff related to art, fashion, food, and lifestyle. You can enjoy my 400+ DIYs on this blog. I also sell my handmade arts. Stay tuned to see a lot more interesting stuff.



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