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How to organize cords-cables with TP roll

how to organize phone cords cables beautifully tp roll upcycling


How to organize cords-cables with TP roll

Hey Everyone,

I am back after Eid & its blessings with lots of fun, This Eid was one of my best Eid so far Alhamdulillah..What about you girls? I can see OOTD & MOTD posts on your blogs & social media as well, I hope you enjoyed. So here today is another easy DIY for organizing some silly cords & cables!

Don’t you feel hectic while organizing phone cords/wires & USB cables after charging devices everyday. I was tired of my messy table specially right after routine work, when I am detaching these data transfer cables from my laptop.. I usually fold & save these in my side drawer! You might remember once I crack my iPad cord while placing it in the drawer, Then I cover the cord with Washi Tape..Remember?

Today I will show you how you can organize all of your gadgets cords smartly! Toilet Paper rolls are helping us everywhere..haha! So now you can see how to organize cords by putting these in TP rolls. Design TP roll & feel free to place around your work table! See how-to design a toilet paper roll and make it working well for you. Let’s Recycle smartly!

how to organize phone cords cables beautifully tp roll upcycling

how to organize phone cords cables beautifully tp roll upcycling
how to organize phone cords cables

How is it looking? at first glance my brother was unable to realize what is this holder thingie.. until he touched it :) haha

5 minutes organizing idea & you are done! see the simple steps here!

how to organize phone cords cables beautifully tp roll upcycling
tp roll upcycling

You will need to have :

1- Toilet Paper Roll

2- Acrylic Paint

3- Stencil

4- Foam Brush

You might remember my previous post in which I shared a chevron stencil DIY mug.. this was the stencil I were using before but ended up using a chevron design stencil, read the whole story HERE

how to organize phone cords cables beautifully tp roll upcycling
how to organize with tp roll

Peel off the sticker stencil from the sheet, and fix it over the TP roll.

Apply black folk art paint and this will be getting dry soon. peel off from the TP roll then. And you are DONE making a simple organizer for the messy cords! Voila :D

There was paint in the sponge brush So I make some circles with it & this way it was easy to free your foam brush from the paint.. The design you can see at the sides of squares is the sponge rough texture.

organize iphone cords cables DIY
organize iphone cords cables DIY

Fold these cords and cables & put it inside the TP roll tube.

If you want to design it some more, you can also paint in different colors..and if you will be coloring the base before stenciling..I bet nobody will get to know the material of your cords organizer :)

While making anything.. There are always many ways & ideas in my mind to make it more pretty! but I make it in one way… I left other ways for you to try with your own style. Everyone have their own creative mindset..So do it with your own unique style by adopting my idea!

I hope you will be having fun Recycling.

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

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