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Why 3D Wall Panels Are Indispensable for Home Makeover Adventure

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Why 3D Wall Panels Are Indispensable for Home Makeover Adventure

3D wall panels are nowadays one of the most renowned options for wall panels in interior designing. The fact that house owners would be able to use internet pictures and obtain all designs on 3D home panels would even make these things more flexible. These decoration items are especially usable in rooms with larger spaces and less furniture. These help in the creation of the illusion of living or animated walls.

Why 3D Wall Panels Are Indispensable for Home Makeover Adventure

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Different Types of wall panels for homes

Various types of 3D wall panels would mainly be differentiated through the designs and the materials through which they are made from. Wall panels for decoration have various categories, and the different types are:

  1. Glass 3D walls – As you can guess from the name, these panels are made from glass with patterns and abstractions that offer help in the creation of different 3D effects. These panels typically measure around 4 to 6 inches thick and tampered glass is the glass material used for these decorative panels. Under normal circumstances breaking this glass would be rare, unless it gets hit by a hard object, something like a heavy stone or hammer. Even after that, the minor damage occurring doesn’t get noticed as sharp panel shutter fragments, leaving these panels with sharp edges causing injuries. This would make them even safer for home use where kids always run around.
  2. PVC 3D wall panels – Being some of the trendiest paneling choices, these decorative wooden panels are made from cast plastics that are known as PVC. Varnish, paint or veneer is required for coating finished PVC panels. These can easily get installed after they get glued to the wall or these are fastened to the frame. Their affordability, withstanding ability and low weight makes them much preferred when compared to various paneling options.
  3. Gypsum panels – The best thing about using these panels is that they are versatile and can easily get engineered into other different types of textures and shapes as well. The manufacturing process of these would also depend on the possibility of subsequent staining. If these are installed in a proper way, they easily get turned into a great picture. Unlike various other plastic panels like MDF, gypsum is a much heavier and stronger option and is made even more durable.
  4. MDF 3D Art Panels – These panels can be easily made after processing compacted sheets of MDF and plywood. Unlike many other panels, these easily get painted, laminated and veneered. Moreover, the homeowners get a much bright and reflective effect on these panels. Particular kinds of brackets are usable for MDF 3D art panels that aren’t flat. For the ones that aren’t flat, glue would directly serve the whole purpose.

3D wall panel decoration for home

Over the past few years, many people have started using wall panels while remodeling homes. With the wide range and varieties for wall paneling available nowadays, there are wide open possibilities that you will simply get the ones matching your style. Just take some time and research all the available options.

  1. Wood Wall Paneling – A great and simple way to offer your house or office with a new look is Wood paneling. Among the most renowned decorative wood wall paneling is the bead board paneling. Sometimes this gets installed as decorative wainscoting that would all up contrast and textures especially in living spaces of the home. When bead boards remain in natural wood hues, they will provide rustic experiences. All wood boards elicit an informal, relaxed atmosphere. These also provide craftsmanship for contemporary building materials. All vary informally depending on the choice of wood panels.
  2. Shower panel decoration – These are typically UPVC Sheets attached to your bathroom shower and wall. Compared to conventional ceramic tiles, these are simple to apply. All panels usually get slotted together through tongue and groove system, the tongue on sides into next panel groove and thus on, covering the wall and ensuring simple installation.
  3. 3D office panels – These temporary or portable wall panels can easily be utilized to partition cubicles in office environments. Different wall panel sections can easily get assembled in metal or wood. These are coated with fabrics and other grained materials that turn your walls attractive and elegant.

Other extents of 3D wall panel designing include geometric patterns, textures and intricate lines making them suitable not only for covering walls but for different surfaces like furniture ceilings and various surfaces in house interiors. Moreover, these are usable in any kinds of surfaces through glue of mounting brackets like wood, brick, stone, etc.

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