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4 Activities To Get Kids Involved With Spring House Cleaning

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4 Activities To Get Kids Involved With Spring House Cleaning

4 Activities To Get Kids Involved With Spring House Cleaning

Winter often feels like a time of messy hibernation. We let things pile up because it’s too cold, too dark, and too tiring to be cleaning out the house. But as spring arrives, it’s time to clean out and organize our homes!

Kids might get bored while waiting for you to finish cleaning, so why not teach them how to help? Here are 4 easy ways to get kids involved in the cleaning effort!

4 Activities To Get Kids Involved With Spring House Cleaning

1. Write Tasks On Cards

Write down some easy chores that your kids can do with you on separate note cards. Shuffle them up, and let your kids pick which task to do first!

How does this help with spring cleaning?

Children often feel reluctant to help clean because they are being told what to do. They are great at tuning out parent’s instructions. When they get to choose a task from the index cards, they are in control of what cleaning they will help with!

This technique helps to motivate kids and teach them about spring cleaning at the same time.

2. Help In The Garden

Cleaning up the patio or garden can be very dirty work, and you know that kids love any chance to get dirty!

There are many ways your child can help you with all that yard work. From picking up small branches to clearing leaves, you can ask them to do small tasks that might take you extra time if you had to do them on your own.

Make sure that they are wearing gloves or other protection needed if there is any risk of injury!

3. Toy Sorting & Donating

Children as often thought of as selfish, but they can be surprisingly giving when they get the opportunity. Tell your kids that they can help little boys and girls without any toys by donating some of their own.

Then, set up a “donation station” in one room of your house. Write on labels “donate” and “keep” and place them on two plastic storage containers.

Have the kids start going through their toys and putting them into each labelled container. While they will likely put most of their toys in the “keep” container, you can teach them the value of donating with the items they put in the “donate” container!

4. Have A Fashion Show

It can be hard to decide what clothing can be cleaned out from your child’s closet. Ask them to put on a fashion show for you to figure out what is worn out and what no longer fits!

Have each child try on clothes that you suspect might be too small or not something they like to wear anymore. Everyone gets to vote on if the item stays or goes! If it goes, you can take the extra clothing and donate it to a charity.

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