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Handmade Cuff & Bangle

hand embroidery zardozi work accessory


Handmade Cuff & Bangle

hand embroidery zardozi work accessory

hand embroidery zardozi work accessory

Handmade Cuff & Bangle

Handmade Jewellery making trend is always in fashion and not getting fade with time. Though it depicts culture and tradition but also meets the recent requirements of fashion and style. My today’s blog post is one of them. I hope you will like it.

I like jewellery making & designing, Handmade is always unique and looks perfect, I am in a habit of designing my handmade jewelry & accessory sometimes with matching dress. This cuff and bracelet is also matching with my dress I share my Embroidery shirt before. There was some spare material so I thought to use it in a right way!
hand embroidery zardozi work accessory

hand embroidery zardozi work accessory

 I design this accessory with one of my hand embroidered shirt. I hope you still remember this. I used sequins, silk thread and rhinestones for decorating the cuff and bracelet.
hand embroidery zardozi

hand embroidery zardozi work

I use these beads and sequins for its making, this was the material. Indeed its fun to create such colorful projects.

I hope you enjoyed my hand embroidery work. I did hard work but later I was so happy when this Shirt Embroidery work got published in Threads Magazine USA :)

You can also buy this kind of Accessory or Jewelry from me. I ship worldwide.

Thank you!

Khadija ~


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