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DIY Independence Day Pendant DIY Independence Day Pendant(16)

Month of August is very special for us Pakistanis, because it’s the month of independence, 14th August 1947 was the day when we got freedom. Too much struggle, efforts, difficult situations around but the whole Nation is working hard with unity for the peace and prosperity of our dear country.. So Happy 67 years my dear Land.. Stay awesome!!

As I am in love with Jewelry & Accessory things, So I like making these too, I made this pendant today with Patriotic theme, Every year I make independence day crafts &  mostly there is any accessory. So this year again I made some accessory thing.. a pendant with the Pakistani Flag theme, Green and White..

Have a look what I have done.. Enjoy the DIY..

I made a pendant with Mod Melts, As you know I received Mod melts from Mod Podge Rocks last month, So I try this simple and easy DIY. see the steps..

I am under attack of CHEVRON these days, Love it simply, I work with Chevron stencil last month, today again I select the chevron design for this mod melts molds.

1-Melt the glue and fill the mold, 2-eject it from mold and trim the extra sides. be careful while working with. and be sure to remember my Craft Fail as well..

I decide to make earrings with these but later I realize that it will not be a cool idea to make some ear accessory again, I have made a stud earrings in 2012 as independence day craft.. So I decide to make a pendant this time!! I fix  the jump ring and chain in it & its DONE but if you want an earring, you can also try it..

Here is the size of the pendant with my whoops long nails..haha

I make the border of pendant with white, I use white acrylic paints mixed it with silver glitter. because Pakistani flag is having white border..

My sketchbook was near so I thought to get this painting as my model of this pendant.. isn’t it fine..??

There we go.. Its Done.. simple, easy and cute.. and Patriotic as well.. So wish you all a very happy Independence day. and in my National Language Urdu, I will be greeting by saying = Jashan-e-Azadi Mubarak..

Here are my other easy and pretty independence day crafts, have a look at these and enjoy my tutorials.I hope you will like to create something like this.

Lots of well wishes and prayers for the peace & prosperity of my homeland, my country..my Pakistan..oh yeah one more thing I have to mention before leaving the page..Last night we enjoy the great fireworks & that was amazing!!

Have a great day Friends, Happy independence day! stay productive and passionate for the peace & prosperity of Pakistan!


A very Patriotic Khadija ~

Handmade Earrings With Outfit Handmade Earrings With Outfit(10)

Once I got a heap of silver earrings hooks, my readers may remember when I were making so many earrings & selling too.. it was really fun to work with beads & cords for making a pair of earrings, and its not a difficult job for trying simple earrings, just join some jump rings together with beads for making pretty earrings! Its not a lengthy or tough work as well.

My today’s post is kind of a sudden post with less pics & NO step by step tutorial. Today I will be sharing one of my handmade earring with the dress I were wearing, I get to know about this suddenly when I were wearing this outfit & while searching something else in my side drawer, I saw this pair of earrings there & it was matching with my dress perfectly! like its made specially with this dress. So I thought why not to share this with my readers.

Have a look at the little pearls & butterfly earrings, I made this pair of earring a couple years back!

You can see All of my Handmade Earrings HERE

You can see this earrings in my archives post too, check HERE

I take these pics with my phone & nobody was free around to take my outfit pics.. As it was a sudden post, so I share this as-it-is..I hope you don’t mind.. haha..

Keep creating for yourself & others.. and its really unique & enjoyable when you wear your handmade stuff.. even its more fun to see others wearing your handmade.. isn’t it..? I hope you will agree! Don’t forget Creating & Enjoying your handmade Happily..

Have a wonderful day Friends..
Khadija ~

Clay Beads Earrings Clay Beads Earrings(23)

Working with clay/dough is fun, although its not an easy job but if you are interested in creating things with clay then its not much difficult for you. give it a try any day! I made some clay beads & then use those in making of some earrings.Here Today I am sharing a pair of clay Neon earrings..

I made the dough first & then mix the color in it, & shape those in squares & spheres shape..

I tried to create some marble effects with pink & white but failed to mix these well or may be the color quantity is not well in the dough..there is a very rough marble design showing above..but I will be painting these now.

