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How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

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How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

In today’s article you will read some interesting facts & useful information about How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern.

Unfortunately, there are no quick solutions to sleep problems. Your body has to be trained to establish a pattern that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep. One of the best ways to get a good night’s sleep is to develop a sleep routine that is easy to stick to. In today’s article, you will read some interesting facts & useful information about How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern. Here are some rules you can follow to set a regular sleep pattern:

How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

• Your mind and body need to come to rest before you go to sleep. Use the time during the second half of the evening to relax and unwind from a busy day. Set a deadline for the end of work or any other activities at least 90 minutes before going to bed.

• Plan to go to bed at a regular time. Usually, this will be about 8 hours before you intend to wake up the next day.

• Watch what you eat and drink in the evening and don’t eat or drink for at least 2 to 3 hours before going to bed.

• Avoid drinking any stimulating drinks like coffee, tea, alcohol, hot chocolate, cola, or energy drinks before bedtime as they will upset your sleep pattern.

How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

• Make sure your bed is comfortable. If you are due a new mattress take a look at Mattress Firm reviews.

• Caffeine-free drinks like herbal teas such as Camomile, Ovaltine, and Horlicks are all soothing drinks that can be taken before bedtime.

• Avoid any foods before bedtime that can cause your digestive system to work hard like heavy snacks that contain cheese, meat, or spicy curry. Follow healthy eating habits.

• If you are a smoker, cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke in the evening.

• Switch the light off as soon as you get into bed.

• Do not watch television while lying in bed. If you have to watch TV before going to bed, do so while sitting in a chair. Avoid using smartphone or social media 2 hours before sleep.

• If you have not fallen asleep after about one and a half hours, get out of bed and go to another room to relax until you feel sleepy. Repeat this every time you find it difficult to fall asleep.

How To Establish A Better Sleep Pattern

•  Do not take naps during the day.

• Set your alarm to go off at the same time every morning. If you wake up before the alarm goes off, lie quietly until it goes off while enjoying the comfortable feeling of lying in bed.

• Do not have extra sleep time to make up for a lack of sleep the previous night. When training your body to get used to a new sleep routine you should stick to the program.

• To set a regular sleep pattern you need to follow the program for several weeks before it will become established.

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