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Glass Paint & Calligraphy(a Thanksgiving Post)


Glass Paint & Calligraphy(a Thanksgiving Post)

These days I am reading everywhere about “Thanksgiving” Its interesting & I think a very Important thing to do..I am sharing today some of my glass paint calligraphy pieces, I make these wall hangings for decorating several areas of my house, so I will show you these awesome wall hangings..

You know why I am saying these glass paintings“Awesome”??
because these writings are Holy Verses of Holy Quraan..That’s why these are Awesome..No doubt! 
Some of these are according to giving thanks to Allah, so I thought to share these with you!

My First glass paint is showing a Holy verse of Al’Quran, & the Translation of this verse is…THANKS GOD 

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

This glass paint calligraphy wall hanging is fixed in my room above my looking mirror, & it always remind me sayings Thanks to Allah whenever I see myself in mirror.
We all must say Thanks many times daily to our God Almighty for His endless blessings !!


And remember! Your Lord caused to be declared (publicly): “If ye are grateful, I will add more (favors) unto you,(Ibrahim 14:7) Al’Quran

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

 This glass paint in hanging in our Dining area..

Translation of the Verse = The God Is the Best Provider
Glass Paint & Calligraphy

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

It was hard to take pics of these glass paintings ,because of the mirror reflection..oops, sometimes my hands & sometimes opposite wall was showing, so the writing & image was getting disturbed..well I manage all smartly..but now don’t ask howww :)
Glass Paint & Calligraphy

Glass Paint & Calligraphy

This above glass paint is hanging in our Kitchen..
Translation =It Is my God’s Blessing.
Glass Paint & Calligraphy

Glass Paint

This is the Great building of Masjid-e-Nabvi, The holy Tomb of our Prophet Muhammad(s.a.w.w.) I sketch with glass paint led & then paint can see more about it here

see my flower Glass Paint post

Its always Nice to see the Holy Verses in a form of wall art, so we must say Thanks to Allah as much as we can..Not a single specific day..Daily & Always Give Thanks to Allah..

Have a Nice Day!
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