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HandEmbroidery on Shirt

zardosi embroidery on shirt on arm


HandEmbroidery on Shirt

When I was doing my Textile & fashion design studies, there I learn some new techniques of Embroidery! Did you hear about Zardosi work? It’s an embroidery technique mostly done with aar & tilla on fabric, I have done this work on a leather purse too. I really enjoy it when I started working on my shirt with the same technique! so why not to show you my creation today?
Have a look girls!

Hand Embroidery on Shirt

zardosi embroidery on shirt neckline tutorial
zardosi embroidery on shirt neckline tutorial
How is it? I have done it with a lot of interest, passion and love. I enjoy doing this embroidery work a lot.

I draw the embroidery pattern first on paper & its freehand design, but you can copy or print any other design of your choice by downloading online or copying from somewhere. After making the design pattern on the shirt, I collect the material for embroidery. The real work starts here. I completed this shirt embroidery in a week only! because I was very excited for seeing the outcome of this embroidery work!

I use a big square hoop as a frame of embroidery.

zardosi embroidery on shirt neckline tutorial
zardosi embroidery on shirt with hoop frame

material I have used here is;
SEQUENCE in green color, Tilla THREAD in green and meroon, beads.

hand embroidery zardozi
hand embroidery zardozi work

Have a look below & feel free to get this design for any of your project :)

free embroidery pattern
free embroidery pattern

Embroidery pattern

embroidery patterns ideas
hand embroidery patterns

Hand Embroidery pattern

Here is the full design of the shirt, Embroidery is seriously a fun project to do always! Here you can see the square hoop frame too, I used this for my embroidery work!

zardosi embroidery on shirt neckline tutorial
zardosi embroidery on shirt neckline tutorial

Inner side of the shirt, I think I did pretty neat job without making the mess! It’s looking simple and fine, not much mess of threads inside..right?

zardosi embroidery
zardosi embroidery

For this embroidery, I have used silk threads, sequences & the needle tool which is similar to a crochet hook.

zardosi embroidery on shirt on arm
zardosi embroidery on arm
I hope you enjoyed it. It’s not much difficult or tricky, simple yet need practice :)
You can see all of my Embroidery Work from my archives.
Thank you!
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