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5 quick and easy deep freezer cleaning tips you should know

kitchen chest freezer cleaning tips and tricks

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5 quick and easy deep freezer cleaning tips you should know

A standard-sized fridge isn’t always large enough to store all of your food. And, when you’re struggling for space, it may even be time to start seriously considering getting your hands on a larger freezer instead. With the increased storage space of a large chest freezer for example, you will no longer have to cram all of your frozen goods in. Like any refrigerator, chest freezers need regular cleaning but, unlike what most people think, a chest freezer requires more than a simple defrosting. Here are a few other things you can do to keep your freezer squeaky-clean.


kitchen chest freezer cleaning tips and tricks

5 quick and easy deep freezer cleaning tips

Don’t forget to unplug the freezer:

 As a rule, we must always be cautious around electrical appliances and unplug them before cleaning them. Although modern freezers have an off switch on them, it is still important to completely unplug your freezer before cleaning it. This will save you from the possibility of getting an electrical shock while cleaning your freezer.

Remove expired food and store the rest carefully:

Most of your food can seem to disappear in the depths of a freezer, seemingly never to be seen again. But while you’re cleaning your freezer, you’ll find that you actually rediscover food that you had assumed was missing. While you’re taking out the food, be sure to note the date on its label so you can discard any spoiled or expired items and keep hold of any that are still in date. Make sure to put all your frozen food in plastic bags used for storage. This will keep your food clean and safe from quick defrosting as you clean your freezer.

Cut down on defrosting time:

Defrosting takes time, A LOT of it. But there are a few things that can help speed up the process. Pouring table salt over the ice will quicken the melting process. Placing a large pot of hot water in the freezer can also help. Close the lid of the freezer to let the steam do its trick. But since there’s a lot of ice in the freezer, chances are you’ll have to replace the water pot a couple of times.

The cleaning process:

Once the ice has defrosted, remove the drainage tube of your freezer and get down to cleaning. Dish detergent is the best option to use for cleaning your freezer. Apply a small amount of detergent on a sponge and clean the walls and floor of your freezer with it.

To fight any lingering smells in your freezer, put a small box of baking soda inside it and let it stay there for several hours. You can also put an open box of baking soda in your freezer to prevent any smell in the future.

Organise Your Food:

The final step is putting back all the food in the freezer. But instead of just throwing everything inside randomly, organize your food. The food items that can be frozen for the longest time should be placed at the bottom and the things you use frequently should be placed on the top. Arrange meats nicely on one side. Organizing your food this way will not only help you in accessing them later but also make room in your freezer for more food.

Cleaning your freezer is very necessary and should be done at least three times a year. By following these tips, you can make your cleaning process far more efficient, which is better for you and your freezer.

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