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Weaved Handbag Tutorial


Weaved Handbag Tutorial

I promised once that I will be sharing a tutorial of my favorite handbag.Actually it was a simple and plain weaved handbag,But I want some stylish look in it,so I create a little difference for its decoration
Ribbons handwoven handbag DIY

Now I will show you how I design this ribbon work and embellishment…

Weaving Handbag Tutorial

Weaving Handbag Tutorial

This was the plain weaved hand bag,I am showing a zoom image of its front side

I take a ribbon of desired size and weave it from center of  the bag.

I was choosing the better colors….but….

I weave it simply one up & one down and that’s it. Called basket weave.

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I was selecting something better..
I am pasting a broad ribbon for covering its edges

For covering upper side i make a big ribbon flower and some little ones and make the outline,you can find ribbon flower tutorial HERE

I stitch a jewelry piece on ribbon,because it was looking so plain
Then I cover jewelry and add some more ribbon flowers with these metal flowers

Ribbons handwoven handbag DIY

This is the zoom look…

Weaving Handbag Tutorial

Weaving Handbag Tutorial

Weaved Handbag Tutorial

Bag is ready

I hope you will understand the directions easily.
Thank You


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