This is how I made the hole in the beads,after giving shape to the beads, give it some time until they get dry a little, then I make the hole with needle..

Don’t they look like chewing gum?? haha..well these are many..for making different things.. you can share your ideas with me..

I made all these above earrings for sale purpose & I have sold some & also gifted some to my friends as well.. a handmade gift is always nice, isn’t it?

Here it is the other version with green pearl & same square clay beads..

Here it is another clay earring made by me. bright yellow & green with modpodge shine like spring… spring is now totally showering its colors upon us & I wish every season bring lots of happiness to all of you,today..tomorrow & in future too.. Have a great weekend ..

Khadija ~

Stone Stud Earrings Making Stone Stud Earrings Making(34)

Earrings making with ordinary & handy stuff is one of my favorite thing to do..as you know I have a bunch of earring hooks, So I always feel good to try with different unique things, My today’s post is also a fun idea..Lets see..

These big stone studs were found as buttons of a jacket.

When the jacket was Over..these buttons were still the same,so I thought to reuse these in my own way..

for its making,all you need to have is a nose-pliers & earring hooks & its done within 2 minutes..

And this collage is for those who wanna pin this idea ..

I hope you like this easy DIY..lets see if you have any button/stud in your stash.. let’s make.. btw its having weight because of stone/gem..

one thing more I would like to share..you can say its a sneak peek of my next post actually! I broke a hair accessory suddenly, but this metal butterfly was so cute & I can’t allow myself to throw this away..so I keep this & Yesterday I made a beautiful thing with this.. cant wait to show you..but you will have to wait till my next post..I will be sharing the tutorial of that making..

Have a wonderful day!

Khadija ~


DIY Paper Quilled Accessories DIY Paper Quilled Accessories(51)

Hello friends,

Have you ever tried making Paper Accessories for wearing or gifting others? well if you haven’t tried yet, I will suggest you to give it a try..! I bet you will be enjoying this light weight stuff,I made these a few days back & really it was fun..nobody realize that I am wearing any paper stuff..it looks different & cool.. So here is the look at my today’s fun creation..& its making is also not a difficult job..Really!

In a previous post, I share some quilling card arrangement ideas..There a flower was in a big size, so I thought to make a ring with. In Pakistan, Big metal rings are badly in fashion these days. I bought many rings & they look nice. anybody would like to see my artificial jewelry collection?? I have a BIG collection..let me know if you want to have a look..

anyways you will need to have.

Paper quilled shapes, plaid extreme glitter, rhinestones,earring backs. glue,

Simply make “S” shape and apply glitter, then fix stones, when it will get dry,you will fix the earring back pin later.

You may use any adhesive glue or hot glue..but carefully while working with paper.the shape can be disturbed otherwise.

I fix a quilled flower at a ring too..and its done.

I hope you will try making this fun accessory..if you are planning any kids crafts party at school or at home while babysitting, I will suggest you to work on this idea with kids, they will be creating unique & beautiful stuff definitely.

You can also check my other Handmade Earring Tutorials.

Have a nice day!

Khadija ~

Celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day With Creativity Celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day With Creativity(54)

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah..The Founder & an Awesome Leader..His personality was super amazing & even His enemies named Him Gentleman & the man of determination because of his Disciplined life & rules..!!

Dear Quaid..We are so Proud of you..and We wish we have any leader like You..unfortunately we are not so lucky to have someone as yours…!

Here is our one Rupee Coin
Lets see what I am going to do with this little but cute coin

Let It dry…

Its not easy to wait for a few hours until it went completely dry with an awesome look..hmmm..

And here is the result…waooo…

fix the earring base & make it perfect

And here is the maker of these earrings now wearing Quaid’s sketch proudly I am also going to try a ring like this
So what do you think my friends..isn’t it an easy, fun idea?

