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Ribbon Work Designed Floral Shirt Making

Hello All,,
My Today’s post is Interesting for those who like doing experiments with color combinations :) I have done this color experiment a few weeks back! but the turn out was Nice..I have shared my black & white color obsession with you in my previous post! well I collect material one day but during those days house white wash started & I was too busy in other duties! After getting free from other stuff I start Making this Shirt Embellishment with ribbons & Ribbon flowers..First I thought to do Ribbon Embroidery but the fabric was not good one according to thick ribbon embroidery,Actually I have bought broad ribbons which may disturb the fabric weave if I try some Embroidery !
I am Extraordinary in LOVE with Pearls & I also use Pearls here..

Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work

 First Look !!
& Now the whole Project..I complete this whole shirt within 4 days! ( I am really an Active girl..wohoo..but sometimes only,,haha)

Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work

I select Red, Green & Yellow Ribbons with a broad Pink Ribbon! I also try some paper work with markers! sorry i have missed the pic of paper work somewhere in my folders..oops!

Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work

First You will need to make some Ribbon Flowers for embellishing your shirt..the simplest how-to is above..
1- make running stitch at one border side of your ribbon
2- when you will pull the thread it will be like a ruffly round piece!
3- then you will have to make stitches & a proper knot of thread at both sides of ribbon ,so the flower will be ready!
4- cut extra thread & ribbon in vertical line, so the flower will not be disturbed! You can also check my another tutorial of these Flower Making
So you will repeat the process of  Flower making several times..I make so many! at start it will take some time but after making 10 flowers, your hand will work very well :) in flow :)

Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work

The First sneak peak at my shirt’s neckline..hmm..
First stitch the Pink ribbon, Then green,yellow & red! 
After sewing, take needle & thread & start embellishing your shirt with little flowers :)

Ribbon Work

Ribbon Work

Its the Shirt’s border..again Pink, green, Yellow & red too.
After sewing embellish flowers with needle n thread!
In first row I use one yellow-One green.then the second row was one red between every green n its the color combination :) with black & white!

Its not completed in above pic! even without ironing, I was not in a mood of sharing this pic but its a before image :) actually it was late night & i was at my bed :)

Wohoo..Its completed Now!! You can also see my scarf (folded)in the picture below!

Its the Arm design..

Here is a FACT, I am not a friend of sewing machine!! I touch the sewing machine once in 6 months..Believe Me..let me think when i touch the sewing machine last time..but the thing which really Amaze me that I stitch Ribbons not so bad,, my mother doubt that I will not be able to stitch these slim ribbons strait & without any mess..but I have done it smartly..hmm
well there is a tip which my friend told me once that during ribbon sewing, always place a thick brown paper under your fabric piece, so it will not disturb the ribbons! Well I follow this tip & its working!
 I will enjoy wearing this Hand bag with this dress..What do you think?have you checked my previous post about this bag?

Ribbons handwoven handbag DIY
Weaving Handbag Tutorial

Weaving Handbag Tutorial

I hope this will be an easy & interesting post for you! So if you liked it, or any suggestion about it, feel free to write me..
Have a colorful day!

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  • Reply Lisa September 25, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    I love the ribbon work, very beautiful.

  • Reply mrs khan November 19, 2012 at 5:06 am

    i love it it so beautyful

  • Reply Hafsa December 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm

    it’s really nice and seems easy I’ll try it and i hope you’ll share more works:)

  • Reply maite January 18, 2013 at 2:55 pm

    Me encanta.

  • Reply mrs basit April 9, 2013 at 6:51 am

    thanks u send me new creation i enjoy it

  • Reply sadi November 17, 2013 at 8:56 am


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