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When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

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When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

Your dryer is an essential laundry appliance to keep your clothes dry after washing, so experiencing problems, such as a dryer not heating up, making loud noises, or taking too long to dry, should be addressed right away. But what are the possible reasons why your dryer takes too long to dry? Find out more by continuing to read below.

When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

Clogged Vent

If your dryer feels hot but seems unable to do its job drying your clothes, you may be dealing with a clogged vent. Excessive hot air can become trapped inside the drum of the dryer, causing a clogged vent, and the low air circulation keeps your clothes from getting dry. The extra heat may pose damage to your clothes and can also start a fire. When you suspect a clogged vent, you can perform do-it-yourself repairs or ask help from a professional for quality dryer repair.

Here’s a quick guide for DIY dryer repair:

  • Check the hood or flap of the vent outside your house. Observe if a strong air flow comes out when your dryer is running. Clean the vent using a straight hanger if you can’t feel the flow of air coming out from the dryer.
  • Check your dryer for sags or kinks in the duct if the problem isn’t the vent flap. Straighten the hose as needed.
  • If the problem isn’t a sagging or kinked duct, disconnect the duct and inspect for blockage using a flashlight. You can remove the blockage by shaking it out or running a wadded cloth via the duct. Replace the duct if it’s damaged.

Lint Trap

The lint filter of your dryer should be cleaned after every use because if there’s too much lint build-up, the drying time of the machine could significantly increase, making it more efficient. That’s why removing and cleaning the lint filter from the dryer after every use is essential. If the lint filter becomes torn or damaged, replace it with a new one.

When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

Take note that spring cleaning is the best time to also conduct a preventive repair and maintenance of your laundry appliances, like your dryer. Ask for help from a trusted and reliable dryer technician.

Burned Out Heating Element

If the heating element of your dryer is burned out, the drying time can be prolonged. Open the cabinet of your dryer and locate the heating element. Check and test the element, and you have to replace it if it’s no longer working as it should.

Dryer Making Noise

There are other reasons why your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes as evidenced by your dryer making noise. There could be problems with the drive belt, drum roller, or the drum roller axle.

Here are the possible reasons why your dryer is making noise:

  • The drive belt is wrapped from the dryer drum, tension pulley, and the drive motor, making it frayed or damaged, which causes the noise. Inspect for any signs of wear and tear, and replace the worn out drive belt as needed.
  • Worn out drum rollers on the back of the drum may cause a loud rumbling noise. As a preventive measure, replace all of the rollers if worn out.
  • Worn out drum roller axles might make a loud rumbling noise. Removing the belt and turning the drum by hand should not cause wobbling when rotated freely. Replace all of the drum rollers and axles as a preventative measure.

Faulty Thermostat

It’s less likely, but it’s possible that it takes so long to dry your clothes because your dryer has a faulty thermostat. Try to open your dryer and test each thermostat. If any aren’t functioning properly, you have to replace all malfunctioning thermostats.

When Your Dryer Takes Too Long To Dry, What Could Be The Reason?

Broken Drive Belt

A dryer not spinning is usually due to a broken drive belt. It’s frustrating to find out that the dryer won’t spin when you’re almost ready to load wet towels. First of all, check if the dryer is plugged or not. Also, check the circuit breaker box and check if the two circuit breakers are turned on. Reset if both circuit breakers are not turned on. Replace or straighten a broken or bent peg.

Here are other reasons why your dryer isn’t spinning:

  • Worn out drum rollers due to overloaded motor
  • Worn out drum roller axles causing the dryer to stop
  • Worn drum glides (small plastic pieces supporting the drum)
  • Worn drum bearing, which strains the motor, causing your dryer to stop spinning

If simple troubleshooting can’t fix your dryer, check your home warranty. Ask a service technician to assess and resolve the problem.

Conclusion: There are different reasons why your dryer doesn’t seem to work as it should, or it takes too long to dry your clothes. A clogged vent, faulty thermostat, lint trap, and a burned heating element are some of the possible reasons. If you can’t seem to identify or resolve the problem with simple DIY dryer repair or troubleshooting tips, it’s best to consult a professional repair service.

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