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beautiful mehndi designs for girls

Hinna Designs

Mehndi Designs

Mehndi/Henna designs are always popular among girls, specially when the Eid festival or any wedding function is around, I have shared some henna designs inspirations a few weeks back during Ramadan, and there in a I was also telling you about sharing henna designs by my sister in law, so here today I am sharing her henna designs with you, the model hand in this post is my auntie’s hand.

Mehndi Designs

mehndi henna designs

Mehndi Designs

Here it is a flower motive.

henna mehndi hands

Mehndi Designs

My auntie’s hand is good as a model hand for henna application.. isn’t it?

mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs

And the henna design by my sister in law is also nice..

mehndi hands

Mehndi Designs

Now These hands are may be familiar to you? yes these are mine! typing this post right now! haha.. here it is the color of henna after washing the henna herb from hands.

mehndi designs

Mehndi Designs

Filter plus Editing.. yeah, this above pic is from my Instagram sharing during Eid days, OMG I’ve got 100 likes at this pic. waoo..

You can see many more henna designs in my previous posts Here.

p.s I am taking about 10 days break from blog, will be back soon with another colorful post..!

Have a great day!

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