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Old Fashioned Cleaning With A Modern Twist

Old Fashioned Cleaning With A Modern Twist

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Old Fashioned Cleaning With A Modern Twist

Cleaning is not something that many people like to do. That is a given, but cleaning is something that we all need to do. After all, we can’t let our homes deteriorate into a state of messy dilapidation. The issue with many modern cleaning tools and techniques is that they are very expensive. Most people prefer to use old fashioned cleaning methods, but this does not mean that you cannot put a modern twist on those old school styles. Let’s talk about old fashioned cleaning with a modern twist.

Old Fashioned Cleaning With A Modern Twist

Putting That Modern Twist On Things – The Vacuum

Let’s start out nice and simple with the good old vacuum. Nowadays, vacuums come in all shapes and sizes, but they have been around for a very long time. Vacuums are in fact pretty old fashioned, but there are some new twists on them, some really useful ones. Most old fashioned vacuums simply suck up dirt and spit out some really filthy air. This can be quite a problem if you have allergies or breathing issues.

However, if you want to put a modern twist on things, you can always get a vacuum with a HEPA filter. You can take a look at this list of the best vacuums for under 100 dollars, which will provide you with a great selection of vacuums with HEPA filters. In case you did not know, HEPA filters serve to remove all kinds of allergens, pollen, dust, and other fine particles from the air before the vacuum spits it back out.

The beauty about these new age vacuums is that they can do a whole lot more than they could once upon a time. You can get a really cheap vacuum complete with a pet hair cleanup kit and a car detailing kit. No longer do you need special tools to deal with pet hair or to detail your car.

Putting A Modern Twist On The Mop

Let’s face it people, mops are dirty and disgusting. They really do a horrible job at getting stuck on stains off of the ground, and they don’t even do a good job at getting loose dirt. They just get really wet and you end up pushing dirt around on the ground.

Mops are really messy, they get stinky, and they can get full of nasty bacteria. They are just not ideal for cleaning floors as people would like to think. That being said, you can still give your floor a wet bath, so to speak, without using one of those bacteria traps called a mop. If you want to put a modern twist on things, we would recommend getting a microfiber mop.

You can also simply get a brush with a long handle and attach a microfiber pad to the bottom of it. Microfiber pads are excellent because they pick up way more dust and dirt than any mop ever could. They do a really fine job at picking up dust, pollen, and other allergens too.

These pads also tend to be a lot tougher than mops, allowing you to apply a fair amount of pressure to really scrub that floor clean. Have you ever tried applying pressure to a mop? Chances are that the head broke or the handle snapped in half. This is not something you will ever experience again when you have a microfiber pad in your cleaning arsenal.

Microfiber pads can be used for many other things too. For example, stop using those dirty old rags to dry dishes or clean off the table after a big meal. Microfiber cloths can do both of those things with ease.

Your Clothes – The Modern Air Drying Method

A lot of people love to put their laundry outside to air dry. There is just something about that crisp smell that cannot be beaten by anything. Sure, it can be a bit of a pain to air dry clothes outside, but they end up smelling much better than from the dryer. There is also the fact that dryers completely destroy clothes by eating away at the material. Well, to be modern about it, you don’t have to hang your laundry up outdoors, but you don’t have to use a dryer either.

If you get yourself a dehumidifier, you can hang the clothes up indoors and they will dry really quickly. They will retain that great smell of fresh laundry because they were not in the dryer, and they stay whole for longer too. Using a dehumidifier can cut down on the drying time of laundry by up to 60%, which is a big deal. Many people don’t like drying laundry outdoors because it takes forever, but not with a dehumidifier in your arsenal. There is also the fact that dryers use a ridiculous amount of energy and cost a ton of money to operate, which a dehumidifier does not.


The bottom line is that you can still stick to your old school cleaning methods, but with a modern twist, you can help make your own life a whole lot easier.

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