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How to make instagram logo pendant with polymer clay

plymer clay instagram logo handmade

Jewelry Making

How to make instagram logo pendant with polymer clay

Jewelry making is one of my favorite type of crafting, but as I don’t like wearing lots of accessories & jewelry mostly, So I tried making less for myself..Otherwise I make accessories for customers or for gifting my friends & cousins. Today I am going to share an Instagram Logo pendant with polymer clay, It was NOT easy to make but it was interesting to see as a pendant. I gifted this pendant to one of my sweet blog reader, She told me she is wearing this pendant everyday! oh seriously? I feel great when people value my handmade gifts a lot.

I won some polymer clay from a facebook contest & I were excited to make something! I made some accessories with the clay & Today you will see those in the article :) Have a look below!

Instagram Logo Pendant Making with Polymer Clay

plymer clay instagram logo handmade

instagram logo handmade with polymer clay

About four years back I started instagram from my iPhone. No doubt it’s a very interesting app. I got many customers from instagram. I learn a lot related photography & social media stuff via many creative Instagramers.

For starting instagram, All you need to do is:

1- A proper profile bio with the link back to your blog/social media.
2- Take fine pictures and filter them if you want.
3- Add some nice captions.
4- Be sure to write proper hashtags So you can get exposure in search results.
5- You can tag other people or accounts on your picture.
6- Share it!
7- You can also share any post via Direct Message to a single person or with a group of 20 people.
Voila ~
instagram logo handmade with polymer clay dough

instagram logo with polymer clay

I made this polymer clay pendant badge of one inches size. Then turned it into a pendant by fixing a metal base with it.

polymer clay, dough, fimo crafts

polymer clay

Colors of the clay which I got were not according to instagram logo colors.. So I started mixing different shades until it turned into required shades.

First I make light skin color square & then started putting one tiny circle in the middle..then small strips of 4 colors. then fix a tiny black square in the corner. That’s it.

I put this logo in the microwave oven for one minute, so it turned into a hard clay charm. then seal it with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.

Instagram Logo Pendant Making with Polymer Clay

Instagram Logo Pendant Making with Polymer Clay

Here is the metal back, I fix it with hot glue. Add a jump ring & put it together with a chain.

instagram logo handmade with polymer clay dough

instagram logo jewelry

Isn’t it good? So you can make a pendant with other social media logos! Do you want to buy one? Feel free to contact me :)
jewelry making, dough jewelry

clay jewelry ideas

I made a happy face emoji..! and then fixed it over a ring. Because I am Happy :) I love wearing this ring as well.. You may notice this ring at my Instagram update during the days when I were celebrating my blog’s 5th birthday.

polymer clay ring

OMG my big hand..haha. actually I were so happy while working on my 5th Blogversary. So this was one random share!

I hope you enjoyed this article, Let me know if you want to buy any of social media logo accessory! pendant or ring etc :) Feel free to visit my Instagram & follow me for a follow back!

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Feel free to use the SHARE button for spreading my tutorials & ideas with your crafty friends. Have a wonderful day!

Khadija ~

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