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Life Of A Desi Family-Comics By Saeeda

comics by saeeda funny illustrations

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Life Of A Desi Family-Comics By Saeeda

Hey Friends,

I have a guest post to share today. Do you remember my funny interview article about Khabees Orat fictional character? Today again I come up with a similar article. nI hope you will enjoy reading this too. Are you a fan of Comics By Saeeda? She is too good in making funny & desi illustrations about our everyday desi lifestyle. Today She is my guest on Creative Khadija Blog. Let’s welcome her & read about life of a desi family via her funny illustrations!

comics by saeeda funny illustrations

Who Is Behind “Comics By Saeeda”

I am Saeeda Bibi, a Pakistani Artist based in Australia. I run a comics page called “Comics by Saeeda”.  I had always been good in drawings, art and creative stuff. You might have seen my work already since a lot of Pakistani celebrities have shared their portraits which I made.

I had no idea that I would start making comics until Shahneel, a friend, told me about them. At first, we made a few comics and got them posted on pages with large audience and we got a number of likes so I started the Facebook page in July 2016. Currently I am the only admin running the page. A lot of people ask me how I make these comics but unfortunately I can’t tell them. A magician never reveals their secrets.

I will share a few of my comics about Desi family. I chose to have most of my characters to be desi because I think these days we are becoming modern day by day. We are always on our smart phones. So I think it’s good to remind the audience of our desi Pakistani culture and the funny situations which we used to, or still go through everyday.

Life Of A Desi Family-Comics By Saeeda


Abhi to thek sey khush bhi nehi huy thy and Becharey Uncle ki khoshi ansoon mein beh gayi…

comic illustrations life-of-a-desi-family

Agr gandy kpry se hi saaf krna hai to phir safai kesi bhai?

life-of-a-desi-familyWas he crying because of the sad song or the onions? Or maybe he was remembering his long lost mehbooba. Haha..

life-of-a-desi-family“No compromise on chocolates”.  Chotu and Munni don’t lose any opportunity to take revenge from each other.  Shararti bratz.

life-of-a-desi-familyNow you know what to do when she says “Zalima Coca cola pila de”.

comics by saeeda

Yes, we can all relate to it. 7 baj rahe hoty hein or sab kehty hein 8 baj gaye.

comics by saeedaIssi liye kehty hein apna kaam khud kro. Haha.. Razia was just trying to teach him a lesson.

life-of-a-desi-familyNever come creeping.  If you do, be prepared for “anything”.

life-of-a-desi-familyThis happens all the time.  Jab ghar kabaar khana bana hota hai, tab he mehman atay hein.

life-of-a-desi-familyWhen you are having a good dream and someone wakes you up. Why? Munni usually does a lot of shopping in her dreams and then when she wakes up, she’s left with nothing. Oh it’s heartbreaking.


No one dares to eat Munni’s pizza. Unless they want a free ride to the hospital. haha


You feel so honored, even though you know that mom is going to re-do it.

life-of-a-desi-familyAt first, they don’t let us take the money. And then they take it away from us. Why do you play with our emotions. oh why?

I would like to present these two illustrations as these days Chai Wala is breaking the records of going viral so quick. Have a look at this chai wala (tea maker at a shop) in Islamabad.

chai wala went viral islamabad social media fever

At first day when Chai Wala went viral. but later…chai wala went viral islamabad social media feverThis #chaiwala went viral in a weird way! Take it easy Pakistan.

Thanks Saeeda for sharing your content with the readers of Creative Khadija Blog. You are doing great job. I am sure my readers will enjoy these illustrations as well as your article. Wish you all the best.

Have a great day!

Khadija ~

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