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pakistani truck art and rikshaw design work
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Miniature Truck Art Handicrafts Pakistan

Pakistani Truck Art is setting pretty cool trend in decorating random items. Specially products like truck art inspired handbags, dresses, jewelry, accessories, shoes, wall arts, toys and even miniature home decore items. They look fabulous too. Once I wrote an article related Pakistani Truck Art & that was appreciated a lot. So later I painted […]

pakistani truck art and rikshaw design work
Random Blogging

Pakistani Truck Art Fascination-My Scare Story

Pakistani Truck art is one of the most beautiful combination of paintings & embellishment with ordinary items. I wrote an article on Pakistani Truck art back in 2011, That was appreciated by my international readers  as well as featured at many great blogs like Etsy blog! :)My pleasure to be featured worldwide Alhamdulillah!  I admit […]

truck art inspired wall art drawings
Drawings & sketching, Pattern, Wall Hanging

Truck Art Inspired Drawings

I love working on my freehand Drawings, Paintings, Sketching ..Its fun to make drawings & doodling with color markers, playing with vibrant & bright colors on a sketchbook sheet is simply nice! I enjoy making truck art inspired drawings also, In past years I were making loads of paintings, working with brushes & water based […]

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Truck Art Inspired Painted Glass

Hi Everyone,  Today Again I am going to share a Recycling/Reuse of an ordinary thing..I know most of you girls are in a habit of throwing cracked glass or mugs in garbage..BUT would you believe I AM NOT in this habit..really! I make colorful & useful stuff with a little cracked crockery(not with totally crushed […]


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