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Camera Update

* Do you know about any Art & Craft blogger who is always taking pics of her crafty thingies with her cell phone camera(Nokia & iPhone)..??
* Do You know about someone who is always sharing her crafty step by step tutorials with just a phone camera ?
— If you don’t know someone weird like this..I am happy to be a Unique Craft Blogger :) isn’t it unique?
Because 90% of my blog images are captured by my phone camera!
I have shared my laziness with you several times..So I feel working with regular camera is not an easy job, but a phone camera is always easy to work with & for handling while gluey hands..haha..mostly I charge my iPhone via desktop or notebook,so its always easy for me to copy/paste pics of my tutorials in this way :)
Well,I want to share..I have a camera now..

Camera Update

Its Samsung L73 with 7.3 Mega Pixels..And lots of functions which I will understand within a few months/years,,haha
You know what..I am NOT comfortable with this..Because…
1- A low pixel camera is so helpful when sometimes you have anything rough/error in your craft but with some rich pixels, its very very tough to hide any error in your craft..haha..So I have to be more careful while creating…
2- Its touch system is not easy to handle sometimes..specially when my fingers are gluey :(
I was working with polymer clay and the camera was not helping me in taking quick,quick pics..So I complete making these flowers and then take the pic at last..

Camera Update

Camera Update

As in this picture, you can see green flower is not fine(green dough was getting dry when I was busy in taking pics,so I make a flower in last minute but because of this camera clarity its roughness is visible.I can’t hide now,,hehe, but will be careful in future :)
Have a Nice day!

p.s if you want to see what I have made with these tiny dough flower,be sure to check my upcoming next post :)

~ Love

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