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Pakistani Truck Art Fascination-My Scare Story

pakistani truck art and rikshaw design work

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Pakistani Truck Art Fascination-My Scare Story

Pakistani Truck art is one of the most beautiful combination of paintings & embellishment with ordinary items. I wrote an article on Pakistani Truck art back in 2011, That was appreciated by my international readers  as well as featured at many great blogs like Etsy blog! :)My pleasure to be featured worldwide Alhamdulillah!  I admit I like truck art but on the other hand inside me there is a huge scare about trucks. I have a story to share with you today! would you like to read? But first let me introduce the new comers about some truck art.

Truck Art is one of the most colorful form of heavy vehicles, Here in Pakistan.. decorating & painting colorful trucks is a big industry as well. Many people are into this profession! They give beautiful strokes with paint brushes, & a touch of duct tape stickers & jewelry motifs.. These trucks are heavily decorated by keeping the creative sense of art in mind, Although the painters/artist are mostly those who are not educated. They learn truck art from their elders only!Like an art shifting from forefathers to them. Here I capture a random click of a real truck filled with unique decorative art. Have a look,

Pakistani Truck Art Fascination-My Scare Story

pakistani truck art and rikshaw design work

Pakistani truck art

While driving back home, I saw this huge truck overloaded with beautiful yet intricate designs! I thought to capture a pic of it but it was pretty close near my car so I were unable to capture the whole truck! But this one might be enough for my dear friends who are curious to see what kind of art is this Truck Art?

pakistani truck art and rikshaw design work

Pakistani truck art and rickshaw

Very neatly decorated truck art! I can see this huge truck design for the whole day as its filled with so many many designs & motifs.. how perfect! I wonder how many days or months an artist take to finish the one truck decoration! So beautiful indeed.

Today I am going to share a story with you!

Would you believe I DON’T LIKE TRUCKS.. I am always scared of this huge thing from my childhood! And the reason is…

Today is Sunday, 18th October 2015! But I can not forget that Sunday, 18th October 1998 when I were not even a teenager to understand life & things! But I know it was a very sad day, My Father’s only brother passed away in a road accident at motorway. That was a road accident with a huge truck which was loaded badly, So the truck lost its balance and fell on a car next to it.

I remember how we woke up with this news! I remember when I saw my father and grandma crying bitterly for the very first time in my life.. I remember everything! My Uncle was a handsome young hardworking man! His sudden death was so heartbreaking news for the whole family! I still miss Him a lot as I were his favorite niece.. He wanted to adopt me as he was not having his own kids. But I were too close to my mother & I refused when I were 5, He ask me & I said No.. I will not be going with you. Anyways..time flies, But I still remember his love, God gifted me with just one uncle but He was enough.. A very friendly & lively person! He went early but his memories will stay with us forever. May His soul rest in eternal peace! Aamin.

I still remember that truck vehicle number.. Newspaper cutting related that road accident is also saved with me. Unconsciously It’s still happening with me whenever I have a look at any truck on the road, I hurriedly check the vehicle number plate if it’s the same truck or not.. I don’t know why I am used to do that.. I should stop it now! Everything is different now else our memories.

I am not used to write & share random blog posts specially something personal but I think sharing your inner voice or feeling sometimes makes you feel relax! Isn’t it?

One day everyone will have to die definitely. But I wish everyone have a life like my uncle as everyone still remember him & love him. He is in good memories & I think the whole thing is GOOD MEMORIES even when you are dead! Otherwise you know sometimes people are alive in this world BUT dead for us because of their worst acts or memories!

I wish you all stay happy & healthy with good memories of your loved ones! If your loved ones are not in this world, Keep them alive in your lives with good memories! I hope you will feel good :)

That’s all for today’s random articles! I miss my uncle who is not in this world but he is still in the world of sweet memories! May his soul rest in peace. He is still remembered even after 17 years of his death!

Have a good day!

Khadija ~


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