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This Summers Invest Wisely to your Home Insulation

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This Summers Invest Wisely to your Home Insulation

It’s just early April and the sun has started to show its intent already. Yesterday the Meteorological Department has issued “Heat Wave” warning for Karachiites; spreading shock waves across the city as we remembered thousands of lives lost to previous heat wave. So this summers we need to plan properly for a relaxing summers instead of facing hectic hot season.

This Summers Invest Wisely to your Home Insulation

Though Electronic, Print and Social media has extended warnings and measures to beat the heat this summer, however warning and measures proposed over media outlets often neglects long time measures as they just suffice for short time measures like drinking plenty of water, avoid going in open sun (when not necessary) etc. All these measures sure need to be implemented to avoid any fatal damage, still these aren’t the long term solutions as we can expect the same pattern for decades at least.

So, what’s the right solution?

What we can suggest here is to invest wisely in your home insulation. There are various insulating material available commercially that can help insulate your home roofs and walls at affordable pricing. Installation of insulating materials at the time of construction is perhaps the best practice that can help keep temperatures within bearable range. In fact there are insulating mediums available like Polyurethane spray, polystyrene etc. that can be installed easily on already constructed home.


Well, home insulation bring tremendous benefits to homes. Foremost benefit of these insulating materials is their ability to keep temperatures within bearable range during summers. In fact, they can be used for better insulation from harsh cold in areas dealing with low temperatures as well; however at this point we are concerned about scorching summer. Bearable temperatures reciprocates to reduced need for Air Conditioning; which results in less power consumption and savings on electricity bills (In Pakistan we are purchasing most expensive electricity per unit). Given the widespread use of insulating material, we will see reduction in power outages as well (as the shortfall can be reduced with low power consumption). Not to forget, these materials are extremely handy to deal water seepage issues (this is again a major concern for Karachiites).

Don’t forget the financial benefit it bring to your property. A home with proper insulation is priced fairly high as compare to non-insulated home.

 Cost of installation:

Below is an estimated price chart for Polystyrene insulating sheets:

  • 35Kg density per cubic feet 56 PKR per sq. feet
  • 30Kg density per cubic feet 22 PKR per sq. feet
  • 25Kg density per cubic meter 18 PKR per sq. feet

Mr. Haris is a passionate blogger who share prodigious home improvement tips. You can visit to read his other economic and contemporary home improvement tips.

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