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10 Ways to Impress People Around You

10 Ways to Impress People Around You

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10 Ways to Impress People Around You

If you have put forward some nice feelings for people around you, then you would like to impress them. On the other hand, the problem is you don’t know how to do it. The pressure can cause people to fail. However, don’t let the pressure bog you down. Here are the 10 ways you can impress people around you at work place or fellows.

10 Ways to Impress People Around You

1# Put on a bright smile

Your smile can become your best tool to impress someone you love as it not only radiates positivity but also happiness. Science has proven that people who smile more often tend to be more attractive and successful, not just in their professional life but personal life as well. Looking happy is a great way to impress someone. It’s simple, we want to stay away from trouble and be happy. As a result, we get attracted to people who appear happy.

2# Get along with their friends or family

Befriending the family members or friends of your fellows can really get them to like you. They’ll like it if you were friendly with their kith and kin. However, make sure to know where to draw the line. Don’t force yourself on to someone. If they don’t want to mingle with you then you better keep distance.

3# Be who you are

Being who you are and being comfortable in your own skin is very important. Trying to be someone who you aren’t is only going to make you look fake. Block out the voices that say they don’t like you. While you should always try to improve and be a better person, you should never pretend to what you are not.

4# Develop confidence

Cut that slouch, stand up tall, put on that look of confidence and watch the difference. Nothing impresses people more than confidence. Impressing someone is way easier if you are confident about yourself. Turn your nervous energy into positivity and you’d be able to take on the world. However, make sure to know the difference between being confident and being overconfident. The latter is never appreciated.

5# Dress up nicely

Dressing up is an effective way to get someone to like you. Nicely dressed people tend to have a better impression on people simply because they look more presentable. Pay attention to everything, from your shirt to your watch to your shoes. Trim your hair, look neat, and smell well. All this is very important, especially since bad fashion sense is a major turn off for both men and women.

10 Ways to Impress People Around You

6# Show them you like making friends

Don’t hide your feelings. Be brave and talk about your feelings but without making it look too animated or fake. There are many ways to show you like making friends. However, if you’re not confident enough to do that then you can send signals by exchanging gifts or using other such techniques.

7# Have a Good Conversation

There’s nothing more attractive than a conversation. Indulge in a healthy conversation and let them know what you truly are. Looks and other superficial things don’t matter a the end of the day. No one’s gonna like you if you can’t hold a conversation so work on that.

8# Food is the Secret

You can bond over food. Discussing new recipes and tricks can be a nice icebreaker. You can talk about how AFPKG is changing the coffee industry or how McDonald’s is better than KFC. Such topics can help start a conversation and then you can get going from there.

10 Ways to Impress People Around You

9# Show kindness and care

According to research, compassion is a quality most people want to settle with. People also feel attracted towards those who are kind and lovable. If you’re kind, it will show on your face. People still talk about Princess Diana and how she radiated positivity, all because she was a lovely soul. You should also try to stay nice and positive, not to impress others, but because it’s important to be.

10# Compliment them

Complimenting someone nice is the best way to score a point. Be sensitive about it and compliment others with sincerity every now and then. Don’t confuse it with flattery, as trying to flatter may get you an adverse reaction.

Follow these simple tips and you will definitely be able to impress the one that you love.

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