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DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

truck art inspired collage wall art with brush lettering DIY


DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

Hey Everyone, In my previous post, I was talking about some upcoming projects & art details. Today I am going to share one of my favorite piece of art among those. Would you like to see? It’s a colorful piece of art I have designed for one of my friend who is a client too. She recently renovated her bedroom. She wanted some customized wall arts from me, So I designed some for her. Here you will see a touch of truck art design colors with freehand brush lettering calligraphy by Me. I hope you will like the way I have designed this. Ohh yeah, There is a little suggestion in this post as well. Let’s read till the end friends.

DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

stay-positive typography wall-art-creative-for-sale

She wanted some colorful art pieces for her newly renovated bedroom wall, She recommend some sad quotations to write on the art pieces with brush lettering. As she is a friend, So I suggest her not to have sad quotes on your art pieces. Because every time when you will see your wall art, The sad quotes will not motivate you for something good. After convincing her a little, Finally she changed her mind! According to the situation, This “Stay Positive” was the most accurate quote for her bedroom wall. Whenever she will see this wall art, She will feel strong & motivated for staying optimistic & positive about life. Isn’t it?

Let’s start making Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

Here is the start of art project. I draw it randomly on a sheet & then colored it.

DIY Pop Art Abstract Wall Art-Part One

After completing the color, I keep the original art saved & make some prints of it. Looks fine?


You may have checked this click on my instagram already. Work in progress.


I write this quote with freehand brush lettering. I used black acrylic paint & wrote it on a A4 size paper sheet. Then cut it & design it for pasting on the colorful sheet.

DIY pop art wall hanging tutorial

I put it on the colorful art just to see what position will look fine. And finally ended up like this. Have a look.

In my next post, You will see the Part Two of this Pop Art Collage wall arts. I will be sharing another collage with truck art inspired colors & techniques. I hope you would like to see the Part Two of this art post.

truck art inspired collage wall art with brush lettering DIY
“Stay Positive, Even When It Feels Like Everything Is falling Apart.”

Isn’t it good improving yourself with an inspiring quote? My friend is thankful to me for this suggestion & I am happy to see my friend converting into a positive mind now! Yay! This is how art makes magic :) Agree?

Some ordinary little things can inspire us. I would like to suggest you, Whenever you decorate your bedroom, Be sure to write one inspirational quote as wall art in front of you. You will see the change definitely. Always stay positive & enjoy your life. Get rid of all the things which make you feel bad or sad. Stay optimistic & full of positive vibes & energy.

If you want to buy a similar wall art with any quote, name or words, You can Contact me! I am shipping worldwide.

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Stay connected for Part Two. You can also have a look at my other Wall Art Tutorials.

I wish you all a very happy day!


Khadija ~

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