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10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for every household

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10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for every household

A list of 10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for Every Household. These tips and preps check list will be helpful for you. Have a blessed Ramadan 2021.

ramadan prep essentials ramdan 2021

Ramadan prep before Ramadan every year is a common ritual in Muslim households. With Ramadan 2021 just around the corner, you will probably be planning to get prepared in advance for the upcoming holy month. Whether it is the house cleaning and organization of the household items, meal prepping, or planning ahead for the good deeds to be done during the holy month. Every enthusiast Muslim has a lot of things going on in his head with Ramadan approaching. If you are looking forward to getting a list of 10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for Every Household, you are at the right place. Continue reading for the best Ramadan Prep tips to have a happy and blissful Ramadan.

10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for every household

I am sharing a checklist of preps, you will find these useful I am sure. Keep on reading to know more.

Clean and Organize Your House

ramadan prep essentials spring cleaning

With the arrival of the holy month, a lot of Rehmats and Barakats will be entering your house as well. You need to make sure your residence is clean and neat for all the Rehmats, as well as blessings entering your house. Have a spring cleaning and thoroughly clean your house before Ramadan. If you need help regarding spring cleaning, check my articles on Spring Cleaning List and House Cleaning Checklist.

Ramadan Prep for Organizing your Refrigerator

ramadan prep essentials fridge organization

This year, Ramadan is going to be during the early months of Summer. What you will be needing most during the Sahoor and Iftaar time are cold beverages. You need to prepare your refrigerator for the approaching Ramadan month. Thoroughly clean the fridge with baking soda and vinegar to remove all spills, stains, and bad odors. Organize the meat, vegetables, fruit, and leftovers section. Make space for beverages and optimize the spacing of your refrigerator to store your meal prep items. For more kitchen-related cleaning tips, check Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Hacks You should Work before Ramadan.

Decorate Your House for Ramadan 2021

ramadan prep essentials decorate your house

After you have thoroughly cleaned your house and organized it. The next step is to decorate it to get in the spirit of Ramadan. Use DIY lanterns and banners to decorate your house for Ramadan 2021. This will also put a good influence on the children in your house and they will look forward to observing fast during Ramadan. Learn how to make lanterns yourself with my article on Ramadan Decorations DIY Lanterns with Glass Paints.

Have a Designated Prayer Corner

ramadan prep essentials prayer corner

One thing to consider while doing Ramadan prep and Spring cleaning is to have a designated prayer and ibadat area. Clean a room or corner of your house properly to use it as a prayer area for all members. Add some fairy lights to this corner or room and use essential oils/Atar in a diffuser. You can also have scented candles to make the prayer area smell heavenly. Have soft cushions and plushy carpets layered in the prayer corner. This will put every member of the house in a positive spirit and encourage them to perform their Salah regularly during Ramadan. 

Meal Prep for Sahoor and Iftaar for Ramadan

ramadan prep essentials meal prep

Since the gap between Sahoor and Iftaar is relatively short, considering you will need to enjoy beauty sleep too. It is necessary to meal prep in advance. You can cut fruits and vegetables in advance and store them properly to have them readily available when needed. You can also make curries and pastes to cut short your cooking time. Ready and store smoothie ingredients in zip lock bags to enjoy fresh smoothies during Sahoor and Iftaar time. If you want delicious smoothie recipes, check my article on 21 Healthy Fruit Smoothies for Ramadan.

Be Generous with Condiments making

ramadan prep essentials condiments

I am sure everyone enjoys their condiments with their Iftaar snacks as much as I do. Preparing delicious condiments like sauces and chutneys before Ramadan to last you through the month is a smart move. You can try some delicious recipes for finger-licking tangy chutneys to make your Iftaar time even more enjoyable. Check my article on Best Ramadan Food Recipes to Try this Year.

Have a Planner

ramadan prep essentials ramadan planner

Whether it’s having a planner to note down Sahoor and Iftaar timings. Or you want to plan in advance what you should be making and eating during the coming week. Having a journal and noting down things is very helpful in being organized. You can also write down in a journal to perfectly divide the recitation of the complete Quran to finish reading the whole Quran during Ramadan.

Prepare for Consuming Healthy Foods during Ramadan 2021

ramadan prep essentials healthy foods for ramadan 2021

While having your Ramadan Prep, a smart thing to do is to plan for consuming healthy food options. Whether it’s having more intake of fluids, eating more fruits and vegetables, or consuming fewer carbs, every healthy habit helps. If you love having fried foods, but don’t want to put on extra weight this Ramadan, invest in an air fryer. With an air fryer, you can enjoy your favorite food without indulging in extra calories. For more tips, check Healthy Eating Habits to Adopt before Ramadan.

Plan to Offer Namaz Timely

ramadan prep essentials praying regularly

Plan to offer Namaz timely during Ramadan this year. Whether you don’t pray regularly or just get late for your Salah. Promise yourself and prepare yourself for regular prayers during Ramadan 2021.

Ramadan Prep Grocery Shopping in Advance 

ramadan prep essentials grocery shopping

If you are a smart shopper, plan to shop groceries in advance. This way you won’t have to go regularly to the market while fasting to shop for missing groceries. You can be an extra sensible shopper by shopping from Ramadan discounts or the pop-up Ramadan stores. They usually have great deals going on groceries for Ramadan and you can save a lot. 

Have a Giving Heart and Be Generous

ramadan prep essentials being generous

Remember that you are not the only one observing fast during the holy month. Millions of unfortunate individuals will be fasting without any Sahoor or Iftaar. If you have the resources for it, set a budget aside for donations. You can buy necessary groceries with this budget and give them to deserving individuals. It will not only make their Ramadan better, but the act of kindness will bring eternal satisfaction.

Note: A few of the images are sourced from Pinterest. The credit for the images go to their respective owners.

best way to ramadan prep

Did you enjoy reading 10+ Ramadan Prep Essentials for Every Household? What are some of your cleaning and Ramdan prep rituals that you religiously follow every year? Do you want to see any specific Ramadan articles? Let me know in the comments. I would love to hear your feedback. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on my latest blog posts. 

Have a blessed month of Ramadan 2021.

Khadija ~

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