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Bad Tattoos-Try Temporary Tattoos Instead

Bad Tattoos Ideas-Try Temporary Tattoos Instead

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Bad Tattoos-Try Temporary Tattoos Instead

Getting a tattoo may sound fun now, but you will have to live with that tattoo your whole life or go through a very painful and fairly expensive tattoo removal process. You may want to get a temporary tattoo as a mockup, just to make sure that it is the right choice for you.

However fun tattoos may seem, there are some simply bad choices which you really shouldn’t consider. Tattooing is a beautiful and fascinating art form, but just like all the other arts, it has worthy pieces and those that are definitely not.

Tribal, Barbed wire

There are some tattoos which became popular for some reason, even though they are quite meaningless and not particularly beautiful either. The first group are tribal tattoos for people with no affiliation with native tribes. Essentially, these are just random lines with no meaning and very little aesthetic value.

An even worse choice, which many teenagers seem to favor, is barbed wire wrapped around the ankle or the upper arm of the wearer. There are very few people who haven’t regretted getting a barbed wire tattoo. If you need to have it, get it out of your system with a temporary tattoo. Your older self will thank you later in life. Or, you can prank someone you did get this kind of a tattoo. Here’s the full plan how to use temporary tattoos for pranks.


If you want to send a message to the world, make sure it’s spelled correctly. Many a cool tattoo has been ruined by a missing letter or an apostrophe out of its place. The amount of misspelled tattoos is shocking at best.

If you’re planning to get a writing tattoo, double-check it before you ink it permanently.

Bad Tattoos Ideas-Try Temporary Tattoos Instead

Language You Don’t Speak

The problem with getting a tattoo in a foreign language is that you can’t be sure that what you are printing is actually what you think it is. Even if you used an online translator to compose your ideal message, you cannot know for sure. Idioms do not translate literally, and sometimes there are nuances to meanings which you aren’t aware of.

The situation is even worse if you are using a different script, like Chinese or Hindi. Not only are words foreign to you, so are the symbols. There are numerous examples of people sporting tattoos written in Chinese script meaning random things like ‘soup’ or ‘potato’, while their owners believe they mean some grand ideas such as ‘honor’ or ‘courage’.

Hate Speech

Regardless of the language, any hate speech is a bad idea. Not only are you pegging yourself as a hateful person, you are also risking not being able to get a job because of it.

Some symbols are quite problematic, like a swastika, as well as numerous slogans associated with hate groups.

From a Tattoo Artist You Know Nothing About

Have you seen any of their previous work? Is it any good? Are you OK with them marking you permanently? You could dodge a bullet by simply asking to see the artist’s previous work. If you feel like it is good enough for you, go for it.

If, however, you see that they are subpar, you can always just back out and save yourself a lot of embarrassment and eventually, a costly and painful tattoo removal process. There’s probably nothing worse to a tattooed person than the question: ‘What is that!?’, and having to explain it.

Tattooing requires careful deliberation and responsible thinking ahead, something teenagers and young adult rarely do. Seeing how they are the most common first-timers in atattoo parlor, no wonder the world is full of bad tattoos.

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