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Decorate Headband with Collage Clay & Beads

headband makeover with clay charm beads

Collage Clay

Decorate Headband with Collage Clay & Beads

I had a wonderful experience of Crafting with Kids, It was so fun! I enjoyed a lot & feel pleasure while crafting, My Niece is about 7 years old & she loves crafting, I thought to craft with her this time again! my niece have some pretty hair & she likes hair accessories, So the first thing in my mind before finalizing , was to try something for her hairs.

As I received some crafty goodies from Amy last month, So there I got mod podge Collage clay in pink, my niece loves pink. She was working on, I just assist her. She is genius & good in giving me her ideas about decorating this headband.

See what my niece & I have done with a plain headband.

Decorate Headband with Collage Clay & Beads

headband makeover with clay charm beads

headband makeover with clay charm beads

Collage clay is an interesting product to work with, Do you remember the previous post in which I admit about my Craft Fail..?

How To Design a headband with collage clay & Charms ;

headband makeover with clay charm beads

material for headband makeover with clay charm beads

For making a designed headband, you will need to have ;

1-A plain headband, 2-Mod podge collage clay, 3-ceramic charms, 4-glitter, (And specially a sweet baby girl of 7 year old who will be making this!! haha)

Gather the craft supplies and start working on, its easy and nice! have a look at the steps of its making!

headband makeover with clay charm beads

how to design headband makeover with clay charm beads

Spread the collage clay on the surface of headband and then fix the charms & beads over it. in this above pic, my niece is happily working on. it was a bit difficult for her to handle the headband but I helped her while she fixed the little thingies over it carefully..

When it was all set, then I take a paper towel and remove the extra clay from the sides.

What Is Collage Clay..?

People who haven’t yet tried working with collage clay yet, they will may be curious to know, So I should be telling you in few words..

Collage clay is a very soft & fluffy paste which seems like foam, when it dries it sets strongly over the space where its pasted, you can decorate any gadget casing with the same way as I am decorating the headband.

headband makeover with clay charm beads

crafting with kids

My niece was working on this collage clay but she was not doing this alone, I was helping her totally..because on the collage clay product, it was simply written over the pack  “Not for use by children under 8 years old” as my niece is 7 years old but I think if you are assisting your kids while crafting with collage clay then its fine, otherwise you should be careful while working with collage clay crafts….Working with designed tip was difficult for my niece as she has little hands, so I remove that & she work directly from the packing

headband makeover with clay charm beads

headband makeover with clay charm beads

Glitter It..

Yeah..As its setting and fixing, I sprinkle some glitter over it.. and I use my finger tips to set over it nicely, Later I pour some Mod Podge Dimensional Magic on it.. so the glitter will not be falling off..

headband makeover with clay charm beads

love glitter crafts

I choose purple color of glitter, I love Glitter seriously.

headband makeover with clay charm beads

headband makeover with clay charm beads

I am in a habit of sharing sneak peeks of my work at my social networks, so may be you have had a look over at this above image at my facebook or instagram? I like seeing people curious to know about what I am going to do next. Engaged readership is the best, isn’t it?

Lesson Learned ;

There are always elders around to teach us something but when we learn from kids, it means we are learning something with a different be sure to get their point. I learn one basic thing while crafting with my niece.. my niece was very patient about getting this craft dry totally.

I hope you enjoyed crafty creation by my niece & me! You can also have a look at my previous headbands Tutorials here.

Have a Great day my crafty people!

Khadija ~

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