My nail art..according to my flag..
I hope you enjoyed this idea..
Have fun.. 

here is Google homepage today..I like the look..thanks Google..

khadija ~

My Handmade/Handcrafted Earrings(For Sale) My Handmade/Handcrafted Earrings(For Sale)(54)

My Friends,
As you know I am working on making earrings on & off these days (because I have a big bunch of earring hooks in my crafty stash) I notice there are many earrings done And I am now in a habit of gifting these to my friends & cousins. I love giving away my handmade stuff, Now our Eid holiday is coming after almost two weeks & I am busy in making gifts for my friends & family..I wonder why my family & friends expect handmade stuff from me instead of any other gift..? my paintings & wall hangings are popular in my family
Now back to the today’s post..
My mother saw my handmade earrings collection at my accessory hanger & ask me something really Serious which I am always thinking…..You know what she said..?
Who will be wearing all these earrings??
And I was speechless….Because……
**FACT** I can’t wear any artificial earrings or Jewelry more than an hour because of my sensitive skin..I can only wear gold or silver for my ears & wrist…I am always wearing gold earring & I rarely wear bracelets & cuffs..even glass bangles are sometimes disturbing me..huh..but I cant stop my hands from buying lots of accessory stuff
So now I am thinking about selling all of these earrings..because I would not like to see these expired or dirty at my place anyway..hehe..what do you think about my idea of being a seller of my handmade stuff…?:)

See What I have Done..

Remember my accessory hanger..It was a recycling basically but still working well for me I am handling this with care
Here are some random clicks of my handmade earrings..Have a look please.. & let me know frankly how they are…?

So is there anyone who would like to buy Creative Mind’s Handmade Earrings??Now let me know if you want to buy any of my handmade Earrings..most of these are one of kind..so be the first for catching any of these..
CONTACT= kkcreativemind@hotmail.com
And if you don’t wanna buy..just let me know how is my effort..? I am not a pro in jewelry making but I am learning & trying my level best for making some fun stuff jewelry making is Really FUN Oh Yessss…Let me know If you want to see the Tutorial of any earring showing above..I will try to share the making with you.
(p.s I have shared some of these earrings at my INSTAGRAM page when I create..You can also stay connected with me daily via my instagram sharing..Its a fun app..really! if you are there, let me know, so I will be catching you too
Thank You ~

Handmade Polymer/Dough Earrings Handmade Polymer/Dough Earrings(74)


As I have shared in a previous post about 300 Earring hooks.So now I am working on making some Earrings.I am really enjoying making these & there are some good & bad experiences! bad in a sense, sometimes I work but forgot to take pics..later I thought it would be great if I will be having step by step pics..well working & learning!
Lets see newest pair of earrings by Me

What do you think friends..
Here are a few random clicks I capture during work..and the making of these earrings…

You will need to have;
Transparent glue
Earring hook
mod podge gloss
You will First I cut two drop shapes of dough & then paste tiny dough/fimo/polymer stuff over it..
when it was fixed well &after getting dry, then I make a hole with needle for fixing the hook..all of these are not totally dry but later I mod podge it with gloss formula.

I have fixed some plastic beads on petals..

And here is a shy girl who usually jumps into the earring posts just to show her mysterious look hehe

You can also check my recipe of homemade dough.
I hope you will like my handmade earrings..see my other handmade earrings Here..
Thank You..
Khadija ~

DIY Turquoise Earrings DIY Turquoise Earrings(74)

These days I am enjoying some experiments of making earrings..If you have read my previous post,you may remember why I am working on these so much :)Actually I have almost 300 pairs of earring hooks..aren’t they too many? they were available in one pack & I have to buy all..not a few from them..turquoise color is one of my favorite color I know many people like it !
So I am trying to make something cool !
Have a look at my effort…

I am learning how to take fine pics of any jewelry items..any suggestion?

You will need to have;
Earring Base & Hooks

-First I Cut a silver sheet in octagon shape for making these earring’s base. 
-Then I make holes for adding earring hooks with a needle
-Paste stones & rhinestones with any transparent glue(I use Mod podge sparkle)
-when it will get dry then you will need to pour a few drops of Mod Podge Dimensional Magic
-You can apply some more coats but when it will be dry & transparent!

I make these late night & these were looking blurry & milky because of the mod podge DM but when I saw these in morning..the DM was totally dry & perfect..

I hope you will like the easy making of these earrings.give it a try & I hope you will be able to make something better then my creation..
Have a Great Weekend!

Lots Of Earring Hooks Lots Of Earring Hooks(18)

I was shopping with my brother at a local store,there I saw a packet of these earring hooks & I feel good to find these because I was searching these once last year. when I ask about their packet & quantity,I was shocked.because I have to buy the whole pack..big packet quantity was 1000 pairs of earring hooks & small pack quantity was 300 pairs..!
And,,as you know,I am just a moody jewelry maker,not a professional.So I just leave it & forget about it.I thought I don’t need so many of these because it will be a mess in my crafty drawers.and may be their color will get fade until I start making these.
But the very next day I was surprised to see the pack when my brother gave these to me as a crafty unusual gift..He said,”I bet you can easily make 300 pairs of earrings soon,so these are not too many for you”. Haha..my brother know me very well..
I am happy to have these hooks now, at least I can experiment many ideas!
and you know what..I have done some rough experiments, up to15 earrings are done & 4 have been snatched by my friends as well..really! I always hand over my handmade stuff to my friends happily
If you are following me on Instagram, you can see my daily fun creations on & off..I remember I share about 10 earrings there so you can check these rough efforts…
I think I will finish all 300 soon,as I am addicted but I need some beautiful beads & stuff like this for some fine jewelry making..I will be visiting market soon..
I hope you will not mind my future posts about making lots of earrings!would you like to see tutorials? let me know!
Have fun
~ Love

DIY Leather Earrings/Pendant DIY Leather Earrings/Pendant(60)

Hi Everyone,
Do you like leather accessories? I have seen some interesting ideas at ETSY. & I realize some of those were not even difficult to try, So one day I start working on this easy peasy colorful idea & I have done it..Lets see how they turned out finally

I make earrings first but later I convert these into pendants because I feel these are too big as earrings..isn’t it?

DIY Leopard Print Earrings With Mod Podge Dimensional Magic DIY Leopard Print Earrings With Mod Podge Dimensional Magic(57)

Have you pointed out the pair of earrings above?? Hahaha..I try to trick you a little
Now have a look further!

Now move on to the complete Tutorial !

You will need to have above material..
Silver sheet
Mod Podge+ DM
A pair of earrings
stickers as pattern!

1= Paste paper stickers on sliver sheet & cut it perfect!
2= apply glue & paste fabric over it..
3= when it will get dry cut from outer sides,(extra fabric)
4= complete your oval shaped earring piece!

I apply two more coats over it but after its getting dry!
Then I take a glitter glue tube & apply silver glitter around the design & I think its not bad!! you can see the difference in the middle image!

Well you can see my black n white leopard print shirt..

My leopard print shirt & my hand designed fabric & metal patch! this patch is made with metal pieces! i cut some antique jewelry pieces & arrange these on a patch! I hope you have enjoyed this!
Well a month back I went for shopping & I dont know why i shop black color a lot! I bought leopard prints, lining prints but all are in black & white color
In winter, black n white is my maximum desired color, even i bought crockery too in black color & my Mother laugh at my this color obsession madness!! hehe

At last my Mother force me to shop some colorful stuff & I bought the two colored dresses too!finally!!( although I was having an eye on a very beautiful total white dress, that was embellished with white stones n pearls with embroidery too..hmmm!!!)

P.S These days I am doing multicolor Ribbon Embroidery on a  black & white lining printed shirt..hahaha but really! very soon an embroidery post will be published

Have a Colorful Day(not black n white)

Handmade Ring Jewelry Handmade Ring Jewelry(9)

Handmade Ring Jewelry

I made some handmade jewelry with my Hand Embroidery, You will may be remember my Embroidery Shirt which I have designed. These earrings and ring are perfect with that shirt. Its my handmade matching  jewelry, I make a fabric patch & did embroidery with some beads and sequences and that’s it….

 Hand Embroidery Earrings

I join the back side with the  fabric patch and its done, it was not a difficult job really!

These are the materials I use for making this jewelry, I hope you like it..red color is not used here but green silk thread & sequences are used here…

You can also see my other Hand Embroidery work

Have a great day!


Khadija ~

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